• If you look closely at Althea's tapes, one of them says "D.S." on it. I'm aware It could mean a lot of things, but the showrunners said Daniel's alive and out there, and Al supposedly interviewed Abe and Eugene before, so anything's possible I guess. Just thought I should throw that out there. What do you think?

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    • Defintely a possibilty, really enjoying the tapes

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    • Actually seems like the most likely way for them to reintroduce Daniel, since he has been confirmed to be alive. Certainly better than them randomly stumbling upon him, which seems to be the only other option.

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    • Better than most theories I see here.

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    • i have this feeling. eugene might just reunite w/al one day, if he is the "doctor" w/abe. man id love to see that tape play out. its probably before they met rosita by the looks of it. when i watchd the episode, i didnt see this until i saw this picture. i think it would be amazing if morgan saw the tape properly and saw "abe/doctor" one. bc i really wanna see michael&josh, guest star. and if D.S. is daniel then im cool with that too. i feel like alicia, strand or morgan should watch all of al's tapes properly most likely like martha did, mayb madison did too but missed, D.S. one and didnt think of it at the time, one more episode with madison looking at daniel's tape would be amazing. PLSS im sure when he returns, he would be upset that both madison and nick are gone and he'll protect alicia and she'll be the daughter figure he couldv helped before he lost ofelia. js,IMHOofc

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