• I really liked this ep "The Bridge", it was slow but it got of character driven momments and interactions. Kang is really stepping up.

    So, Aaron is the new Rick... physically. I mean, Kang confirmed herself that it was like a nod to the Comic fans since we never saw a hand amputation and because she wanted to give a special development to Aaron? What do you think about this?

    I'm really starting to like this season so far, If Kang continues down this path then we are for one of the best seasons!! 


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    • There will NEVER be a character to replace Rick...

      However, I really like the comic Rick easter egg. I mean, damn, Ross sure looks like comic Rick, like A LOT! He's a good actor and I hope Kang does something interesting with the character this season. I always liked Aaron, but I really like him this season. I think he wasn't used properly in Season 8, hopefully that changes this season, considering Rick is leaving. So, we might lose TV Rick, but we still have comic Rick in a sence XD.

      Btw, did you guys notice Kal's new look. DAMN, he looks like a Glenn 2.0. I don't know if they did that on purpose (they probably did it), but it turned out to be very cool, at least for me! Now, we have Hershel Jr. AND Kal to remember Glenn lol.

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