• So, if anyone was keeping up with all the actor drama before the start of the season, you know Rick was onboard for five episodes before leaving, but Maggie six. She's only been in five episodes so far, but most news outlets have made it clear she's now off the show, clearly forgetting the deal she made. Most of us thought we'd get flashbacks in episode six, but it never happened.

    Well, I think the trailers have filled in that point quite well. If you look at this screenshot from the 9B promo, we can see Michonne with her old look and hair. I think this is when we see Maggie again, as it's explained what went down in the communities, and how they got the X scars. Plus, with the rumours of an old character returning in the second half, it all makes sense that this is where Maggie's sixth episode is. 

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    • Indeed. This is def a flashback episode, and I'm hoping they'll give us a proper send-off for Maggie. (I mean, Lauren Cohan is set to come back in Season 10, but that's still some time away. It's better than Jesus just mentioning her and having her last appearance be in Episode 5)

      Excited to find out what this X thing is about! (Don't think it's about Oceanside though)

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