• I've always been under the impression this was supposed to be a spoiler free wiki page. However due to the whole AMC premiere releasing the episode a week early spoilers have been leaked. I was under the assumptions that spoilers were banned and that in this case details regarding the episode are kept off the page until the episode airs. I'm just curious what the situation is because I've seen spoilers and I hate and don't want to know them. For example alpha's quote reveals key details about the upcoming episode.

    Please can someone please let me know the policy regarding spoilers in this situation.

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    • I thought spoilers were information that were not released by AMC or anyone from the show. 

      Since AMC premier is the source of the walking dead than it should count as public information and therefore not a spoiler.  I apologize if that didn't make complete sense so let me try this way:

      For the comic series some people buy them online/digital and some people go to their local comic store and buy a physical copy. I am the later of the two. 

      So example on the 6th the latest issue were released. For those that buy digital version they can get it right at midnight. Since I do not do that and buy physical copy I normally don't get to read the issue till later in the afternoon. But those that have the comic at midnight it is not spoilers and they start updating this wiki with what happend. 

      So think of AMC premier like the digital version of the show. And everyone else like the physical copy. Some get it ahead of time, others have to wait. It sucks, but you just have to be careful and not go on any page of episodes you have not watched yet. 

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    • But there hasn't been any spoilers of the upcoming ep besides Alpha's quote, even tho it was revealed in a promo days ago. List of the actors credited isn't a spoiler either. Anyways, 3 more days!!

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    • Alpha's quote should be considered a spoiler, because prior to the quote being revealed we didn't know when they were bing captured. For all we could have known is alpha makes a silent appearance in episode 9 like the Governor in 405. Then kidnap them in episode 10. Even before AMC premiere spoilers were to be held until the episode aired. Example 601 had a special viewing at MSG and at the time spoilers weren't allowed until the episode aired on Sunday. AMC premiere is going to be the The downfall of the show.

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