• While I'm not sure anything could have fixed Fear Season 4B, I saw this really cool comment from a reddit user I thought deserved some attention related to Martha, aka the filthy woman. She has to be the worst antagonist in the shows' history, but I think the reddit user suggested some changes that would have livened things up a lot. I know in an ideal world the Morgan crossover would have never happened, but I think people would be more open to it, had the second half been better. What the reddit user suggested was -

    Have Martha be a practitioner of Voodoo rituals, believing she is causing and can control the walkers to enact vengance upon humanity when no one came to help her dying husband.

    Might sound a bit far fetched, but I think they might be onto something. And I'm going to take it one step further by saying that the entire season could have been improved had it been set in Louisiana, instead of Texas. First of all, the drab washed out colour pallete matches more with stormy lousiana than Texas, a state mostly regarded (in media at least) as a desert. Ditching the half-baked western theme for a swampy dark one makes sense, and if we're getting really into the nitty gritty, I think the intro fits Lousiana than Texas, if you get my drift. Plus, the presence of the storm, and the swampy terrain all add into Louisiana being a better setting. Hell, Strand and Dorie even are traped on an island because of an alligator, the staple animal of the state! It almost feels like this was the plan all along, but AMC denied them access to film there. 

    Which brings us to Martha. While She'd still be an underwelming villain, having her be unhinged practicer of Voodoo fits with the themes of the locale, and makes her much more unique. It's also a neat nod to Zombie culture, as before George A Romero redefined the meaning of the word zombie, the idea was very much tied to voodoo magic and Louisiana culture. A villain who initially seems almost supernatural would be really cool, and would be a nice way for Morgan to rexamine his stance on life and death, facing a villain who believed she was the contoller of it. She would basically be a witch, and I think that's a cool approach, especially if she was an ominus figure not really seen. 

    Overrall, leaning into this location and idea would have stepped the series up a notch IMO. Neon lights could have helped stand out from the bleak colour pallete. The swamps could have made the world feel like a threat, as well as the walkers (something the storm aimed to do) and I just think more focus on unique aspects of the location could have pushed us further into more creative spaces. Gothic houses, river boats, Cajun accents - perhaps the crew could get hold of a boat which would be a nice callback to their days on the abigail, and seeing how much things had changed and how far they've come. 

    idk If I'm clutching at straws, but I think keeping things the same, but with such a minor change, we could have got a more fitting season with more unique ideas. 

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    • She was kind of a wasted opportunity.

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