• Nobody is harassing you at all. You’re acting incredibly immature right now. Not to mention people are citing your history as reasons not to vote for you and to keep your application up.

    Take no for an answer dude. It’s hypocritical to deem us as “harassing” you when you’ve removed other people’s votes entirely and have been frankly rude to us. You’re not entitled to praise or passage just because.

    Stop removing your application. It’s clearly a battle you will not win. Instead try learning from the criticism people have provided you with. If people were harassing you, they’d straight up call you retarded and tell you to kill yourself. You have a *lot* to work on in terms of communication and behavior if you want to be respected and earn an admin position.

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    • Lol. The users who voted no on my application don't care at all what happens to this wiki. They are doing what they want cause I'm a walking dead fan unlike them. I'm no longer want to be a candidate, so.... You are the ones insisting.

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    • You’re missing the point entirely. Not to mention you’ve kinda just disregarded *everything* I’ve said.

      I don’t see what proves the former admins as non-fans. I don’t get the apparent vendetta you have against them. Something tells me you don’t understand *why* they’re leaving.

      Also you don’t have the authority to remove your application. If a staff member says it’s gotta stay up, it’s gotta stay up. You can’t really argue with that.

      And no they’re not all former staff members yet. The torch has yet to be passed. So they have authority still until the final day is made in the application process.

      There. I think I’ve made all my points. Kindly acknowledge what I’ve said before responding please.

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    • A FANDOM user
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