• Question is in the title ^ With their helmets on they could be anyone. Some of their eyes do match those of the soldiers in the changing rooms during issue 187 and 188 but again, they could be anyone. Don't get me wrong, I think its cool to have them identified but we still don't know for sure if its accurate or not. By all means leave the images up but I just wanted to discuss it here and why these specific faces were chosen.


    Frost with his helmet

    Frost Without a mask 187

    Frost's speculated face


    Samuels with his helmet

    Samuels Without a mask 187

    Samuels' speculated face

    Rufus 183

    Ok how could anyone know how Rufus looks from this image?

    Twd rufus

    Bald Rufus, also the guy with the balaclava looks like this guy.

    Abusive jerome 184

    Jerome with his helmet

    Jerome Without a mask 187

    This guy looks like Jerome with the helmet so I can believe this.

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