• Something I had been thinking for a while now. I think the gallery pages need some reformatting.

    Gallery Subpages

    First item is changing the gallery pages to subpages. For example, instead of having a standalone page for Rick Grimes (TV Series) Gallery, it would be made into a subpage, like an extension of the main article for Rick Grimes. It would be Rick Grimes (TV Series)/Gallery instead. Other wikis do this and I think we should transition to this method as it creates a cleaner and more organized look. This way when a user accesses a gallery page, it will automatically provide them with a link at the top to return to the main page, instead of having to add a link to the top of every page reading "Return to Rick Grimes (TV Series)".

    A good example of seeing what a subpage is like is heading to Background Survivors (TV Series)/Oceanside. If you access that page, you'll notice that it is a subpage/extension of Background Survivors (TV Series), as it links to the main background survivors page at the top.


    I think it was just the first crew of editors that set up the gallery pages this way when establishing the wiki, before the TV series and other mediums even existed, but why do some gallery pages have ==TV Series== or ==Comic Series== as a heading on gallery pages? Like only one medium is showcased on each gallery page, so these headings are unncessary. The only headings should be seasons/volumes and episodes/issues. So, I propose that the headings for gallery pages be fixed to remove ==TV Series== and ==Comic Series== and so on, and make the volumes/seasons the main headings, with the issues/episodes the subheadings.

    That's it! I will alert the admins to this post but wanted to get community feedback before I make any changes.

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