• Honestly, if could could choose fates that could be avoided, I think that’d be cool. Before anyone says anything, im not counting character deaths that would be essential to the plot, so Lee is still gonna die.

    One example I have is instead of Luke dying on the ice, it’s Nick/Sarah. Sure, Nick would need more screen time, but I think his death works just as well. As for Sarah, it’d be nice to see herself manage to get some courage and save Clem if she was saved from the trailer park.

    Another character I’d imagine is Mitch, where instead of being outright killed, he gets seriously wounded or even captured. In my opinion, this works as well as Willy will still be pissed at Tenn for Mitch’s condition.

    Another is Walter, as with the same with Alvin, Clem can convince Kenny not to shoot. I’m not sure what Walter’s fate would be, but he’d likely die in the Russian shootout.

    What do you think?

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