• Didn't know where else to put this but this seems fitting enough. So, I wanted to make this thread for those who don't understand how the "Main Characters" category works. I'll go over the big parts of TWD; the show, Fear, comics, and Telltale games, so no one can get confused as to why one character is considered a main character, and why one isn't.

    Main Show & Fear: People on the shows are considered main characters if they have signed onto the show as series regulars, or have their actor(s) in the opening credits. See Cast Portal (TV Series) and Cast Portal (Fear) for a better idea, as every character under starring and also starring are main characters.

    Comics: Now this has been discussed recently on another thread, so I'll link that, plus it'd be explained better. The thread I'm referring to.

    Video Game: This is a bit of a gray area for some characters, but if you see "a main character" in the opening sentence on a character's page, add the category and see if people agree with you or not.

    That being said, a character being the protagonist, deuteragonist, or tritagonist of anything (webisodes, Survival Instinct, Overkill's TWD) automatically makes them a main character. Hope this can clear things up for those unaware so edits won't need to be reverted.

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