• He was in 21 episodes. Thats 4 more than Dale, 3 more than Bob, 7 more than Merle, 3 more than Shane (all listed as mains ) yet you see him as a supporting?? Hell DWIGHT is listed as a main in The Walking Dead and he is not even in the show anymore! I dont know, is this fandom as biased to poor old T as the writers were? We all loved him, he was part of the family, he gave his life to save a main, he is a main. 

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    • I think you're taking this a bit too seriously. He's a supporting character because his actor was never signed on as a series regular, he was just a guest star. Dwight however was a series regular. Austin himself was signed on as one. I mean, Judith's been in over 60 episodes now and hasn't been listed as a main character. Why? Because she isn't a series regular as of now. 

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    • https://www.cbr.com/irone-singleton-reflects-on-t-dogs-battle-with-the-walking-dead/

      ' Originally, T-Dog was only supposed to appear in a couple of episodes in Season 1, but Singleton's role expanded into a recurring one with the actor eventually becoming a series regular, with T-Dog finally being a full-fledged main character by the time he died'. Since T-Dog was a character unique to "The Walking Dead" television series -- he doesn't exist in the comics -- Singleton said he enjoyed getting to watch the character grow.

      No disrespect but the writers at CBR get paid for doing this, you dont. So what if he showed in in also starrting all the time? Daryll and Carol have appeared in that section, so by your logic they should be listed as part main part guest? Just let T dog be invloved man!

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    • No disrespect but I really don't care if they're paid for saying stuff or not. You can call any character a main character. The format we have is that we call characters a main character if they became a series regular. T-Dog was never a series regular so we don't list him as such. This will be my final response to this because you refuse to listen and this will ultimately go nowhere. Have a good day.

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    • No need to be rude.

      T-Dog was never a series regular

      Yet, he was in the series regularly until he died. More regularly than some of the listed regulars.

      You can call any character a main character

      Thank you for coming around and seeing sense, Im glad we could work this out.

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    • No no no no no no you don't understand.

      Series regular = someone who is credited with the main cast, even in episodes they don't appear.

      T-Dog was not that.

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    • Carol has often slipped in and out of being a main and also starring, so can I edit her info page to reflect on that fact?

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    • ... no? She's never slipped in and out of it...

      She was Co-Starring in S1, Also Starring in S2 and S3, and then opening credits starting S4. That's consistently going up.

      You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

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