• Hi Elfrax,

    I know that you're not usually available during weekends so when you get the chance I want to discuss with you on character images. When I first brought it up in a discussion post I know you were skeptical mostly because there were coding problems in the past as well as an issue involving mobile devices. During the course of the week I think I was able to correct the coding and mobile issues by supplementing coding I used in another wikia. With your permission I think this should be done as a general consensus, but I would also like to discuss what images should be shown, I suggest we should do it by year and potentially months and that we should mainly do it in regards to dramatic changes for the survivors unless it's a long time-skip.

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    • Hello Mr. Rankor,

      While I congratulate you on solving this issue, I remain skeptical about using multiple images because in this wiki we usually use the most recent images for each character (unlike other wikis that keep the same image or change it sporadically). Obviously I won't object to this, so I would invite the other admin to have their say on this issue and, if the majority won, I would have no problem! :)

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