• They don't have the diallect that someone from Cuban has... no even their parents... or were they all born in the States? They sounds like from Central America. There's any proof to believe He is from Cuba? (they play baseball so Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and AMERICAN) and they were born in the states...

    If there's no proof their ethnicity should be changed to "hispanic".

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    • I failed to find specifics, but it looks as if it came up during E3 in 2016.


      It's probably not what you're looking for, but it's a lead.

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    • still very vane but I guess it could be validate but they dont talk like cuban at all.

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    • People don't talk, nor act like their enthicity sometimes. The Garcias in this case, are cubans but don't show any signs of them being cuban. David was darkened enough to be describe as cuban. Salvador kinda look darkened. Although Javi is lighter, He can be considered cuban from his father and brother's appearance.

      This case is similar to Clem considered asian and black, although the developers confirmed that Clem was 100% black.

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