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    In the World Beyond sneak peek, they refer to the community as the Campus Colony, not the Nebraska State University. The latter is simply where the city was established. Best to use Campus Colony as the community name unless otherwise stated. Thanks for understanding.

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    • In the trailer, it literally says that the school is called Nebraska State University. Also Nebraska is a state, not a city. It is located in the city of Omaha which is Nebraska tho.

      Like I said in my renaming explination, it's a prison situation where the place has an actual name but is referred to as something else.

      Also adding pictures to prove to you that it is called Nebraska State University

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    • Hi, it’s still Campus Colony according to all of the trailers and sneak peek. Thanks!

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    • Monument Day at Campus Colony

      As you can see, the community name is clearly stated. It just happens to be located at the former Nebraska State University.

      Please do not rename Alexandria Safe-Zone to Alexandria, Virginia or Hilltop Colony to Barrington House either.

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    • As to your first point I'll relent, especially since you at least awknowledged on that page that it is Nebraska Sate University.

      As to your second point, I would not do that, rather might presumptous of you to assume such a thing.

      not to mention that Alexandria isn't a city in Virgina but rather a town house in Virginia (like Wiltshire Estates) & the Barrington House is a location within Hilltop but isn't actually all of Hilltop (like how the Woodbury Arena is inside Woodbury but clearly isnt all of Woodbury)

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