• Supposedly TWD only has one or two seasons left. Most likely since this season will wrap up the Whisperers the next chapter will be the Commonwealth, which is how the comic ends. Depsite what Kang and others report, the main series seems to be coming to an end there.

    aIn the Commonwealth, Rick kills Dwight because he is seemingly going rogue and is about to kill Pamela. Later, Rick is shot in the head by Sebastian and killed by Carl. As we know, all three of these characters are gone in the TV series already.

    My prediction: These roles are given to Carol, Daryl, and Lydia. 

    • Insert obligatory statement that the show doesn't follow the comic. Good. We're done.

    Yes, I think that's how it will play out. Carol is already going very rogue in the TV series giving Daryl ample reasons to think she's going crazy, and her pulling a gun on Pamela sounds like a Carol thing to do. Daryl will shoot her and then feel massive remorse as Rick did with Dwight. Later after everything is said and done in Commonwealth, Sebastian will kill Daryl and leave him to turn. Lydia, who at this point will be acting as a full fledged "daughter" to Daryl, will kill the Walker-Daryl and the series will end with an epilogue. It seems full circle to me. Now, a series-long character will get Rick's death, Dwight's death will still mean something, and Carl's role as a teen hope for the future remains intact. This also lines up with the idea that the series will end in 2 seasons and that both Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus are signed up to that point. 

    Just a guess. I think even if I'm right I'll still be shocked lol.

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    • Small correction: Rick was shot in the chest, not the head. As for the theory, my only problem with it is that I don't see Daryl taking Rick's place as leader, so my guess is the role will be dispersed between different characters. Ezekiel or Maggie will probably be the one to deliver the big speech, so either of them could take the death. It could also be Daryl, but they need to give Sebastian a reason to kill him.

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    • Daryl killing Carol would honestly hurt

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    • I don't want to undermine your opinion but here are my thoughts:


      I highly highly doubt Daryl would consider killing Carol. Comparing Rick and Dwight's comic friendship is a false equivalence to Daryl and Carol. Daryl and Carol are best friends. Rick and Dwight were just friends, and not much of a long history. Dwight only moved to Alexandria in Issue 150 and was mostly acquaintances before that. Carol and Daryl have been friends since basically the start or with in a few months into the apocalypse.

      I can see Alden taking Dwight's comic place if he still around by that point.

      Also Lydia is no where near to being "daughter-like" to Daryl.

      I think the comic having Sebastian killing Rick will just be cut out entirely. But having some uprising will happen berween the haves and have-nots. But a compromise will happen with minimum bloodshed.

      I do believe Carol and Daryl will live till the end of the series.

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    • I think that is what will make the final episodes of TWD the most impactful and memorable. Daryl said that he would never hate Carol. But Carol's sanity is seems to slipping now, and even though she'll be right about Pamela, at that point Darly will think she's too dangerous and untrustworthy, and he will kill her by an impulse believing it harms the chances of peace. He won't consider it: he'll just do it. Just as Rick did with Dwight. This is not an equating the relationship between Rick and Dwight to Daryl and Carol, it's making an impact that will last. 

      Though I do agree with DalesRV that Daryl won't take the place of leader, I dont think it'll be a "leader" situation. It would probably go along the lines of Pamela trying to convince Daryl that their community is as wholesome as they say and he and Carol talk about believing it, but Pamela believes Carol is a threat, and comes in, and moments later, boom. Daryl is never the up-in-front, loud, make speeches kind of guy, but he does pull people to the side and tells them when they should consider something. The voice of reason, versus a leader.

      I don't believe they would give Alden that big of a death, or maybe a death at all. After the whole making up with Mary thing after hating her with a burning passion also takes this possibility away. They have made a point to make his character very understanding and levelheaded. 

      Lydia is not daughter like right now. Two seasons can change a lot. That said, Alden can too suddenly just go bananas and go rogue, he has the ex-Savior trait to him, but after Mary, I think that will be a bit off the mark. 

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    • No way Sebastian kills such a big character again. He'd be an off-brand Joffrey nobody likes on a show that's already lost most of its legs (sorry AMC, but Maggie coming back doesn't make up for losing Rick, Carl, and Michonne). Not that showrunners' decisions should be dictated by fear of hurting their reputation, but it seems likely Kang would be Gimple-ified.

      Daryl, while the obvious replacement as primary protagonist, is not a Rick figure either. Daryl's never given a speech in his life, and I'm hardpressed to think of an occasion he even spoke to more than three people at a time.

      The emotional pay-off of Lydia putting down Daryl just isn't there either. Sure, Daryl would die for her, but he'd do that for most anybody he knows by name. Rick and Carl are father and son, Rick did everything on his journey for him.


      Edit: Oh, and if Carol is still reckless in Season 11, they're losing a shit ton of viewers. I think the majority of us really are tired of her shit recently, and I don't expect that's confined to this Wiki's community.

      Best thing the show can do is give Carol a level head again.

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    • No way Daryl is gonna get Rick’s death. As others have pointed out, Daryl is literally the polar opposite of a leader. If Rick’s death is adapted to the show, it’d have to be someone who’s a leader. That means Maggie, Ezekiel, or less likely, Negan.

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    • Like I said it's not because Daryl is a leader type, but the kind of person that pulls the leaders aside and tells them to consider/reconsider things. The whole speech may not even have anything to do with why Sebastian kills someone and may not be done by the person who gets Rick's death. 

      But, I can see Ezekiel getting Rick's death. 

      EDIT: Duh, Judith can also take Lydia's place. As we can see now, Daryl is taking Judith under his wing in this episode. 

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    • It just wouldn't have the same emotional impact.

      Judith's only recently become an active participant in their struggle. Comic Carl doesn't remember everything, sure, but Judith might as well have been a sack of flour before Season 9.

      Also, if I'm being 100% honest, I don't think she's a very well-written character. They basically just transferred Carl's character progression into her.

      Judith shooting an undead Daryl would be a mistake, for the aforementioned reasons and because it's lazy writing. Throwing out the comic ending for something new is the way to go.

      Edit: And the heart-to-heart they had in the new episode doesn't change my mind. As much as Judith loves Daryl and vice versa, there's no reason they should fill the spots of the tragic son-says-goodbye-to-father scene.

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