• Maybe you think you are above everyone judging by your behavior, but I'll explain it to you gently.

    There is no need to create a page for every single person mentioned. If there is no valuable info, there is no need for a page to exist. If you want to understand that, I would be very glad, else I'll proceed differently next time.


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    • Honestly seems like you're making a fuss over nothing. As far as I can tell, rules of the wiki have always been that if a character is at the very least mentioned then they get a page. Also if you want to come at me for the page having no valuable info, I'd beg to differ as 

      1. It has the tidbit that she has a connection, a close relationship with Sierra which yes although not substantial is still info. In fact, it's similar pieces of info is what allows pages such as Chaser (TV Series) (taught Rosita how to tie knots) & Codger (TV Series) (Carl's childhood friend) to be on this wiki.

      2. There's pages here with even less info such as Johnny (TV Series) & Marcus (The Other Side)  than the page I made for Lacy yet they still get to be put up.

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    • Not at all. There was several pages for Save-Lots Bandits from the Video Game, as example, that were deleted because of this: they didn't add no value to the wiki. What is the utility for these pages? Your edit counts?


      1. You are comparing two mentioned character to another one that didn't add absolutely nothing. Lucy's page had no info at all. Chaser taught something to Rosita and was part of Abraham's group, Codger was a childhood friend of one of the TV show main character and even if I wasn't completely okay with that page, it was at least something.

      2. Thanks for the segnalation, I didn't see those pages before and I proceeded to delete them.

      I see you create a lot of pages with poor infos, so please there is no need to act like that. This is not the first time that an admin or someone else post something on your walls and you act with arrogance.

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    • It's up to you if you want to continue that for a page with no info. Have a good one! 

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    • I don't see what you mean by "poor info" given that all (if not most) of my info comes from its respective source itself. Now I'll admit that maybe at times my info can be a bit poorly wordedbut that's nothing a simple edit can't fix.

      And if you mean define arrogance by me trying to state my point/reasoning for why I do some of the things I do, then yes I am quite arrogant. (and yes i'm that this answer in it of itself is quite arrogant/mocking. In this case, it's kind of the point). I'll admit  that in my everyday life I am a bit arrogant, however, I don't personally feel that I've come across as arrogant on here in any way unless I'm purposley trying to do so (such as with the previous sentence) and to be frank, those times are very sporadic.

      Side note, in regards to Johny & Marcus, they are similar to Chaser in that they taught Rosita something and thus I don't think they should be taken down (actually the 3 of them were mentioned in the same scene, when she was talking to Sasha). Not to mention that by yours (or maybe better said the wikis) logic, there was enough info already there to warrent them a page, it's just that their pages needed to be properly edited (probably should've done it myself come to think of it...)

      Here's the scene where they are mentioned if you wanna check it out:


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    • I didn't meant that you write poorly or in a bad grammar. I meant that if a person it is just merely mentioned and doesn't add value to the story or to a character, that person doesn't need a page because it will be like have a blank page, with just default sentences like "is a survivor of the outbreak" or the character info template with all "Unknown", but it will be enough to add their name or info in the character page, like for Sierra's friend. I don't know if I was clear enough this time.

      About your temper, I'm no one to judge you. I just stated what I think.

      About Johnny and Marcus, I'll look more into it tomorrow (it is quite late in my country :P) and if we can add something to their page, like for Chaser, I will be glad to restore the pages and do it. However, I'm also glad that we are solving this out being politely and without flame, because it's normal to have different opinions but the most important thing is talking about them civilly!

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    • I'll concur, it is good to be talking this out.

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