• Hey it's been a while! Hope you are doing well!

    I have a question about the voting. Are we allowed to vote in support for more than one of the candidates??

    So far two users submitted to become one, I voted once, but think both are deserving of the spot! And would like to support both if that's allowed.

    Thanks! (XLRAshon (talk) 20:50, May 30, 2020 (UTC))

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    • Hello! How are you doing man? Hope everything is fine!

      The answer is yes, you can vote for more than one candidate, if you believe both are qualified for the position!

      No problem! Glad we could talk and I hope we get to talk again soon enough! Have an awesome day! :) 

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    • Been alright. Could be better could be worse given the current state of the world.

      In March I got placed on leave of absence from work with no idea when I'll be going back. But been getting unemployment so money wise I'm doing fine. Mostly been stuck at home all this time rarely ever leaving unless to take a walk or go to the grocery store.

      And of course just waiting for the season finale. I've only watched a couple episodes of Fear but I'm going to give World Beyond a try, whenever that comes out.

      That's pretty much been my life these past couple of months!

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    • I understand... this situation is difficult for most people. Hope we all get to see better days!

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    • A FANDOM user
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