Not at all. There was several pages for Save-Lots Bandits from the Video Game, as example, that were deleted because of this: they didn't add no value to the wiki. What is the utility for these pages? Your edit counts?


1. You are comparing two mentioned character to another one that didn't add absolutely nothing. Lucy's page had no info at all. Chaser taught something to Rosita and was part of Abraham's group, Codger was a childhood friend of one of the TV show main character and even if I wasn't completely okay with that page, it was at least something.

2. Thanks for the segnalation, I didn't see those pages before and I proceeded to delete them.

I see you create a lot of pages with poor infos and even mistakes, so please there is no need to act like that. This is not the first time that an admin or someone else post something on your walls and you act with arrogance.

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