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Thuan is an original character who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Thuan's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Detroit, Michigan

At some point after the outbreak of the epidemic,Thuan met Saladin, with whom they sometimes went fishing on Belle Isle. He also had a good relationship with Pippy.

River Potomac

When Pippy decided to accompany Arturo's group to Belle Isle to help them find a boat to cross the river, Thuan, along with Saladin and Serena, helped them reach the harbor. When Tyler began to panic about the large number of walkers, Sal and Thuan calmed him down, telling him that they constantly go fishing here. When the group reached the harbor, Pippy decided to return to the ice rink and asked if Thuan and Saladin were going to go with her. Thuan replied that he wanted to repair the boat. Arturo assured him that they would be here for some time, so if Pippy needed his help, it would be better to help her. Aira and the rest of the group dealt with the walkers, allowing Thuan and the others to safely return to the rink.

The next day, while most of the group was either gathering supplies or repairing the boat, Jake asked Thuan to show him the way to Joe Louis ' Fist. Fighting their way through the walkers, they were finally able to look at the monument that Jake had dreamed of seeing for many years. However, at that moment, they were found by Tyler, who returned from negotiations with Shaquille and MJ, and said that he had an important message from the twins for Pippy, which everyone should hear. They had to go back to the ice rink before they could enjoy the monument.

After Tyler told Pippy, who had returned from "negotiations" with the brothers, that Lyle had been captured, she and the other members of the group stayed behind to guard the ice rink in case of an attack, while Thuan went to report the incident to those who were engaged in repairing the boat. Arturo was shocked, but decided that it would be better to finish repairing the boat, so that if anything happened, they would have a way to retreat. During the conversation, Marge realized that Brutus was missing and the group assumed that the bear had gone in search of Lyle. As a result, Marge, Arturo, Aira and Isabella decided to stay, but before that they helped Thuan deal with the walkers.

Thuan returned to the rink shortly before Carol B arrived at Pippy's base, accompanied by several of Shaquille and MJ's henchmen. A shootout ensued between the two former friends, but when Thuan, Franklin, Jake, Noor, Serena, and Tyler arrived at the scene of the skirmish, Carol B again tried to convince everyone of her good intentions, but this time no one believed her. Thuan, as well as the others, witnessed Tyler's betrayal, and when the former comrade left with the brothers ' subordinates, the group began to discuss the next plan of action. As a result, it was decided that tomorrow morning the survivors will go to save "The Scotsman". Thuan went back to the harbor to tell Arturo about the plans of the group.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Thuan has killed: