The following is a transcript of Episode 1: Ties That Bind - Part 1 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 3.

Your Story So Far

In The Walking Dead Season 1, Clementine met Lee after she lost her family and home. He protected Clem and taught her the importance of...

The only hope people have for the future is to help each other.

Without a code, how can you trust anyone?

Even a child should be able to defend herself from danger.

In the end, the only one you can count on is yourself.

Clem and Lee traveled to Savannah, where Lee sacrificed himself to save her. As he lay dying, Lee begged Clem to...

A bullet might have been the most merciful, but Clem couldn't bring herself to shoot her friend.

Although Lee was all Clem had left in the world, she summoned her resolve and ended his suffering.

After Lee's death, Clem found more survivors. People who helped her, such as...

Kenny never gave up. His endless determination helped keep Clementine alive.

Clementine remembered the joy she felt when she was reunited with Kenny. He showed her that survival depended on...

Even when it didn't help him, Kenny was honest. He always let you know where he stood.

Never surrender. No matter what the odds.

Family isn't always blood. But it's the reason you keep going.

Luke always had a smile for Clementine. No matter what, his kindness persevered.

In Luke, she found a new friend, who taught her the value of...

Luke's kindness saved Clem's life more than once.

There is strength in numbers. Strength...and survival.

Trust is paramount in friendships, relationships, and survival.

Jane showed Clementine that she had to make hard choices to put her own safety first.

In Jane, Clementine found a mentor. Jane's jaded perspective and sometimes ruthless behavior emphasized the importance of...

If you're not breathing, nothing else matters. Do what's necessary. Stay alive.

In a world of constant danger, don't take anyone at their word. Nothing is as it seems.

Don't rely on others. You need to get by on your own, because that's probably how you'll end up.

Thanks to her companions, Clem's journey ultimately led her to...

Jane and Clem returned to the former location of Carver's group.

As they settled into Howe's, Clem and Jane were approached by a starving family. Clem decided to...

Trust isn't something you can afford to give to strangers.

Walkers don't have mercy, but people still should.

Kenny and Clem went north. Somewhere cold enough to slow down the walkers.

At Wellington, the community would not allow Kenny in. Clem decided to...

Clem made the tough choice to stay in Wellington without Kenny. It was best for AJ, she told herself.

Clem refused to enter without Kenny. They had been through far too much together.

The best way to keep AJ safe was to do it on her own.

Clem learned the hard way that survival depended on...

Food, water, ammo: without them, survival is impossible.

Things can be replaced. People can't.

It never got any easier. Clem remembers how she stopped AJ's dead mother from biting him during an ambush, but drawing her gun risked angering their attackers. Clem chose to...

There's no time to do anything else when a baby's life is at stake.

Snap decisions are often a bad idea, especially during a tense standoff.

(The following the choices in the generator are determinant, based on what Clementine learned, who she learned from and where she ended up.)

More than once Clem was faced with the choice to take supplies from others to help a friend. She would...

When it’s “us or them”, Clem chose her friend.

Clem wasn’t raised to take things that don’t belong to her.

Jane once asked why Clem bothered staying with a group at all. Clem told her...

When others can rely on you, it usually means you can count on them, too.

Surviving on your own comes with its own risks.

When a man who had once threatened Clem’s life was dying of thirst. He begged Clem for a drink of water. Clem...

Water is a precious resource, and a murderous bandit doesn’t deserve any.

There is always room for small mercies. Besides, a living man has a lot more information than a dead one.

Clem tried her best to manage conflicts with other armed survivors. Whenever possible, she would...

People tend to listen when they may have something to gain.

Clem hoped that the presence of the baby would calm things down.

Injured or dead group members means more danger and less protection.


A phone is heard ringing.

Javier: (over phone) Hey.

David: (over phone) It's time. Get over here.

Javier: (over phone) Alright. I'll, uh...I'll start packing up.

David: (over phone) Now, Javi. You need to hurry. Look, I'm not giving you shit, okay? I'm just... You weren't here when Dad was sick, okay, I get it, need to fuckin' be here when he goes.

Javier: (over phone) I know, alright? I'm just...I'm on my way.

Javier runs through a neighborhood. He reaches a house. David sits on the front steps, drinking beer.

Javier: David! David, hey. Hey, David, man. I had to leave my car... Traffic's's backed up for miles.

David: He's dead.

In the window, Hector can be seen hugging a crying Mrs. García.

Javier:, no... I...I tried...

David: You're a piece of shit, you know that?

David shoves Javi's shoulder.

David: One time... Just the one goddamn time that you needed to be here.

Javier: Come on...please...please don't do that.

Javier: Look, I...I understand you're angry, but please...

David: Angry? Oh, I'm more than angry, Javi.

Javier: I tried...please...I tried...

David: You tried? You fucking tried?

David: And Javi is nowhere to be fucking found.

David punches Javi, knocking him to the ground.

David: Everyone's here! They've been here for days! And where the fuck were you?

Javi tries to sit up, but David pushes him back down and holds him by his shoulders.

David: We're there...all around him...people who love him all around him...and he's scared. I'm seeing the panic in his eyes and he's searching the room. "¿Dónde está Javier? ¿Dónde está mi hijo?" I'm there...right beside him...holding his hand... Like a good son... And he doesn't even see me! He doesn't even see me because he's looking for you! You don't think there's a million places we'd rather be? You don't think we all had to make sacrifices?

Javier: Well, go on then, hit me...if it makes you feel better. I deserve it, so you go ahead.

David: Yeah, I intend to.

Javier: I'm sorry, okay? David, Jesus... I...

David: Sorry isn't bringing him back, you selfish fuck.

Javier: He was my dad, too! Alright?! I mean, you're're not the only one dealing with this.

David: And what a fine son you turned out to be.

Javier says nothing.

David prepares to punch Javi, but stops when Gabe walks outside.

Gabe: Uncle Javi? Why are you fighting? I could hear you from inside. What's going on?

Javier: Don't worry, Gabe. We're just horsing around. Just a joke between brothers, you know?

David: Yeah. Your uncle doesn't know how to take anything seriously.

Javier: It's okay, Gabe. Your dad's just a bit of a bully, is all.

David: Don't. Uncle Javi's just joking.

Javier: We're just talking, Gabriel.

David: Right...your uncle and I are just having a little chat.

David: Just...a misunderstanding between your uncle and me.

Gabe will remember that.

David: Go inside, mijo. We'll be in in a minute.

Javier: Go on, it's okay.

David: Inside.

Gabe walks back inside. David offers his hand to Javier.

David: Come on.

Javier: I got it.

Javier gets up on his own.

Javier takes David's hand, and he helps Javi get up.

Javier gets up on his own.

David: I should call someone...pick up the body.

David sits down and tosses a beer can to Javi. He holds it against his bruised face.

Javier: Yeah...

Javi sits down next to David.

David: I love you, little brother... You know that, right? With everything going on...

Javier: I know.

David will remember that.

Javier: Fuck off.

David will remember that.

Javier: Well, you've got a pretty funny way of showing it.

David will remember that.

David noticed your silence.

David: You think I was jealous of you...

Javier: No, I don't think anything.

David: Well, I was...for a long time. You've lost more than I'll ever have... But maybe something good can come out of all this...'cause we need you here. It's time to grow up. You can't run from this, not anymore.

Javier: You want me around more? Fine. But goddamn are you still one raging asshole, you know that?

David: You can call me whatever you want, as long as you're here to do it to my face.

Javier: Sorry... I've got my own life. I'll be here for the funeral...then I'm gone.

David: Then that's that.

Javier: I know, you're right. I won't even argue. I'll be around more, can count on it.

David: Count on it, huh? I want to believe that. I do.

David: It's time to take some responsibility.

Kate opens the door.

Kate: Javi.

Javier: Kate.

Kate: I'm so sorry, Javi. I'm so sorry. (hugs Javier)

Javier: Thank you...

Kate: Let's go inside. Your mom needs you. What happened? Come on.

Kate and Javi enter the house. David continues drinking beer outside. Javier kneels in front of his mother, who is sitting on the couch.

Javier: Mama...

Mrs. García slaps him.

Mrs. García: Where were you?

Javier: I tried. I tried. I'm so sorry.

Mrs. García: He's gone, mijo. He's gone.

Mrs. García sobs and hugs Javi.

Javier: He's in a better place, Mama.

Some time later, Mariana walks out of one of the rooms, holding a cup.

Kate: Not long. Uncle Hector's taking care of it.

Javier: What're the plans for the funeral?

Kate: David made arrangements with your father before he passed.

Hector: No bueno conectarme. Dice que no hay servicio.

Hector hangs up the phone. Mariana starts to carry the cup back to the room.

Hector: You thirsty, baby? You want some juice?

Mariana: Grandpa's cup was empty.

Mrs. García: You don't have to fill his cup up anymore, baby. Grandpa's sleeping.

Mariana: No, Yaya. Pipo's awake.

Mariana opens the door to Salvador's room. Everyone enters. Hector slowly approaches his zombified brother.

Hector: Rafa? ¿Cómo es esto posible?

Hector touches the walker's arm. Salvador attacks him.

Hector: Pull--pull him off! Pull him off!

Javier: Papa, stop!

David and Javier grab Salvador and pull him backward. They try to restrain him.

David: ¡Papá! ¡Papá! Calmarte. ¡Soy yo, David! ¡Estás en tu casa! ¡Calmarte!

Mrs. García: ¿Qué estás haciendo?

David: Él está loco. Él atacó a Héctor.

Mrs. García: Solamente está confundido.

Javier: Mama...

Mrs. García puts her hand on Salvador's face. He bites her cheek, and she falls into the rocking chair. Kate and Javi rush over to her while David restrains Salvador alone.

Kate: Oh, my god, oh, my god! Oh, it's okay, it's okay.

Javier: Mama, you're gonna be okay. You'll be okay, Mama.

Salvador breaks free of David's grasp.

Kate: Javi, help him!

Javier: David!

Javi breaks off one of the bedposts.

Javier: I'm sorry, Papa!

Javi hits Salvador with the post, killing him.

Kate: We need to go. We need to get her to the hospital.

Javier: L--let me look at it, let me look at it.

David: Gabriel, where's your sister?

Javi and Kate help Mrs. García walk outside; Kate holds a rag to her wound.

David: Keys! Where the fuck are the keys!

Javier: Take Dad's car. Keys are on the dash!

Mrs. García and David get into the car.

Javier: Mama...

David: Get the kids. Meet at the hospital.

Javier: Don't take the highway. It's blocked.

They drive away.

Kate: I'll bring the van around.

Javier: Where's Mari?

Gabe: I--I don't know.

Hector: ¿Mija? ¿Dónde estás?

Javier: Mariana! Mariana, we have to go! Yaya's hurt.

Javier finds Mari sitting under the table.

Javier: Come on, honey. We have to go.

Mariana: No! No! No!

Javier carries Mariana.

Mariana: No. No! No.

Hector: It's okay, baby. It's okay.

Everyone gets in the car.

Javier: County General Hospital. I know the way.

Kate drives away. Hector reveals a bite on his arm.


Present Day

Kate and Javi stand on a hill in front of the van. Javi looks through binoculars at a herd of walkers in the distance.

Kate: Tell me when it reaches the campfire.

Javier: I think we should probably get going.

Kate: We will, I just need to know how fast they're moving.

Javier: Man...I don't think I've seen this many. It's definitely growing.

Kate: Yeah, not a great sign.

Javier: And why does that matter again? Assuming you told me before and I wasn't listening.

Kate: I've worked out how to track how fast they're moving. To know how far ahead of them we are.

Kate: You heard me, right?

The walkers reach the campfire. One of them kicks a water bottle.

Javier: Damn it...I left my water bottle. Herd just got there.

Kate: (checks watch) Just under 4 hours. Come on. We should keep moving while the kids are asleep.

Javier: Yeah.

They get into the van and drive away.

Kate: Looks like the herd is speeding up a little. I thought it was drifting southwest, but I'm not sure anymore. Every time I think we should just bed down somewhere and wait for it to pass, I can't shake the thought of us getting caught in the middle of it. It just keeps coming... It's slow, but that almost makes it worse. Makes it feel like we're in control.

Javier: It'd definitely be nice to stop. We've been on the move a while now.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: I don't know. It feels risky.

Javier: Not if we find somewhere secure.

Javier: We should keep moving. It's worked for us so far. As long as we stay supplied, we're fine.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Yeah. Maybe you're right.

Javier: The van isn't so bad.

Javier: Hey, you're the one with the notebook. I leave that decision to you.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Cool. Awesome. 'Cause I was just using this thing to sketch in. Was I supposed to be writing something down?

Javier says nothing.

Kate looks at a sketch in a small notepad, then closes it.

Kate: We'll figure it out...

Javier: We always do.

Kate: Hey. I'm gonna sneak a smoke. (rolls down window)

Javier: I can't believe you found weed.

Kate: Are you kidding? People were probably growing this before they realized they needed food.

Kate takes a joint out of a small tin in the glovebox.

Javier: You want me to do that? The last joint you rolled looked like a kazoo.

Kate: You're driving...and I've come a long way since them.

Javier: It was, like, 3 days ago.

Javier: Alright, know, make it quick. I don't want you waking the kids.

Javier: You really think we should be smoking now?

Javier says nothing.

Kate: Relax. Mariana's got headphones on and Gabe is drooling. I think we're in the clear.

Kate finishes rolling the joint and lights it. She takes a puff, then offers it to Javi.

Kate: You want some?

Javier: Nah, no, thanks. One of us should be...sober.

You declined Kate's offer.

Javier: Yeah, okay, sure.

You accepted Kate's offer.

Javier smokes the joint and coughs.

Javier: We are setting an awesome example.

You declined Kate's offer.

Kate: (coughs) Don't judge me. When I found out David had kids, I told him I am not changing who I am around them. And when he proposed, I reminded him that I'm not exactly stepmother material. Case in point. He was reassuring, but, yeah, I could tell he was worried about it. I knew he'd try to get me to change. Or at least he'd hoped that being around the kids more would change me, you know? I suppose it did...

Javier: If it helps...I think you're doing a fine job.

Kate: Yeah, it'd really help your case if you weren't waving a joint around while you said that.

Javier: What? How is this not a ringing endorsement?

Kate: Don't be cheesy. Alright? I'm not fishing for compliments.

Javier: Well, you caught one, alright? So now what?

Javier: He was always stubborn like that, even when we were kids. He saw the world in a certain way...and he'd try to make you see it that way too.

Kate: So that's where Gabe gets it from.

Javier: Do you miss him?

Kate: I think about that a lot... Honestly, I'm not sure.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: I used to talk shit about all those mothers who'd go on about raising their kids being the hardest thing in the world. Gabe's making me start to think they had a point. His mood swings are just... I don't know...some days I just wanna leave him by the side of the road. I'm joking. Jesus. Obviously.

Javier: You really shouldn't say things like that.

Kate: I said it was a joke.

Javier: It's half a joke.

Kate: It's all joke.

Javier: Gabe's been...emotional lately. I'm sure he's just, you know, going through a phase.

Kate: Emotional? Right. That's cute.

Javier: Look, I didn't sign up for this, either...sometimes life decides for you. That sounded deep, didn't it?

Kate: (chuckles) Uh, no. No, it didn't.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: Look, I love these kids, but I could do without Gabe reminding me I'm not his mother whenever he's pissed.

Javier: (takes a puff) Oh, yeah.

Javier: He's a teenager. Puberty. Hormones. The second you start getting boners, the whole world starts to get dark.

Kate: What are you talking about? Sounds delightful compared to dealing with bloody underwear. Christ, I need to get laid. (chuckles) I realize that was an awkward transition. Sorry about that.

Javier: I can pull over. Wouldn't take a minute.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Wouldn't be worth it for just a minute.

Javier: Hah.

Javier: C'mon, Kate. You know we can't do that.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Who said I meant with you?

Javier: You know, the kids can hear you. No one wants to hear their parents talking about that.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Stepmoms and uncles don't count. They're asleep. And besides...we're not really their parents.

Javier: Still.

Kate noticed your silence.

Mariana wakes up.

Mariana: Mm. Ugh. What's that smell? That's gross.

(If Javi declined Kate's offer.)

Javier: We're, uh, we're smoking weed, Mariana. At least, Kate is. What? It's true.

(If Javi accepted Kate's offer.)

Javier: We're, uh, we're smoking weed, Mariana.

Javier: Hey, Mariana, shouldn't you be, uh...sleeping...or something?

Javier: Hey, Mariana... I think we, uh...must've hit a skunk or something back there.

Javier says nothing.

Mariana: I already know you guys do drugs.

Kate: That's a...pretty severe way of phrasing it, Mariana. Don't tell Gabe.

Mariana: He's the one who told me.

Gabe wakes up.

Gabe: Oh, my're even smoking in the car now?

Javier: Alright, everyone roll the windows down before you all get contact high.

They reach a sign for the C&C Auto Stop.

Javier: We're about to make a supply stop.


They stop at the junkyard. Javi gets out of the van. He uses a flashlight to examine the area while Kate parks the van. Gabe and Kate get out, and Javi grabs a weapon. Mariana clasps her hands together in prayer.

Javier: You want a moment alone, Mari?

Javier: You praying for our safety, Mari?

Javier: That's not necessary, Mari. We're all the protection we need.

Javier says nothing.

Mariana: I'm praying I find a candy bar.

Kate: (laughs) Alright, what do we actually need?

Mariana: Uh... A candy bar.

Kate: Need, Mariana. Not want.

Mariana: I really need a candy bar.

Javier: You heard the crowd. Please, God, let there be candy bars.

Mariana: Amen!

Javier: Pretty much everything. If it looks useful, let's use it.

Javier: A water bottle?

Kate laughs.

Kate: I guess we'll just see what's there? Hopefully this one isn't as slim as the last one.

Kate: Alright, well...let's start with some gas and move up from there.

A walker approaches. A crowbar is lodged into its jaw. Javi takes the crowbar out of its face whacks its head off. Gabe starts to walk ahead of the others.

Javier: Hey, where you going?

Gabe walks away.

Kate: Okay, that's cool. Have fun. Jesus. It never ends with him...

Kate walks away.

Mariana: I hate when they fight like that. I really hate it. It's like...all Gabe wants to do is argue. Doesn't matter what it's about.

Javier: That makes two of us. But we're stuck with them. So...

Javier: He takes after his dad.

Javier: Hey, I know, that's what families do. They fight, they make up...then they fight all over again.

Mariana: I guess it doesn't bother you...

Mariana will remember that.

Javier: At least you have your headphones.

Mariana: Yeah, but...the batteries have been dead for a couple of weeks. I mostly wear them to fool you guys. It's easier to stay out of it that way.

Javier: You can't just ignore us, Mariana. At least...y'know, don't ignore me.

Mariana: I only do it in the van. And only when things know. Uncomfortable.

Javier: Well, when you put it that way, I wish I had a pair too.

Mariana: You can borrow mine, if you want.

Javier: I might just have to do that.

Javier: sneaky little... That's smart. That's pretty smart.

Mariana will remember that.

Mariana: I didn't say anything about the batteries...'cause you have enough to worry about.

Kate walks up to them.

Kate: Be nice to find some dinner.

Javier: In a junkyard?

Kate: You never know. These past four years...people have been hoarding all kinds of shit in all kinds of places.

Kate hands a gas canister to Javier. Mariana turns to leave.

Javier: Oh, and Mari, if there's any find one of these cars...

Mariana: Yeah?

Javier: Lock yourself in and don't come out, not even once it's quiet. Wait as long as you can.

Mariana: Okay.

Javier: Good girl.

Kate and Mari walk away.

Talk to Mariana

Javier: Hey, any luck, kiddo?

Mariana: I need a pen. Or a pencil. Just something to write with.

Javier: Mariana, could you please look for gas instead?

Mariana: There's just something I really want...I really need to do. And I need a pen for it.

Javier: Yeah, I guess you are a little too old for crayons now.

Mariana: I guess so.

Javier: A pen? Why are you looking for that?

Mariana: There's just something I really want...I really need to do. And I need a pen for it.

Mariana: Don't worry, I'll look for stuff when I'm done. There's just something I really want...I really need to do. And I need a pen for it.

Mariana: Last night I was thinking about this stupid story my mom used to tell me all the time before bed. I used to hate it. But then I realized...I don't remember the ending. It was this goofy ending she thought was so funny and I thought was so dumb. I want to write down everything I can remember about everything. 'Cause if I forget, and they're all gone...I'm kind of gone, too. At least, a little bit. I just...think that might be kind of important. Maybe...

Javier: We came here for supplies, that's it. C'mon, kiddo, you know the drill by now.

Mariana will remember that.

Mariana: a minute...

Javier: You're better off leaving the past where it is. Otherwise, you never stop looking backwards.

Mariana will remember that.

Mariana: Looks a whole lot better than what's in front of us... I'll a minute...

Javier: That's a great idea, Mariana.

Mariana will remember that.

Mariana: After I find one, I'll look for supplies right away.

Talk to Kate

Javier: You find anything?

Kate: I can't stop thinking about that herd. We get caught in it and that's it. Peace, asshole. Can't charm your way out of that one. We'd be gone in seconds.

Javier: Hey, don't think about that. We're careful, we're smart. We'll stay ahead of them.

Kate: Luck runs out just as easily as gas...

Javier: You're right, we'd be...totally fucked.

Kate: No doubt about it.

Javier: Oh, but I'd still try to charm them. What would I have to lose?

Kate: It'd be pretty amusing, I'm sure. Until our eyeballs were ripped out of our skulls.

Kate: Sorry...morbid, I know, but...I think about it all the time.

Kate: There's gonna be a last one, you know? A last tank of gas. Last piece of food. What if this place is empty? And the next? And the next?

Javier: We're not gonna let that happen. Okay?

Kate: Okay. I let it have its five minutes. I'm good.

Talk to Gabe

Javier: What's going on in there, buddy?

Gabe: I'm in a bad mood, okay? I want it to go away, but it won't. I just wish we weren't always on the road. I like being with other people. It's just--we're in that car for so damn long. The AC hasn't worked in ages, and then it ate my last damn tape.

Javier: It's a sweet idea, but it's safer to keep moving.

Javier: Then we'll get sick of other people, instead of each other.

Javier: We still got each other. That's better than nothing, right?

Gabe: I know, get over it. But I just...can't.

Gabe: I don't know, maybe just leave me alone.

Javier: Okay. But if you wanna talk later, I'm--around.

Javier: Waste oil. No use to us.

Javier: Most of the dashboard is torn out. Seats are gone. This thing's dead.

Javier: That's gross.

Javier: (pokes mattress) Okay. Now I'm sorry I did that.

Javier: Acetylene. Handy for welding, but not much else.

Javier: That could hold a lot of gas. Could be really handy if we stay for a while.

Javier: Once this care made someone very happy. Now it sits here...rotting away. Así es la vida.

As Javi siphons gas, a walker crawls out from underneath the car, and he kills it.

He finishes siphoning the car.

Javier: Not much, but every bit helps.

Javier: Wouldn't have minded having one of these back in the day...

Javier: Come to papa...

Javi siphons gas from the car.

Javier: Barely anything. I'll need to find more.

Javier: This one looks promising...

Javi siphons gas from the truck.

Javier: Bingo.

Javier: I don't think these tires would fit the van.

Javier: Some sort of fuel tank.

Javier: Tires. Paint cans. Old newspaper. All that's left in this junkyard is...junk.

Javier: Nothing up there but garbage.

Javier: Too risky to search up there. Doesn't look stable.

Javier: I wonder what's up there. Probably worth checking out.

Javi notices a ladder.

Javier: Looks like there's more to see up here.

Javi walks away.

Javi decides to climb the ladder.

After Javi decides to climb the ladder, Kate walks up to him.

Kate: Any luck?

Javier: Some. But not enough. Gabe? Hey, Gabe. Let's go take a look over there.

Kate: Gabe? Stay close to Javi. Got it?

Gabe: Alright.

Javier and Gabe climb up the ladder. They see an ambulance in the junkyard.

Gabe: Hey, look. There's one they never took to pieces.

Javier: Good catch.

Javier: Locked. Oh, well. At least it had some gas.

Javier: Shit, locked. Still might be gas in the tank, though.

Javi tries to open the gas cap on the ambulance.

Javier: Shit. It's locked.

Javi prepares to pry open the gas cap with the crowbar.

Javier: Alright, here goes nothing.

Javi successfully pries the cap open.

Javier: Fuck yeah!

Javi siphons gas from the ambulance.

Javier: Look at all that fuel! This is gonna take awhile.

Javi walks on ahead, and a walker emerges.

Javier: Oh, shit!

Javi uses the crowbar to kill the walker.

Javier: Hmm...looks like it came from in there. Gabe, stay close.

Gabe and Javi walk forward and discover a dilapidated house. Gabe inspects a nearby car, and Javi walks up the steps and looks at the door.

Javier: Looks pretty run-down.

Javier: Locked.

Javi looks through the window and sees a hatch on the floor.

Javier: Might be able to get in through the hatch.

Javier moves the plank in front of a hole in the foundation. He crawls through and opens the hatch under the house. He opens the front door.

Javier: Gabe, come check this out.

Javi and Gabe enter the house. Javi sets his crowbar down.

Gabe: Not the cleanest place.

Javier: No muertos, at least. Just be careful.

Talk to Gabe

Gabe: Wow, this place is decked out!

Javier: Double A's. I know someone who'll be happy to see these.

Javier takes the batteries.

Javier: Looks pretty comfortable. And pretty gross.

Javier looks at the shelves. It contains lots of food, including pudding cups.

Gabe: Are you kidding me...?

Javier: Lucky for you, they put enough preservatives in this stuff to last for centuries. There's enough food in here to keep us going for a long time.

Kate and Mariana enter the house.

Gabe: Check it out. This is actual, honest-to-God pudding!

Mariana: Seriously?

Gabe: And it's not just food... There's a mattress, there's blankets...

Kate: Someone else's mattress, someone else's blankets... We need to just...take our gas, and get on the road.

Javier: Well, you gotta admit, it's kinda cozy in here.

Kate: The van is cozy. This? Is creepy.

Javier: This place does have a funny feeling about it. And if muertos were to somehow surround us...

Kate: Great. Now I'm officially creeped out.

Javier: This place is kinda a dump. I mean, literally.

Kate: And you forgot to mention super freaking weird. It's a lot of food to leave in a place like this.

Kate: We have the van.

Gabe: Aw, but the van smells!

Mariana: He's right. It does.

Kate: That moldy, old mattress doesn't smell so great, either.

Gabe: Come night. We bunk down, eat a real meal.

Mariana: It would be nice not to sleep in the van for a change.

Gabe: Please?

Kate: The herd is coming, if it's not here already. We should go and get ahead of it. Before it's too late.

Gabe: The fence is reinforced, we'll be fine! We found this, why can't we just enjoy it?

Mariana: Javi? Can we? We could stretch out...sleep well for once?

Gabe: Come on, you know it's not a big deal. We've got guns. We can protect ourselves! And we'll feel so much better after some real sleep.

Javier: We're gonna get what we came for and get outta here.

You chose to get back on the road.

Gabe: Great. Another shitty, cramped night in our shitty, cramped van. Hooray.

Mariana: Come on, let's at least grab the food.

Javier: The kids are right. We deserve a little break from the van.

You chose to stay the night.

Gabe: Yes!

Javier: Kids...go wild. Just stay indoors and keep your ears open. Just in case.

Mariana: Cool.

Gabe: You can have your own.

Kate: Okay, I'll be the bad guy... We're leaving as soon as we have the gas.

Gabe: Great. Another shitty, cramped night in our shitty, cramped van. Hooray.

Mariana: Come on, let's at least grab the food.

Kate leaves. Gabe and Mariana start eating pudding.

Javi puts the batteries back in his pocket.

Javier: Oh, guess what? Uh, can really drown us out.

Javi gives the batteries to Mariana. She gives him a hug.

Mariana won't forget that.

Javi goes outside.

Kate: Thanks for that.

Kate: Backing me up and all.

Kate: You know, not disagreeing with me.

Kate: How does it feel to be the bad guy this time? It must be a new sensation for you.

Javier: Well, clearly I have a thicker skin.

Javier: Oh, no, oh, boy, sleeping in the van again? All I'll say is you definitely owe me one.

Kate: Yeah, well, you owe me, like, a dozen, so...I'll just shave it off your tab.

Javier: Uh... It sucks. Let's go back to the way things were. You know, back when I was the fun one.

Kate: Hard pass. You're the grown-up now.

Kate: You seem to be handling it...pretty well.

Mariana: Hey, Kate...can you come help us with this?

Kate: I don't know how I always end up being the mean stepmom and you get to be the cool uncle... We should be able to switch roles now and then. Keep the kids off-balance.

Javier: Aw, come on. That's not fair. You're cool to me.

Kate: Wow. That means so much. Really.

Javier: No need to change what's already working. Cool Uncle Javi.

Kate: Why, 'cause you used to hit balls with sticks for money? Real cool.

Javier: No, I'm cool 'cause I used to hit them really far. Also, people who are actually cool, don't say "cool" this much.

Javier: Look, it's just a nice break. We get to spend a night with four walls instead of four wheels... I think we deserve that.

Kate: Whatever. It's fine.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: Grab some gas. We're out of here in a few hours.

Javier: Hey, uh, wait, but y--

Kate hands Javi a candy bar.

Kate: This way you can make up for being the bad guy.

Javier: Thanks.

Kate: Grab some gas. We need to head out soon.

Kate: You're the cool one, remember? She'd expect it from you.

Javi returns to the ambulance and picks up the gas can. A group of people point their guns at him.

Max: What the fuck do you think you're doing with our gas? Go on, speak up!

Javier: Whoa, whoa, look, the...the gas is all there, just keep it.

Max: Yeah, I'm thinking it's a little too late for that.

Javier: Well, it's not like I saw your name on it.

Max: Don't fucking test me, boy.

Javier: Oh, I'm sorry, man. Look, it's just a can. We needed it really bad.

He will remember that.

Max: "We"? I fucking knew it. There's more'n just you out here.

Javier says nothing.

Max: You ain't the loner type. I can tell. I know you got people!

Javier: They're out scouting around. But they'll be back soon. They're not gonna be too happy if they see you pointing a piece at me.

Max: Yeah, probably not... Then again, maybe they're already here. Waitin' to make an ambush.

Javier: Look, don't worry about them. They took off, and they're not coming back.

Max: Just up and left you, huh?

The group laughs.

Javier: Nuh-uh, I'm alone. Honestly, people just slow me down.

You got caught in a lie.

Max: You just said "we", you lying fuck. "We"!

Max: Uh-uh. All alone. Yeah, sure you are.

Max: Yeah, you got people around here somewhere. Sure as shit you do.

Max: Fan out and look for the others! Lonnie, you're with me.

Lonnie, Max, and Javi go up to the house.

Max: Hey! You assholes in there! I got your boy! If you don't want him gettin' shot, you best come out there careful, with your hands up! Go on, you first. You get ambushed by your own people, that shit's gonna make my day. Open it real slowly.

Javi opens the door and enters the house. Kate closes the hatch just before Max and Lonnie enter. Max finds the empty pudding cups.

Javi moves a piece of cardboard to cover the hatch.

Max: Looks like you and your friends had a real feast, huh?!

Max: I knew you weren't alone! Fuckin' knew it. If you're all by your lonesome, then how come these are all open?

Max: You can't just take what you like. I don't roll over like that.

Javier: Look, look, I'll get you...more food. Okay? I can replace everything, I swear.

Max: That's the goddamn least you can do.

Javier: Look, we hardly took any. Really. Someone must've been here before us.

Javier: I ate all those. Yeah, me.

Max: You? By yourself? No.

Javier: Yeah, what can I say? I fucking love pudding.

Max: You got a real smart mouth. You fucking watch what you say.

Javier says nothing.

Max: Look, I...I get it, alright? You're starving, who the fuck isn't? At the end of your rope, thought you'd hit paydirt. Honest mistake. But I got this sneaky fuckin' feeling...

Max punches Javi in the stomach, and he falls to the floor.

Max: That you're full of shit. I ain't gonna let it be like the last time some assholes rolled on us... Keep an eye on this dickhead. I'm gonna grab some cuffs.

Lonnie: You got it.

Max leaves, and Lonnie points his gun at Javi.

Lonnie: Just chill, okay? No need to make this any harder.

Javier: You have no idea who you're fucking with here.

Lonnie: I think I'm fucking with somebody who's full of shit.

Javier: Look, just let me go, okay? Please.

Lonnie: Nope.

Javier: Look, your buddy? He's not thinking straight. So let's talk. Okay, you and me, we can get this sorted out.

Lonnie: No, it's his call.

Lonnie: Oh, please. You can take it easy with the tough guy routine there.

Lonnie: Look, man, this doesn't have to go--

One of Javi's family members coughs.

Lonnie: The fuck was that noise? What you got hiding under there, boy? If you know something, you better spill it. You don't want me finding out for myself.

Javier: Don't open that. Hey--I'm warning you. You open that and you're dead.

Lonnie: Don't fuck with me!

Lonnie hits Javi with his pistol.

Javier: Come on, man, what else? There're muertos down there. There were a bunch of them outside, too.

Lonnie: The dead, huh? Well, then, we better take care of that, shouldn't we?

Lonnie opens the hatch and sees Kate, Mari, and Gabe. Javi punches him.

Javier: Hey, if you're so curious, open it and find out. No, really. Go ahead. Do it.

Lonnie: Fuck it.

Lonnie opens the hatch and sees Kate, Mari, and Gabe. Javi punches him.

Javi grabs his crowbar.

Lonnie: Fuck!

Javi whacks Lonnie, but Lonnie elbows him in the face.

Lonnie: Guess I'll just have to take a look.

Lonnie opens the hatch and sees Kate, Mari, and Gabe. Javi punches him.

Javi grabs Lonnie's hands.

Lonnie: Guys! Get the fuck in here!

Javi takes the gun out of Lonnie's hands and hits him with it, knocking him out. Max and Badger enter.

Max: Holy shit!

Javi tosses the gun on the floor.

Max: You have to pay for what you done here.

Javier: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Don't shoot!

Max hits Javi with the gun, knocking him unconscious.


Javier wakes up sometime later in the passenger seat of a truck with his hands bound.

Javier: Hey--my family. Where are they? What did you do with my family?!

Javier: Please, man!

Javier: Answer me!

Javier: Fuckin' asshole.

Javier says nothing.

Rufus: Just do us both a favor and pretend you're still asleep. I wouldn't start talking if I were you. You're lucky we do things a certain way. I'm already tempted to put a bullet in your brain for what you did to Lonnie back there. If we start talking, I'm gonna get angry.

Javier: You have to go back! My family's back there! Hey, you gotta listen to me. There's a herd coming. A massive one. And we--

Rufus: Yeah, and that's why we're drivin' away from it.

Javier: Please, just--

Rufus: Stop! Alright? You don't want me riled up, kid. Not another word, or God help me, I'll put you to sleep myself.

Javier: What happened to him was an accident--

Rufus: Yeah. Right. Keep talkin', we might find ourselves in a similar accident. You get what I'm saying?

Javier: Please, you have to believe me. We were just--

Rufus: Not another word, or God help me, I'll put you to sleep myself.

Javier: There's gotta be a way we can work all this out. You know? Make a deal or something.

Rufus: It ain't my call, alright? You'd best be glad it ain't.

Javier: Please, just--

Rufus: Stop! Alright? You don't want me riled up, kid. Not another word, or God help me, I'll put you to sleep myself.

Javier says nothing.

Rufus: We still got a haul ahead of us and I'm not about to listen to--what the hell...?

A tree starts to fall.

Javier: Stop. Stop!

Rufus: Aw, shit! No! No! No!

A tree falls in the road, and the truck swerves into a ditch. Rufus hits his head on the steering wheel and passes out. Javi takes a gun on the dashboard right before Rufus regains consciousness. Both of them get out of the truck, and Rufus runs away.

Javier: Hey!

Javi points the gun at him. Rufus stops running and raises his hands.

Javier lowers the gun and Rufus runs off.

Rufus tries to run but is shot in the chest by Javier.

A shotgun is pointed at Javier's back.

Javier: Fuck... Yeah, alright...

Javier drops the pistol.

Clementine: That's good. Just keep looking forward.

Javier: Look, I'm no threat to you, okay? I surrender.

She will remember that.

Clementine: Tell that to the dead guy.

Clementine: Well, that's obvious. Seeing how you didn't shoot that guy.

Javier: Please. I just... I need help.

She will remember that.

Clementine: Not what it looks like to me. Looks like you can handle yourself just fine.

Javier: That's not what I meant.

Clementine: Well, that's obvious. The way your friend there ran off. I don't think he's likely to come back and save you.

Javier: Look, I'm already having a bad fucking day here. This is not what it looks like.

She will remember that.

Clementine: What it looks like is you shot an unarmed guy in the back. Or is that not what I saw?

Clementine: Looks like you let him go. I doubt he'd have done the same for you.

Clementine: I just watched you shoot an unarmed man. How's that supposed to make me feel about you?

Clementine: You definitely should've shot that guy. I know for a fact he wouldn't have done the same for you.

Clem picks up Javi's pistol.

Clementine: Okay. Now, don't do anything stupid.

Clementine: 'Cause I'll shoot a lot quicker than you did.

Clementine: 'Cause I'm not as nice as you. I won't hesitate.

Clem walks off to inspect the truck, and Javi follows her.

Javier: You're a kid... Whoa, wait. Did you do that? With the tree?

Clementine: I was trying to stop the truck

Clementine climbs into the front seat of the truck, grabs an apple, and climbs out again.

Clementine: Shit.

Javier: Yeah, you stopped it, alright.

Clementine: Tree fell slower than I thought it would.

Javier: Well, you almost crushed me in the process.

Clementine: Tree fell slower than I thought it would.

Javier: What do you need the truck for?

Clementine: To drive.

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: (eats apple) Put your hands up and close your eyes.

Javi does as she says.

Javier: Look, I'm the victim here.

Clementine: We're all victims.

Clementine searches his backpack.

Javier: Oh, so it's okay for you to rob me.

Clementine: This is payment. For saving you.

Clem finds the candy bar.

Javier: Put it back. Now.

She will remember that.

Clementine returns the chocolate bar.

Javier: Hey, that's for my niece. She loves chocolate, more than anything. I promised it to her. Please.

She will remember that.

Clementine returns the chocolate bar.

Javier: Call it what you want. You're a thief.

She will remember that.

Clementine keeps the chocolate bar.

Clementine keeps the chocolate bar.

Clementine: Keep your eyes closed and count to a hundred before you go.

Javier: Wait, just--my family. I need to get back to them. We were attacked and I don't... Look, I just need to know where I am. We were driving down the 522...and that's when we found the junkyard. They're still there. I need to get back to them.

Clementine: I know where that is. You said you were driving?

Javier: In our van, yeah.

Clementine: I'll take you to the junkyard. If you let me have your van. I get you there in one piece, then I drive away.

Javier: Yeah, absolutely. You got a deal.

Clementine: Good.

Javier: That van is our home. It's all we got.

Clementine: That sounds like a no.

Javier: How 'bout you just give me directions like a normal person?

Clementine: How about I shoot you and take the van anyway? This is a better deal for you.

Clementine: Look, you know it's worth it.

Clementine: Let's go.

Clementine and Javier walk down the road.

Javier: This really necessary?

Clementine: I don't know you, I don't trust you, and I'm not taking any chances. So it's safer for both of us if you're tied up.

Javier: Look, I get it. You're being cautious.

She will remember that.

Clementine: Glad we understand each other.

Javier: Come on. You must trust me at least a little. We're here, aren't we?

She will remember that.

Clementine: I trust that if I don't get a van at the end of this, you'll regret it.

Javier: Hey, that's fine with me. I don't trust you either.

She will remember that.

Clementine: Glad we understand each other.

She noticed your silence.

Clementine: Glad we understand each other.

Javier: The name's Javier, by the way. me Javi.

Clementine: Clementine.

Javier: Clementine. Cool name.

Clementine: If you say so.

Javier: Well, it's nice to meet you, Clementine.

Clementine: If you say so.

Javier: Well... Thanks for not killing me, Clementine.

Clementine: Don't thank me yet.

Javier says nothing.

A walker approaches. Clementine draws her knife, kicks it in the knee, and stabs it in the head.

Javier: You're good at that.

Clementine doesn't respond.

Javier: Look, you don't wanna talk, fine. But how 'bout you give me that gun back so I can at least defend myself?

Clementine: For all I know, you'd turn around and use it on me.

Javier: Look, I'm not gonna shoot you.

Clementine: You shot the other guy.

Javier: Well, you didn't tie me up and stick me in a truck.

Javier: I didn't even shoot the guy who had me tied up.

Clementine: But I know you thought about it.

Javier: You give me a weapon, we can protect each other.

Clementine: I give you a weapon, I can't take my eyes off you. At least this way I know what I'm up against.

Javier: Come on. This whole silent loner thing you got going on? Just be real with me.

Clementine: I don't know what you're talking about.

Clementine: Either way, I still don't know the first thing about you.

The see wandering group of walkers nearby.

Javier: Muertos...the herd caught up with us.

They sneak past the walkers without being seen.

Clementine: Muertos...

Javier: What do you call 'em?

Clementine: Walkers.

Javier: What do you call the ones that run?

Clementine: They're all fucking walkers, okay? Look, I'm just...I'm not used to being around other people. Not for a while, anyway. Usually, it's just me on my own.

Javier: Sounds kinda lonely, if you ask me.

Clementine: Well, I didn't ask you. And anyway, I prefer it like that.

Javier: Apology accepted.

Clementine: I wasn't apologizing.

Javier: Yeah, well, it shows.

Clementine: Meaning what?

Javier: Meaning you could sure use a dust-up on those people skills.

Javier says nothing.

Javi and Clementine enter the forest.


Clementine: So who's at this junkyard?

Javier: My brother's kids...and his wife.

Clementine: It's impressive...surviving this long. Not sure how you did it. Just...keeping everyone together like that.

Javier: Well, I didn't do it alone. My, uh...uh...Kate helped. She did...most of the work, actually.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Sounds nice...having a partner.

Javier: It is.

Javier: Gabe and Mariana are tough kids. They learned how to survive on their own. You seem to know a thing or two about that.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Yeah.

Javier: I did whatever I had to do to protect them. Kept them out of trouble the best I could.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Sucks...

Javier: What?

Clementine: That sometimes it's not enough.

Clementine: Guess you just got lucky.

Javier: How 'bout you? You must have been pretty young when this shit started.

Clementine: I was. But some people looked out for me, too.

Javier: What happened to them?

Clementine: Same thing that happens to everyone.

They see the herd of walkers again.

Javier: Shit...

Clementine: We can't stay here. There's a town up ahead. We can stay there until the herd passes. Otherwise we're walker food. Can you do that? Please?

Javier: We can't make a detour! I need to get to my family!

Clementine: And I need that van! But right now, you have to trust me.

Javier: Oh, you mean the way you trust me?

Javier: You want me to trust you? Give me a reason!

Javier: Fine. Whatever you say.

Clementine: Thank you.

Clementine: Here...

Clem cuts Javi's bindings.

Clementine: Don't make me regret this. Come on!

They run through the forest.


Clementine and Javier reach the front gates of a town. Walkers have swarmed the area.

Clementine: There! Get to the gate!

Javi and Clem run to the gate while she fires at the walkers.

Clementine: Just keep going! They'll open up!

Javier dodges a nearby walker.

Javier: Shit!

The gates close just as Clementine and Javier reach them.

Javier: Hey!

Clementine: Open up!

Tripp fires at the approaching walkers.

Tripp: I can't open the gate 'til you clear them out! Can't risk it!

Javier and Clementine fire at the walkers. Clementine switches from her shotgun to her pistol, but it malfunctions.

Clementine: Fuck! These bullets won't fire!

A walker attacks Clementine, and Javier shoots it. Clem throws it to the ground and stomps on it, killing it.

Tripp opens the gate.

Tripp: Get your ass inside! Come on, now!

Tripp fires at the walkers while Clem and Javi enter the gates. Francine rides through into the town on a horse, and Tripp closes the gate.

Francine: Whoa there!

Tripp: God effin' damn it, Francine. One of these days those doors are gonna close and your ass'll be on the other side!

Francine: Yeah. And when that day comes, Tripp, I promise...I'll eat you first.

Francine rides away.

Tripp: It's...Clementine, right? You staying a while this time?

Clementine: No. Once the walkers pass, I'm taking this guy to a junkyard off the highway.

Javier: My family might be trapped there. Hiding from some very bad dudes.

Tripp: Well, shit. I am truly sorry to hear that. This herd rolled in pretty quick. We're hoping it's gone just as fast. So...just keep your heads down, and steer clear of trouble, you got me? There's too much going on outside the walls tonight.

Javier: We'll be cool. Just need a place to ride out the herd, that's all.

Tripp: Alright... I'm gonna hold you to that. And I wouldn't recommend changing your mind. If you wanna hang on to all your teeth, that is. Now head on in, I got shit to do.

Javier: I don't start trouble. I finish it.

Tripp: Okay, Captain Big Nuts, we get it. But I catch wind of you "finishing" anything while you're in town, and you're "finished". Now piss off, I got shit to do.

Javier: Jesus.

Clementine: Tell me about it.

Javier: I'm not the one you should be worried about.

Tripp: Well, you know the score around here, Clementine. Don't do anything that would make me want to pick you up and throw you the fuck out, and I won't pick you up and throw you the fuck out. My boots weigh more than you. Now head on in, I got shit to do.

Clementine: Alright, we get it.

Tripp: Now head on in, I got shit to do.

Tripp walks away.

Clementine: Well...welcome to Prescott.

Javi and Clementine walk through the town.

Clementine: It's a pretty cool place, actually. Built from an old airstrip, I guess. The people, on the other hand...they're not my favorite. Usually, I'm in and out as quick as I can manage. Not exactly an option this time, though...

Javier: It's just a pitstop, okay? We're gone as soon as there's a window.

Clementine: I hope that window comes soon. In the meantime...

Javier: Hey, what's the problem? You have some sorta history here that I should know about?

Clementine: Not really. I just... I know what people are capable of.

Javier: No, no. This place is actually kind of charming. It's got...walls all the way around, and... Well, that...thing...

Javier gestures to water tower near some windmills.

Clementine: Yeah, like I said, this is a pretty cool place.

Javier says nothing.

Javier watches the inner gates of Prescott close.

Clementine: Hey, Javi. What's--what's up?

Javier: My family... They're still out there...

Clementine: If you guys made it this long, I'm sure, you know...they'll know what to do.

Javier: Hopefully.

Clementine: Let's go. This way. I gotta see a guy about some bullets.

They enter a bar.

Javier: Jeez. I haven't been in a place like this since..well, you know. It's just like the old days.

Clementine: Listen, I gotta take care of something. Hang tight.

Javier: Wait, wait... What should I do?

Clementine: I don't know, why don't you...make some friends?

Clementine walks into the back room.

Javier: Looks like someone's in the middle of a game.

Javier: Oh, wonder where they found this old thing? Haven't seen one of these in years.

Javier: Chess. Not really my game. I think Gabe used to play, though.

Javier: Wonder if it's loaded.

Francine: Play your hand. You're gonna lose, but you don't have to do it in slow motion.

Conrad: Don't try and rush me. I know your game.

Francine: This is my game. Clearly.

Conrad: Always a smart ass. Well, it ain't gonna work.

Javier talks to the card players.

Javier: Excuse me...

Francine: Ah, you again... You got some moves, I'll give you that.

Conrad: Hold on a minute. Don't I know you from somewhere?

Javier: I dunno. Maybe.

Conrad: García. Javier García. For what it's worth, I think you got screwed on the gambling thing. A lifetime ban...shit. Shoulda had a twenty-year career. Way I see it, nothing wrong with betting on yourself to win.

Francine: And that got a lifetime ban?

Javier: They just wanted to set an example. I was the poor bastard they used to do it on.

Conrad: All I know is what I read in the papers.

Javier: You want an autograph or something?

Conrad: If I had a baseball, I'd take you up on it. But I'm fresh out.

Javier: Honestly, I don't even think about it anymore. Past is the past.

Conrad: Fair enough.

Francine: Huh. A shy athlete. Now that's what I consider a rare talent.

Conrad: Indeed.

Conrad: Anyway, I'm Conrad. This here's Francine.

Francine: He runs the place. I just take his money.

Conrad: Yeah, well...maybe I'm just lettin' you win.

Francine: Huh... Actually, if you're the gambling type... Game's poker. Five card stud.

Conrad: I'll raise ya.

Francine: What do you think? Should I call or should I fold?

Conrad: Hmm... Don't get too intimidated. I lose more often than I care to admit. Though all it takes is one good hand...

Javier: He's bluffing. He's got bullshit written all over him.

Conrad will remember that.

Conrad: (chuckles) Is that a fact?

Francine: I think I'll listen to the man. Call.

Conrad: Moment of truth. Flip 'em. (Francine plays her hand) Oh, my. Ain't that a pretty sight. (plays hand)

Francine: Hell yeah!

Javier: Nice!

Conrad: Oh, calm down, both of you.

Francine: Thanks for the advice, hon. How's about a drink? On my tab.

Javier: Fold. Doesn't feel right.

Francine will remember that.

Francine: Go with your gut. Fold.

Conrad: Now that's a shame. Let's see how it coulda gone. (looks at her cards) You folded that?! Unbelievable. (plays hand)

Francine: Goddamn it.

Javier: Shit, sorry.

Conrad: Talk about dodging a bullet. Thanks for folding. I can't afford to lose anymore. Let me get you a drink for the assist. On the house.

Javier: I don't really gamble anymore. Went all in on the wrong hand once.

Francine will remember that.

Francine: It's okay, hon, I got this one. Raise.

Conrad: Moment of truth. Flip 'em. (Francine plays her hand) Oh, my. Ain't that a pretty sight. (plays hand)

Francine: Hell yeah!

Javier: Nice!

Conrad: Oh, calm down, both of you.

Everyone noticed that.

Conrad: Holy shit, there's a bad sign.

Francine: No kidding. I'm out. Fold.

Conrad: Now that's a shame. Let's see how it coulda gone. (looks at her cards) You folded that?! Unbelievable. (plays hand)

Francine: Goddamn it.

Conrad: Talk about dodging a bullet. Thanks for folding. I can't afford to lose anymore. Let me get you a drink for the assist. On the house.

Conrad pours Javi a drink.

Conrad: Bottoms up.

Javier: This smells like...turpentine.

Conrad: (laughs) That's the weak stuff.

Clementine: Don't turn away from me. I'm talking to you.

Javier: Oh, shit...

Javi walks into the back room, where Clementine is talking to Eli.

Eli: Hey, what's the point in talking when I already told you, a deal is a deal. And it's done.

Javier: What's going on?

Clementine: This guy ripped me off. I traded him a crate of perfectly good batteries. And he gave me a box of bullets that won't fire! He could've gotten both of us killed!

Eli: Oh, yeah? And who the fuck are you? Her bodyguard or something? 'Cause I don't scare easy, alright? And I don't respond to threats, neither.

Javier: Damn right. So you better figure out a way to fix this. And I mean real fast.

Javier: Just make it right, and we can all walk away from this, nice and easy.

Javier: She doesn't need a bodyguard. She can take care of herself. Believe me.

Eli: Okay, alright. You really want to get to the bottom of this?

Eli: Oh, well, you can't even prove those are the bullets I traded you.

Clem draws her pistol.

Javier: Whoa, hey, Clem. Come on.

Clementine: He knows the bullets don't work. Listen to him. He's not even nervous. (pulls trigger) I could have died because of his bullets.

Eli: Un-fuckin'-believable.

Eli draws a knife.

Clementine: Look out!

Javier blocks Eli as he attacks him, but the knife cuts his face.

Javier grabs Eli's arm, knees him in the stomach, and throws him into the chair.

Clementine kicks Eli in the back of the knee and pushes him into the chair.

Eli: Hey, listen... Let's all cool down, huh? You were acting crazy... I was, too. We a little outta hand, that's all.

Clementine: Just give me what I'm owed!

Eli: Jesus... You gotta get her under control, man! This ain't no way to do business.

Javier: You have it wrong, buddy. I don't control her. Which looks like bad news for you.

Javier: Alright, stop. Seriously. This isn't getting you anything.

Javier punches Eli.

Clementine: You better start giving me answers I like.

Clementine: We had a deal!

Eli: Alright--hey--okay--alright, so, hey, we'll trade back. I'll find some batteries.

Clementine: I don't need batteries. what I need are bullets that won't get me kill--

Clementine pulls the trigger, but the gun actually fires, killing Eli.

Clementine: Oh, no... Oh, no!

Conrad: Drop the gun! Right now!

Clementine: Say he attacked you and that he was going for his gun.

Conrad: I fucking warned you!

Clementine: Eli attacked him. I only shot because--

Conrad: Shut it! You've done enough talking. Drop it.

Clem drops her gun, and Tripp enters.

Tripp: There's a herd out there, and you're firing off a fucking--what the fuck happened here?

Clementine: He attacked Javi. Okay? It was self-defense.

Tripp: Enough from you. Did she really have to shoot?

Javier: Look at my eye, man. Of course she's telling the truth. The guy ripped her off, reached for his gun, and would've shot me if she hadn't stopped him.

You covered for Clementine.

Clementine: See? You happy now?

Tripp: Goddamn it... I'm putting you two under lock and key until I figure out what to do with you.

Javier: Whoa...

Clementine: Hey, what? Are you for real?

Tripp: As real as it gets. Now move it.

Conrad: You got some nerve, coming in here, fucking up my bar.

Tripp locks up Javier and Clementine.

Tripp: I oughta punch your fucking lights out. Both of ya. But...Eli was a grade-A certified dipshit. I'll even have someone come take a look at that cut.

Clementine: Hey. Thanks for having my back at the hangar. That was, um...that was cool of you. I wasn't...sure there, for a minute.

Javier: Of course, anytime. I mean, you and I are a team now.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Thanks. I mean it.

Javier: Yeah. Well, now you really owe me one. 'Cause you put my ass on the line with these people and they barely know me.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: I know. And...I'm...well, I'm saying thanks.

Javier: Yeah, family needs me, and I need, it's how it had to go down.

Clementine noticed your silence.

Clementine: Yeah, right. That makes sense.

Clementine noticed your silence.

Clementine: So, yeah, anyway. Thanks.

Clementine: Just...don't think this makes us friends or anything.

Clementine lies down. Eleanor approaches the jail.

Eleanor: Hello?

Eleanor enters the cell.

Eleanor: I'm Eleanor. I'm what passes for a doctor around here. But Tripp sort of overdoes it sometimes. I hate that I'm treating you in a cage, like you're some feral animal...

Javier: Javier. Pleasure's all mine.

Eleanor: Is it now?

Javier: Can you just... I don't know, just let us out?

Eleanor: Seriously?

Javier: Look, you said it yourself, Tripp overreacted.

Eleanor: Look, I'm just here to clean up your laceration.

Javier: And I'm starting to think this Tripp guy? Kind of a prick.

Eleanor: He means well. He's a lot on his shoulders.

Javier says nothing.

Eleanor: Now, let's see about that wound.

Javi sits down and Eleanor inspects his injury.

Eleanor: Yeah, he got you good. (cleans wound) Try to hold still. Why is it always the pretty ones who end up causing the most trouble? As if good looks equal bad behavior or something. I've never understood it.

Javier: Yeah, well, it takes one to know one.

Eleanor: One...what?

Javier: One pretty troublemaker.

Eleanor: (chuckles) I'll give you that one.

Javier: Oh, I'm not a troublemaker. No, trouble sees me and runs the other way.

Eleanor: That explains why Tripp locked you up for the night.

Javier: Are you calling me "pretty"?

Eleanor: I was talking about Eli. The dead guy?

Javier: Oh, yeah, good. Because I prefer "dashing". Or "debonair", maybe.

Eleanor: Yeah... I'll try to keep that in mind.

Eleanor: Alright, I'll stop giving you a hard time.

Eleanor: People are saying she killed a man in cold blood. If you don't mind me asking...what did happen, exactly? That they were arguing, and then she went crazy over nothing?

Javier: Look, things got out of hand. Clementine was only trying to make a point, but then...

Eleanor will remember that.

Clementine: You make it sound so casual.

Javier: She did kinda go off the handlebars, actually. I backed her up because she's a friend, but...Jesus.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Damn. She seems so young, too.

Javier: That guy had it coming. Believe me. Karma, justice, you call it whatever you want. Fuck that bastard.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Hey, okay. If you say so.

Eleanor noticed your silence.

Eleanor: Hey, plead the Fifth. That's fine, too.

Eleanor: (cleans wound) Best thing is probably for you two to leave town, and get back to your group.

Javier: We were attacked earlier this evening. There were four of us...

Eleanor: Aw, shit, I'm sorry. If there's...If there's anything I can do to help... Not that I have much to offer you, but--I know a thing or two about losing family.

Javier: If you really wanna help me...let us out of this cage.

Javier: Hey, it's okay. You're done enough.

Eleanor: I hear you. But--

Javier: I wouldn't want to make any trouble for you. This whole thing's been...pretty messy.

Eleanor: I hear you. But--

Eleanor: You know, we could always--

Tripp: Eleanor? You done yet?

Tripp walks up to the cage.

Eleanor: Just about.

Eleanor puts a bandage on Javi's wound.

Tripp: Alright, here's what we're gonna do. I'm driving you to that junkyard myself. Gets you out of my hair, and no one can say I didn't do right by no one. In the meantime, you two can sleep right here and think about what shitheads you were earlier.

Eleanor leaves the cell.

Tripp: On my terms, and on my timeline. You got me?

Javier: Nuh-uh, no way. I need to get back on the road ASAP.

Tripp: Javier, I am not negotiating here.

Javier: We don't need help from you, asshole.

Tripp: Boy, you're as ungrateful as they come. Let me try this again: this isn't an offer. I WILL be escorting the two of you away from this town.

Javier: Alright, fair enough.

Tripp: Fair enough? Go kiss a skunk's ass, I should be earning a goddamn boy scout badge for this.

Tripp: Don't be stink-eyeing me, you're just lucky I didn't hang you.

Eleanor: doesn't seem right to wait. Javi's people...they could need a medic.

Tripp: Nuh-uh, no way. Not putting you in that kind of danger again.

Eleanor: That's not your call!

Javier: She was just...demonstrating that the bullets he sold her were faulty and the gun went off.

You told the truth.

Clementine: What're you doing?

Tripp: Alright, outside. You and me are gonna have a little talk.

Clementine: I'm telling you, he was--

Tripp: Stop. Just...stop talking. And you...thanks for being straight with me. Go find Eleanor, she'll fix you up. Tell her Tripp sent you. Now move it.

Clementine: Alright! Alright.

Clem and Tripp walk away. Javi approaches Eleanor, who is talking to another woman.

Eleanor: Here you go. Try and get some rest, okay?

Woman: Thanks, Eleanor.

The woman walks away and Eleanor notices Javi.

Eleanor: That looks like a nasty cut. That must've hurt.

Javier: I've had a lot worse, believe me.

Javier: I could use a doctor. You know one?

Eleanor: I'm not a doctor, but these days...EMT's the best you're gonna get.

Javier: Should've seen the other guy.

Eleanor: Yeah.

Eleanor: Don't worry, it'll be fine.

Eleanor: Have a seat. I'll take a look.

Javier sits down on the bench.

Eleanor: My name's Eleanor.

Javier: Javier. You--call me Javi.

Eleanor inspects his wound.

Eleanor: A little lower and you might've lost an eye. And that is not something you want to mess around with. (takes supplies out of medical kit)

Javier: Well, uh, y'know, thanks for doing this. I appreciate it.

Eleanor: I wasn't getting any rest tonight, anyway. Might as well keep busy. But I appreciate the "thank you".

Javier: I'm getting the feeling you've done this before?

Eleanor: What makes you say that?

Javier: You've got the whole thing down pat. Y'know, gauze, antibiotics...charming bedside manner...

Eleanor: Yeah, I've done it once or twice. A day.

Javier: That exactly why I keep a spare, right? Just in case? Though I...I bet I'd look pretty badass with an eyepatch.

Eleanor: Hey. Don't joke.

Eleanor: No, you don't seem to have any problems with your eyesight. But...I think you'll be just fine.

Eleanor: (cleans wound) So...I have to it true?

Javier: What's that?

Eleanor: I heard you were with that girl, Clementine, who put a bullet in some guy's brain over in the hangar. Don't act so surprised. News travels fast around here.

Javier: Eh, that's only sort of true. She didn't mean to kill him. It just sort of...happened.

Eleanor will remember that.

Javier: Yeah, you heard right. That was me.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Nothing like making new friends, huh?

Javier: Nope. You've got me mixed up with some other dude.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Right. Must've been the other handsome young Latino stranger in town.

Eleanor: Like I said, it's a small town. Not a lot of mysteries here.

Eleanor puts a bandage on Javi's wound.

Eleanor: Why is it always the pretty ones who end up causing the most trouble? As if good looks equal bad behavior or something. I've never understood it.

Javier: Yeah, well, it takes one to know one.

Eleanor: One...what?

Javier: One pretty troublemaker.

Eleanor: (chuckles) I'll give you that one.

Javier: See, that's where you've got me wrong. I'm the furthest thing there is from trouble.

Eleanor: Yeah, well, we'll see about that.

Javier: I'd be a lot more comfortable with "dashing". Ooh! Or "debonair", maybe.

Eleanor: I was talking about Eli. The dead guy?

Javier: Oh, right..

Eleanor: Alright, I'll stop giving you a hard time.

Eleanor: Look, I know you didn't pull the trigger. But that girl, Clementine... There's something cold behind her eyes. I don't know. Maybe she's just a scared kid.

Javier: I kinda like her style. She doesn't take any shit, she does what the hell she wants... She's a free spirit.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Yeah, well...she's a wounded soldier, if you ask me.

Javier: Well, right now, I need her.

Javier: I don't really know much at all. We just met a few hours ago.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Huh. Way I heard it, you two were pretty chummy before things got all..."out of hand" at the hangar.

Javier: She's got issues, that's for sure. She wears it on her sleeve.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: In my somewhat professional said it.

Javier: She is useful, though.

Eleanor: Either way, she's dangerous. You have to know that.

Javier: She's helping me find my family. We were attacked earlier this evening.

Eleanor: Aw, shit, I'm sorry. For a family to make it this far... Not everybody gets that.

Javier: If we're being real about it... I fucked up. I fucked up bad. I left them on their own.

Javier: I'm the one who's lucky. I'm not sure I'd have made it this long without the three of them.

Eleanor: Hang in there. You're gonna find them.

Javier: Oh, you know how family is.

Eleanor: Yeah, I get you.

Eleanor: Hey. You'll find them soon. And they'll be just as wonderful--and annoying--as you left them.

Tripp drags Clementine by her arm.

Clementine: Let go of me!

Tripp: There you go.

Eleanor: Tripp? What's going on?

Tripp: Clementine and I had a little talk.

Clementine: He's letting us leave once the herd passes.

Tripp: Oh, I'm gonna do more than that. I'm gonna high-tail you two to that junkyard myself. 'Cause frankly, I don't want her anywhere near this town. We'll leave sometime tomorrow, when it's safe. You two can spend the night here in the infirmary. I'll see you in the morning.

Tripp walks away.

Eleanor: Look...maybe there's another way. We've got a rear gate, down at the other end of the airfield. We don't use it much, but...well, we could leave tonight.

Eleanor: All three of us.

Eleanor: Slip past the herd, get a jump start on reaching that junkyard. If your family does need help, I'll be right there to give it.

Javier: What? Seriously? You'd do that, for me?

Eleanor: It's's the right thing to do.

Javier: Something tells me Tripp won't be too happy about you sneaking us out the backdoor.

Eleanor: He'll get pissy, but he'll get over it. Sometimes with him you gotta ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Javier: It's too risky. And if muertos were to somehow surround us, we'd--

Eleanor: Don't worry. It'll be fine.

Clementine: Um...what if we get caught?

Eleanor: You won't. I know what I'm doing.

Eleanor: Anyway, think about it. I've gotta check on some patients, but I'll be back in an hour.

Clementine: You know...

Javier: Whoa, wait a second. Why are you helping me?

Eleanor: Us pretty troublemakers have to stick together, right?

Clementine: Gross.

Eleanor: Who wouldn't want to help someone as "dashing" as yourself?

Clementine: Gross.

Eleanor: It's's the right thing to do.

Clemetnine: Huh.

Clementine: I never would've guessed she had it in her.

Javier: Yeah, she's...she's something.

Clementine: The thing is--is--and maybe this sounds weird--but I still trust Tripp more than I trust her.

Clementine: The thing is...I still trust Tripp more than I trust her. But, hey, it's your call. Once we get to the junkyard, I get my van and we go our separate ways.

Javier: You're right. Tripp's got more muscle, just in case. We'll wait and get a ride with him.

You chose to wait and travel with Tripp.

Clementine: Glad you're finally listening to reason.

Javier: We're leaving tonight, with Eleanor. If it gets us there even a minute sooner, it's worth it.

You chose to escape with Eleanor.

Clementine: Alright. I'm in.

Clementine: You know...when I met you, I thought you'd just be another asshole like everyone else.

Javier: And to think that when we met you nearly blew my head off.

Clementine: Yeah. Guess I made the right call.

Javier: It's gonna be a while before that herd passes. We might as well get some sleep.

Clementine: Good idea. I'm exhausted.

Javier: I'll get the lamp.

Clementine: You know, when you're out on your own, you can never really let your guard down. I was expecting you to defend me. Instead, you...threw me under the bus. You basically sold me down the river earlier.

Javier: Our deal doesn't include me lying for you. You attacked him and then you murdered him.

Clementine: I didn't mean to! I had no idea the gun would go off!

Javier: I'm sorry, alright? Things were crazy. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

Clementine: Well, next time? Just follow my lead.

Javier: I'm not apologizing for that. You killed a man. You were out of line.

Clementine: You know I didn't mean to do that.

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: Just goes to show you. You can never really count on anyone else.

Javier: Clementine, I--

Clementine: I'm done talking. The doctor lady said she'd be a while, and I want to catch as much sleep as I can. Goodnight.

Javier turns off the lamp and they go to sleep.


Clementine walks through a forest with toddler AJ on her back. She notices a nearby rabbit; as she is about to shoot at it, AJ babbles loudly, scaring it away.

Clementine: (sighs) AJ...

Clementine: We're hunting. So sit still and stop scaring off the food.

Clementine: That's dinner. Aren't you hungry?

Clementine: This isn't a game, goofball. Play time comes after we eat.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: We're out of food, AJ. We're gonna starve. I'm starving. We gotta--

Clem sees the rabbit in the distance. She opens the door of a nearby abandoned car and puts AJ in the front seat.

Clementine: AJ, stay here while I find us dinner, okay? C'mon, tell me you understand.

Clementine: Please, we need this, AJ. We need food. You gotta be brave, okay?

Clementine: It's okay, I'll stay close. Don't worry, you'll see me right through the window. Just...look for my hat.

Clementine: C'mon, don't you want dinner? Mmmm, dinner!

Clementine says nothing.

Clem closes the door. She finds two rabbits and aims her gun at them, when she suddenly hears walkers growling.

Clementine: AJ?!

Walkers approach, drawn by AJ's crying. One pounds on the car.

Clementine: Get away from him!

Clem shoots at the walkers. She picks up AJ, but a walker falls onto the car door, making her drop him and crushing one of her fingers in the door.

Clementine: Oh, my god! Fuck!

Clem picks up a rock and kills the walker.

Clementine: Oh, god... Fuck...

Clementine opens the door and examines her injury.

Clementine: Fuck...

Clementine and Jane are in the parking lot of Howe's; baby AJ is lying in Clem's lap. Clementine examines a tattoo on her hand saying "AJ".

Clementine: It kinda hurts.

Jane: I'm sorry. I know it sucks. I'm...I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Clementine: I've noticed.

Jane: So many people died here. So many ghosts. Sometimes they're all I think about. Especially during the night.

Clementine: Ghosts don't scare me. They don't have teeth. Or guns.

Jane: Yeah, I guess.

Clementine: It does sometimes freak me out. Who knows what Carver did here that we didn't see?

Jane: Yeah.

Clementine: Still better than sleeping out in the rain.

Jane: Yeah, I guess.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: (shows tattoo to AJ) Hey. Look, goofball, it's you! "Alvin Goofball Junior". Can you say "goofball"?

Jane: You know...he does need a middle name. His parents...they never got a chance.

Clementine: You think?

Jane: Go on. Pick one. No time like the present.

Clementine: How about...Rebecca?

Jane will remember that.

Jane: His mom's name?

Clementine: Well, why not? He's already got his dad's name. This way he'll remember both of them equally.

Jane: That's very sweet. Better than my idea. "Jaime".

Clementine: How about...Luke?

Jane will remember that.

Jane: I'm...y--yeah, fine, Luke, sure. Whatever. I was just thinking "Jaime" was pretty cool. For a boy or a girl.

Clementine: How about...Kenny? I know how you felt about him...but I wouldn't be alive without Kenny. And neither would AJ.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Not my favorite, but... Well, I guess that makes sense. I was just thinking "Jaime" was pretty cool. For a boy or a girl.

Clementine: How 'bout...Lee? He would've loved this little guy.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: I was just thinking "Jaime" was pretty cool. For a boy or a girl.

Jane: There's always "Jaime". It could work for a boy or a girl.

Clementine: Jaime...that was your sister.

Jane: Yeah. I used to think that if I was ever...picking out names, I'd... Anyway, the deal was ink first, then a perimeter sweep.

Clementine: But I just checked it a few days ago.

Jane: We're on our own here, Clem.

Jane: And after that asshole family we let in made off with half our food...we can't take any more chances.

Jane: If we'd been doing this earlier, that asshole family you sent away never would have broken in and stolen from us.

Jane: It won't take long.

Clementine: You worry way too much.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Worry keeps you fed, Clementine.

Clementine: I don't need a lecture. I know how important it is.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Good.

(If Clem/Jane let them in.)

Clementine: They seemed nice. Nice enough.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Nice people get hungry too. And then suddenly...they're not so nice anymore.

(If Clem turned them away.)

Clementine: I knew I couldn't trust them.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Yeah. Well, you were right.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: So get to it. I want you to be prepared...for anything.

Clementine: I know.

Jane: I'm gonna go take a little nap. I'm, uh...not feeling that great.

Jane walks away, and Clem leaves to check the perimeter. She returns and finds the door to Jane's room slightly ajar.

Clementine: Jane?

Clementine: Jane? Are you awake?

Clementine: I did what you asked... The building's secure.

Clementine:'re not feeling well I can bring you something...

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine opens the door.

Clementine: Oh, my god!

A zombified Jane hangs from the ceiling.

Clementine: Why?!

Clementine steps on a pregnancy test; she picks it up and sees that it's positive. She cries and points her gun at Jane.

Clementine: I'm...I'm so sorry.

Clem shoots Jane and AJ cries.

Clem turns around and walks away.

Clementine is driving a car. Kenny is in the passenger's seat and toddler AJ is in the backseat.

Kenny: That's good. Getting into first gear's the hardest part. Now just stay on the road. Most important rule there is. Now let's try shifting into second.

Clementine shifts smoothly into second gear.

Kenny: Not bad at all. Especially for a first time.

Clementine shifts jarringly into second gear.

Kenny: My Lord, Clem, I think you mighta left our transmission back there.

Clementine: Ha, ha, ha.

Kenny: You just...gotta ease up off the clutch a little smoother, alright? You don't have to make the switch all at once.

Clementine: Whatever...

Kenny: Second most important rule: don't give in to road rage.

Clementine: I wanna do it again.

Kenny: You will, and next time, gentle.

Clementine: I don't know why we didn't pick an automatic.

Kenny: Because every car out there ain't an automatic. You need to be able to drive whatever you find keys for.

Kenny: Focus. You got this. Best of all, we got no highway patrol to worry about.

Kenny: And once we get down to Florida, we'll ditch the wheels, and I'll make a sailor outta you, mark my words. You, too, buddy! I just can't get him to talk. It's unusual for his age.

Clementine: Well, the heater's broken, he's cold.

Kenny: Only makes sense to head for Florida sooner than later. Leave all this snow behind, right? Be like summer every day. Hell, I'm gonna have to find me some shorts!

Clementine: Yeah, no kidding. It's freezing outside. The sooner, the better, for sure.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: No more winters ever again, Clem!

Clementine: It's not so bad here. The weather will be better in spring. We should wait.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Or we could just drive. Further south we get, the higher the temperature goes up. We'll be sweatin' in no time.

Clementine: Are you sure Florida's better?

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: I'd rather be scared and warm than scared and frozen.

Kenny: No more winters ever again, Clem! And the ocean...

Kenny: I'll teach AJ how to fish, how to swim. We'll watch the sunrise every morning. All three of us. But we ain't gettin' nowhere doing 25 miles an hour. Shift her into third. Let's get her really cookin'.

Clementine shifts smoothly into third gear.

Kenny: Well, there you go, Clem! Time we get to Florida, you'll be a better driver than me!

Clementine shifts jarringly into third gear.

Kenny: Well, that was a bit better than last time, I guess.

Kenny: Proud of you, Clem.

Clementine: Hey. I really appreciate you teaching me.

Kenny: You know, I...I always dreamed about the day I'd teach Duck to drive. You're the best second chance I could ask for.

Clementine: I don't know why you can't just drive. You already know how.

Kenny: Simple science, we'll get there faster with two drivers. Besides, you gotta learn sometime, Clem.

Clementine: Yeah! I like this. Driving is fun!

Kenny: Aw, you shoulda seen my driving test. It's a miracle I ever got a license.

Clementine: Where's your blanket, goofball?

Kenny turns around in his seat and puts the blanket over AJ.

Kenny: I swear, this kid never makes a peep. Who knows how long he's gone without a blanket? Duck was gabbin' a mile a minute at his age. Wasn't full sentences, but it was somethin'.

Clementine: I think there's something wrong with him. Shouldn't he be talking by now?

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Well, maybe. But let's give him a few more months 'fore we start to worry, 'kay?

Clementine: There's nothing wrong with AJ. He'll talk when he's ready.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: I know...just a bit odd for a child his age. Then again, Albert Einstein didn't talk 'til he was four and look how he turned out.

Clementine: AJ's a survivor. He knows making too much noise will only get him killed.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: But he's a kid. Kids shouldn't have to worry 'bout that sort of thing.

Kenny: That's just a bit odd. That's all I'm sayin'.

Clementine: Crap!

Clementine loses control of the car. Kenny takes the wheel.

Kenny: I got it! Turn the wheel!

Clementine: Don't!

The car crashes into a tree, alerting nearby walkers. AJ starts crying.

Clementine: AJ? Oh, god, You're okay. Kenny?!

Clem sees Kenny lying on the road, having been ejected from the car. She runs up to him and holds his hand.

Clementine: Oh, my god! Kenny, I'm so sorry!

Clementine: Oh, shit. Are you okay, Kenny?!

Kenny: I'm fine! I'm fine.

Clementine: You're alive! Thank god!

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Is...AJ okay? (Clem nods) Shit. Help me up.

Clementine tries to help Kenny up, but he collapses again.

Kenny: I don't...I don't feel anything.

Clementine: Th--that's good.

Kenny: No... Clem, I don't feel...anything. I...I can't feel my legs. I just...can't get up... Goddamn it!

Clementine: I can get you into the car!

Kenny: I don't... Shit! This ain't gonna work, Clem!

Clementine: Oh, my god, no... This isn't happening, this isn't happening!

Kenny: Let me try again. Shit! Shit!

Clementine: Just...just give it a second! You went through a windshield!

Kenny: Let me try again. Shit! Shit!

Kenny: Let me try again. Shit! Shit!

Walkers start to investigate the car.

Kenny: Hey. Hey! Stay away from him! You gotta go help, AJ, Clem! I ain't lettin' you watch those fuckers chew me up. Go, Clem! Now!

Clementine: No. I won't give up on you!

Clementine tries to help Kenny get up.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: No. Clementine, no! There's no point!

Clementine: Come on, Kenny, help me!

Kenny throws Clementine aside as a walker approaches.

Kenny: Not today, you son of a bitch! Go! Don't look back!

Clementine: Okay...okay, Kenny. G--goodbye.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Good. Go! Now, goddamn it! Hey, dipshits, come and get it!

Clementine: AJ will be safe with me. I'll take great care of him. I promise.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: I know you will, Clementine. I wouldn't trust him with anybody else. Now, go! Hey, dipshits, come and get it!

Kenny: Hey, dipshits, come and get it!

Clementine picks up AJ and runs away as Kenny is devoured by walkers.

Clementine: AJ... Come on!

Clementine and AJ are in Wellington. AJ sits on the floor drawing.

Clementine: Hey. Whatcha drawing there, goofball? Can I see? You know I'm no good at this game, but I'll try to guess what it is. Just give me a second... I'll figure it out.

Clementine: It's a doggie. Right?

AJ shakes his head and points at Clem.

Clementine: It's me? It looks just like me.

Clementine: Is it...a picture of you?

AJ shakes his head and points at Clem.

Clementine: It's me? It looks just like me.

Clementine: Is

AJ babbles and points at her.

Clementine: It is me. I knew it.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: Come on. Can you say "Clem", AJ? Give it a try. "Clem". Not much of a talker, are you, goofball? Edith says you should be speaking by now, but... Don't worry about it. You'll talk when you're ready.

A strange noise is heard.

Clementine: That was weird.

Edith: Clem, open up! It's me.

Clementine opens the door.

Clementine: Edith? What's wrong?

Edith: The group from last week--they're back. And now they're armed. This is bad, Clem. There's a lot of them. Too many of them. I don't like the looks of it.

Clementine: How bad is "bad"?

Edith: "Pack your stuff and be ready to run" bad.

Clementine: What do they want from us?

Edith: More than we can give... And now they're angry. Pack whatever you can. Be ready to run, just in case.

Clementine: Do you need my help?

Edith: No, I need you to pack whatever you can. Be ready to run, just in case.

Edith: Pack whatever you can. Be ready to run, just in case.

Edith: They got a lot of cars and they're seriously pissed off. This is...gonna get ugly, I know it.

The Wellington residents start screaming.

Edith: Pack your stuff. When I get back, we gotta get the hell out.

Clementine: Shit, shit, shit...

Clem grabs her backpack.

Clementine: Bare essentials...come on.

Conversation Between a Wellingtonian and the Hostiles

Unknown Person 1: We fucking begged you, man! Our people are sick! And starving!

Unknown Person 2: It didn't have to be this way! You coulda just given us some grub, some medicine, that's it! This is your fault! Y'all are just hoarding it for your fuckin' selves!

Unknown Person 3: We don't have enough supplies. That's not a lie. We're barely gonna make it through winter as it is.

Unknown Person 2: Horseshit! If y'all don't have nothin', then why are you hiding behind such huge fucking walls?!

Unknown Person 3: Now, listen. You need to go. Now! We're armed.

Unknown Person 1: You think we're not?! Drop the food in front of the walls and everyone goes home happy. Happy and alive!

Unknown Person 2: So, hurry the fuck up!

Unknown Person 3: Not happening, guys. Come on.

Unknown Person 1: Listen, shitfuck, you got two minutes! If I don't see a loaf of fucking bread, we're coming in!

Unknown Person 3: Guys, don't do this! Come on!

Unknown Person 2: Time's ticking!

Unknown Person 3: Don't make me fire!

Unknown Person 2: Don't make us fuckin' fire!

Unknown Person 1: One minute, man!

Unknown Person 3: Shit, shit, shit! Come on, I'm fucking begging you!

Unknown Person 1: Hey, take it from us! Begging doesn't fucking work out here!

Unknown Person 3: Jesus Christ, no! Stop!

Unknown Person 1: Time's up! Run, fuckers, run!

Unknown Person 3: No, no, no!

Unknown Person 2: Tear that shit down!

Unknown Person 1: Get 'em!

Unknown Person 2: Go, go, go!

Unknown Person 1: Burn this fucker down!

Unknown Person 3: Run, run! Get outta here! Run!

Clementine takes Kenny's hat.

You grabbed Kenny's hat.

Clementine takes bandages.

Clementine takes an energy bar.

Clementine takes crayons.

Clementine takes a water bottle.

Clementine takes the can.

Clementine takes the ammo.

A crashing noise is heard. Edith returns.

Edith: Clem! Clem?! They're inside! We have to go! Now!

Edith picks up AJ. They run outside of Wellington as the other residents are gunned down.

Edith: Just--head for--for the woods!

Clementine: Keep running!

Clementine: Give me AJ!

Clementine: We're almost out!

Clementine says nothing.

Edith is shot.

Clementine: Nooo!

Clementine rolls Edith over to find AJ covered in her blood.

Clementine: Oh, god--you're okay, you're okay, you're okay!

Unknown Person: I see someone! Near the trees! Fuckin' shoot 'em!

Clementine gets shot in the cheek. She picks up AJ and runs away.


Javier, Clem, and Tripp ride in a van.

Javier: Hey, Clem...we almost there? Hey, Clem?

Clementine: Yeah. We're close.

Tripp: I gotta say, I hope your people are safe and sound. Eleanor asked me before we left to make sure of it.

Javier: Oh, yeah?

Tripp: Yes, sir. So that's what I'm gonna do. Though why she went to bat for you, I've got no idea. I mean, she hardly even knows you. And you don't know her, for that matter. Makes a guy wonder, you know?

Javier: Hey, I didn't ask her to. She did that all on her own.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: Yeah, well, I guess she's got her reasons for things, but I never can quite figure out what they are.

Javier: There's not much mystery to it, Tripp. She's a good human being.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: Yeah, Eleanor's got a big heart, that's for damn sure.

Javier: What's the matter? You jealous?

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: I just... I got a natural curiosity, that's all.

Tripp noticed that.

Tripp: Nothing to say, huh? I guess that's gentleman-like of you.

Javier, Clem, and Eleanor ride on horses.

Eleanor: Sun's up. Tripp's probably mad as hell by now.

Javier: What do you think he'll do to you?

Eleanor: Oh, nothing. He'll yell at me a little. Tripp and I...we sorta used to be a thing. It was for, like, five minutes, and it fizzled out fast. But he never really got over it. Not that he's weird about it or anything. I just know he likes having me around. He'd be the first to admit it.

Javier: I gotta say... I think you can do a lot better than that meathead.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Are you being serious?

Javier: You know what I mean.

Javier: Tripp's alright. Sure seems like he's got a good heart, anyway.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: He does. It just...didn't work out.

Javier: Relationships can change pretty fast. And they're never not complicated.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: Sounds like you've got something on your mind. Or someone?

Eleanor noticed your silence.

Eleanor: Anyway, don't worry about Tripp. I can handle him.

The group reaches the junkyard.

Clementine: Guys. That's the place.

Javier: Yeah, this is it.

Javier: Oh, shit...

Tripp: What a mess...

Javier: Guns out, yeah?

Eleanor: If you insist...

The junkyard is littered with walker corpses.

Clementine: Jesus, must have been hundreds of them...

Javier: Kate's good in a crisis--she'd know how to get shelter.

Clementine: What's that?

It's not moving.

Javier: Goddamn it.

Javier grabs the nearby hammer and kills the walker as it reaches toward him. Javi picks up the cassette player on the ground.

Javier: Mariana's tape player... Mariana! Mariana, are you here?

Mariana gets out of a car and runs to Javier.

Mariana: Javi!

Javier: Oh, my god. (Mariana hugs him) You're safe... I can't believe it!

Mariana: You told me where to hide; I just listened to what you said. "Lock yourself in and don't come out, not even once it's quiet." It kept running through my head, like on a loop. I don't even know how long I was in there... Then I heard your voice. I thought I was hallucinating at first.

Javier: Did they hurt you? Are you okay?

Mariana: I hid before they could get to me. I'm fine, really.

Javier: I'm so sorry I left you behind. I've been trying to get back here this whole time.

Mariana: You don't have to be sorry... You said you'd come back, and you did.

Javier: You did exactly what you should have done. I always knew you were a smart kid.

Mariana: Thanks. It was scary at first, but once the muertos couldn't see me anymore, they just passed by.

Mariana: It was scary at first, but once the muertos couldn't see me anymore, they just passed by.

Javier: Kate and your brother--where are they?

Mariana: We got pulled apart when that huge bunch of muertos showed up. Kate yelled that they were gonna try to make it back to the van.

Javier: Then that's where we're headed.

Tripp: Let's go find your brother, sweetheart.

Eleanor: Let's go get your brother back, sweetie.

They find the van in bad shape.

Javier: Oh, no... No... No sign of 'em. They must have seen it like this, then gone someplace else to hide.

They hear a motor revving.

Javier: Kate...

Javi finds Kate and Gabe trying to start a truck while walkers surround it.

Mariana: They're trapped in there!

Javier: Mariana, stay back!

Eleanor prepares her weapon.

Javier: Wait! Nobody shoots!

Clementine: He's right--we fire at the truck, we might hit them.

The group starts killing the walkers.

Tripp: Javi!

Tripp charges at an approaching walker, which grabs his gun, and Javi kills it.

A walker grabs Eleanor's arm and Javi kills it.

Kate closes the door on one of the walker's heads.

Kate: Javi... You found us.

Kate gets out of the truck and Javi catches her.

Javier: Hey, hey, it's okay. I got you.

Kate: You happy to see me?

Javier: Hate to disappoint you, but that really is a gun in my pocket.

Kate will remember that.

Kate playfully shoves Javi.

Kate: (chuckles) Nice to see you too, asshole.

Javier: I'm happy to see all of you--happy you're all okay.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Another couple of minutes, we might not have been. But showed up, just when it really mattered.

Javier: Yeah, well, that's kinda my thing.

Javier kisses Kate.

Kate will remember that.

Mariana: Gross...

Kate: C'mon--I think we get a pass.

Kate noticed your silence.

Kate: Guess you're just speechless with joy.

Gabe hugs Mari.

Gabe: I wanted to come after you, I swear I did--

Mariana: You don't have to snot all over my shirt about it.

Gabe: I thought we were dead. Like, never-gonna-see-you-again dead. We only had a couple bullets left... I thought we were done for.

Javier: I know it's must've been awful, but it's all over now.

Gabe: Yeah, I know, but...

Javier: You're still alive, aren't you? So is Kate, and so is Mari. That's all that matters.

Javier: No way I would let that happen.

Gabe: Yeah, well, you weren't here! The herd showed up, and Mariana was gone, and we were waiting and waiting, and then...

Javier says nothing.

Gabe: I was just so scared.

Javier: I'm here now. You don't have to be scared. Hey, you hurt yourself?

Gabe: (looks at hand) Must've scraped it in the truck...didn't even notice...

Javier: Hey, least it's not a bite.

Javier: Not much we can do about it here...

Tripp: I've got a lady friend who's a doctor. Soon as we get back to Prescott, she'll patch you right up. I'm Tripp, by the way. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Javier: Eleanor, think you can take a look?

Eleanor: It's okay, I'm a doctor. I'll clean it here, then patch you up back home. (cleans wound) See? Better already.

Clementine: We should be getting back. Don't wanna push our luck.

Kate: Who's the kid with the gun? She have a name you want to share with us? Or you gonna make me do my own introductions?

Javier: She saved my life. Pulled this crazy stunt, let me get the upper hand on the asshole who took me away from you guys. Her name's Clementine.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Hi there. Glad I was able to help.

Javier: Just someone I met.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Clementine.

Javier: Clementine's a friend.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Hi there. Glad I was able to help.

Everyone noticed your silence.

Kate: I'm Kate.

Clementine: Clementine.

Kate: Well, we're very grateful to you. Really.

Javier: There's a town nearby; it's safe.

Kate: I like the sound of that.

The group starts walking back.

Mariana: Oh, my god. Javi, do they have hot water?! Even, like, lukewarm water would be okay. And bubble bath--wouldn't bubble bath be amazing?

Javier: Don't get your hopes up too high. It's a nice place, but it's not the Ritz.

Mariana: Well, whatever they've got, I'm sure it's gonna be great.

Javier: I think so.

Javier: Right, Tripp?

Tripp: Well, I guess you'll find out.

Javier: Right, Eleanor?

Eleanor: Of course we have hot water. We're not caveman.

Kate: I thought you'd been to this place.

Javier: I have! I just...didn't have much time to relax in my jacuzzi suite, you know?

Javier: I'm sure they do.

Mariana: I'm gonna stay in 'til my fingers get all pruney.

Mariana: Well, whatever they've got, I'm sure it's gonna be great.

Tripp: Between you and me, these kinds of missions don't usually go so well. But you found every single one of your people. And you found 'em alive. Healthy. Reasonably cheerful. It's a hell of a thing.

Eleanor: You look happy.

Javier: I am.

Eleanor: Search and rescue missions don't usually end so well. Alive, and healthy. It's sort of incredible.

Javier: Let's wait to celebrate until we're back behind the walls, okay? Don't wanna jinx us.

Tripp: Some things are worth saying "whoo-hoo" about, that's all.

Eleanor: I'm just--happy for you, is all.

Javier: Guess I'm a lucky guy.

Tripp: Luckier than anyone I've ever met.

Eleanor: The luckiest.

Javier: I--wasn't expecting this. Believe me. To have my family back together again, it's--

Tripp: I get it. I do.

Eleanor: I'm just--happy for you, is all.

Tripp: I get it. I do.

Eleanor: I'm just--happy for you, is all.

Clementine: When we get back to Prescott, you still owe me a working ride. I haven't forgotten about our deal. You couldn't have known what happened to your van, but still. I need some way out of here.

Javier: Don't worry, I haven't forgotten our arrangement.

Clementine: I know it's not the easiest thing to find, but--

Javier: That van was the only ride I had a lead on, so maybe it's time to renegotiate.

Clementine: I know it's not the easiest thing to find, but--

Javier: I was hoping you might stay--you know, considering.

Clementine: Considering...what?

Javier: You came all the way out here with me.

Clementine: Yeah, for the van, not for--

Clementine: I know it's not the easiest thing to find, but--

Mariana: Cool.

Mariana finds her earphones on her ground. Javi takes out the tape player.

Mariana: Thanks.

Mariana is shot in the head.

Gabe: Mari!

A barrage of bullets is fired at them, and they take cover.

Badger: You fuckin' thieves--you really thought you could just waltz back in here like nothin' happened? I don't think so...

Kate: Javi! We can't leave her!

Kate runs out of hiding and is shot in the abdomen.

Kate: Shit! Ah!

Javier: Kate!

Gabe runs over to Kate.

Javier: Stop. Stop!

Gabe reaches Kate.

Gabe: Javi! Help! Do something, Javi! Do something!

Javi runs over to his family.

Javier: Go!

Javier picks up Mariana.

Javier shoots at their attackers, killing one.

Javier: Go!

Gabe picks up Mariana.

Kate: Run!

They take cover behind the van.

Tripp: Jesus. Jesus, I am so...

Eleanor: Oh, god--I can't believe it.

Javier: She just...

Tripp: I know, Javi, and there'll be time for all that, but not right now. Kate needs a doctor, which means we gotta go. We got a window here, man. We gotta get a move on before they start shooting again!

Eleanor: I know, Javi, and there'll be time for all of that, but not right now. I need to get Kate back to Prescott so I can help her--which means we have to go. We have a window here, Javi. We have to move before they start shooting again!

Javier: Kate--are you okay?

Kate: I'm fine--really...

Tripp: She's not. And the longer it takes us to get out of here, the worse off she's gonna be.

Eleanor: No, she's not. And the longer it takes us to get out of here, the worse off she's going to be.

Javier: I'm gonna fucking kill 'em. I'm gonna kill all of 'em!

Tripp: You wanna die, too? You think that's gonna help your little girl?

Javier: So, what, I'm just supposed to let them live?

Tripp: If you wanna do what's right for your family, you'll come with me.

Eleanor: That's not gonna bring her back, Javi.

Javier: So, what, I'm just supposed to let them live?

Eleanor: If you really wanna help your family, you'll come with me!

Javier: I can't leave her like this--I won't!

Tripp: You wanna die, too? You think that's gonna help your little girl? Then get the fuck up and help me!

Eleanor: That's not gonna bring her back, Javi. Now get up!

Tripp: If you wanna do what's right for your family, you'll come with me.

Eleanor: If you really wanna help your family, you'll come with me!

Tripp: It's time to go, man.

Eleanor: We can't wait anymore.

Clementine: We stay here and we finish this.

Tripp: Are you fucking nuts? We gotta get the fuck out of here, right now!

Eleanor: Are you crazy?! We have to go, now!

Clementine: They already killed one of you--if we don't stop them, they're gonna come after your family again.

Clementine: Let Tripp help them--you stay with me.

Clementine: Let Eleanor help them--you stay with me.

Gabe: What? No! Javi, you have to come with us! Javi...please!

Clementine: Trust me, Javi. We have to end this. Now.

Gabe: No, Javi, please come with us. Please.

Tripp: Javi! Come on!

Eleanor: Javi! Come on!

Javier: I have to stay with my family.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Go. I'll hold them off. I said go!

Everyone but Clementine leaves. Clem fires at the attackers as the others drive/ride away. Kate passes out.

Javier: Kate...Kate, wake up! Kate!

Javier: Get her back to Prescott. We'll cover you.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: Javi?!

Javier: Go with them. I'll be fine.

Tripp: Give me hand here, kid!

Eleanor: I need your help, Gabe!

Clementine: Just keep firing until they're out of sight, okay?

Javier: I'm ready.

Kate, Gabe, and Eleanor/Tripp leave. Clem and Javi keep shooting. One of their attackers throws a grenade at them.

Clementine: Javi! Don't--

Javi throws the grenade and it explodes in midair.

Javi tackles Clementine out of the way of the grenade just before it explodes.

Clementine throws the grenade and it explodes in midair.

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