The following is a transcript of Episode 2: Ties That Bind - Part 2 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 3.


Kate is washing dishes. Javier puts a plate in the sink.

Javier: Please let me do the dishes. It's the least I can do. I'm crashing here. Crashers clean dishes.

Kate: You're family. Besides, if they're not cleaned the right way, David becomes a big baby about it all. I'm a pro at this point.

Javier: No, no, no, I insist.

Kate: Grab this sponge and you're gonna be eating it, too. It's not a big deal. I've got it.

Javier: I happen to be an expert relaxer.

Kate: If only you weren't a degenerate gambler, too.

Javier: Ouch...damn, too soon.

Javier: Then tell the big baby to get in here and wash them himself.

Kate: It's not a big deal.

Kate: Grab this sponge and you're gonna be eating it, too. It's not a big deal. I've got it.

Javier: I know you don't mind, but I won't be here for too long. Just...y'know...gotta get back on my feet a little.

Kate: You're right. I don't mind.

Javier: But David does. Is that it?

Kate: Maybe a little bit. Actually, forget I said that. That wasn't for me to... Just forget it. Sorry.

Javier: Well, he can just deal with it. He's always giving me shit for not being around anyway.

Kate: You're family. That means the door's always open.

Javier: He's always talking about how I'm never around, and then when I'm actually here, he acts like he doesn't know me.

Kate: It's...complicated. But, look, he loves you. You're his brother.

Javier: He's got an odd way of showing it.

Javier: Forget you said what?

Kate: Thanks.

Kate: You're family. That means the door's always open. Whether you like who's walking through it or not.

Kate: So where do you think you'll go?

Javier: Dunno. With what happened, I'd be amazed if I could get a job assistant coaching teeball.

Kate: You'll land on your feet.

Javier: Here's hoping. I could use a fresh start. I'll probably just travel around, y'know, see what's out there.

Kate: Wanna take me with you? Well?

Javier: You know that's a bad idea.

Kate: Of course I do, I'm just messing around. It's just hard to say no to a fresh start.

Javier: Uh...sure? Finish up with those dishes and I'll bring the car around.

Kate: But I pick the music.

Javier: Yeah, never mind, then.

Kate: You know I'm just messing around,'s hard to say no to a fresh start.

Javier: Well, what about David?

Kate: What ABOUT David?

Javier: Kate...

Kate: I know, I know, I'm just messing around. It's just hard to say no to a fresh start.

Kate: I'm just...y'know...messing around. It's just hard to say no to a fresh start.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: Always wanted to go to Norway. See the Northern Lights... You'll be jetsetting and I'll still just be here.

Kate picks up a glass and accidentally drops it in the sink.

Kate: Goddamn it.

Kate reaches toward the broken glass and cuts her hand.

Javier: Quick, run it under water.

Kate turns on the tap and puts her hand under the water.

Kate: Shit. Shit, shit, shit, that was David's army glass. He's gonna be so pissy about it. I can hear him already. Ugh, it's so annoying.

Javier: Blame me. He'll buy it. I'm the idiot fuck-up, right?

Kate: That's true.

Javier: Exactly.

Javier: Glasses break, he'll understand.

Kate: Not with this glass.

Javier: He should be more worried about you slicing your hand open.

Kate: He should be...

Javier says nothing.

Javier puts a rag on Kate's hand.

Javier: There you go... See? Much better.

David: What was that noise?

Javi moves his hand away, but Kate grabs it and puts it back on hers.

David: Guys?

David noticed that.

Javi moves his hand away.

Javier: You''re gonna be okay.

Kate will remember that.

David enters the kitchen.

David: Hello?

David notices the shattered cup in the sink.

David: My CO gave me that. And unless you wanna dig up his fucking corpse, he's not gonna give me another one.

Kate: Well, why don't we get an actual dishwasher?

David: Oh, here we go again.

Kate: Then you won't be on my ass anytime there's a spot on a fork.

David: Excuse me?

Kate: If we could even afford a dishwasher...

Javier: David, come on, take it easy. It was an accident.

David: Stay out of this, Javi.

Javier: Not until you step away and cool off.

David: We don't see your ass for a year. A year. Then, when your life goes to shit, we're expected to drop everything and roll out the red carpet all for Prince Javi. And now you're gonna start telling me how to talk to MY wife?

Javier: It is just a glass.

David: It was important to me, Javi.

Javier: A glass?

David: We don't see your ass for a year. A year. Then, when your life goes to shit, we're expected to drop everything and roll out the red carpet all for Prince Javi. And now you're gonna start telling me how to talk to MY wife?

Javier: You're both overreacting, okay? It's not that big a crisis.

David: Stay out of this, Javi. We don't see your ass for a year. A year. Then, when your life goes to shit, we're expected to drop everything and roll out the red carpet all for Prince Javi. And now you're gonna start telling me how to talk to MY wife?

Kate: It was an accident.

David: It was important to me!

Kate: Are you really gonna do this in front of your brother?

David: Is that what this is about?

Kate: This isn't about him.

David: Really? He's the one standing right there judging me for something he doesn't understand. You don't know him like I do. Always judging everyone except himself.

Javier: You know what, David? Time for you to open your eyes. Kate's gonna leave your ass. She told me so.

Kate will remember that.

David: What?!

Kate: Javi!

David: You said that?!

Kate: Jesus fucking Christ, no! We were talking about traveling, and I just--no, I definitely didn't say that. At all.

David: Three days, then I want you off my couch and out the door. We clear?

Javier: Fine.

David walks away.

Kate: Javi, that is my husband. We are married. In case you forgot...that's for life.

Javier: You know what? You're right. It's none of my business.

Kate will remember that.

David: No, it's not.

Kate: I'm sorry about the glass. Really.

David: It's fine. It was an accident.

David walks away.

Kate: Don't worry, I can handle him. He's just in a mood. Trust won't last.

Kate: I'm sorry about the glass. Really.

David: It's fine. It was an accident. I'm going to bed.

Kate: See you there.

David walks away.

Kate: Don't worry, I can handle him. He's just in a mood. Trust won't last.


Javier wakes up after the grenade explosion. A walker crawls toward him, and Clementine shoots it.

Clementine: Hey, hey. Take it easy.

Javier: What happened?

Clementine: They got away.

Javier: Oh, God. Mariana.

Javi holds Mariana's hand.

Clementine: I already dug a grave for her.

Javier: Thank you.

Javi carries Mariana and sets her down in the grave.

Javier: This was my fault, Mariana. Goddamn it. I'm so sorry, honey.

Javier: You deserved so much better than this. Fuck. It wasn't supposed to go like this.

Javier: We'll never forget you. You were a good sister to Gabe. And...and like a daughter to me.

Javier says nothing.

Clementine: Javi... Thank you for staying. I think you probably saved my life.

Javier: I should have gone with them.

Clementine: No. We fought. We slowed them down.

Javier: And now they'll come back for us...right?

Clementine: I...I don't know. Maybe.

Javier: What does it matter now? They got away. It was pointless.

Clementine: You bought your people time, though. That counts for something.

Javier: I couldn't leave you alone.

Clementine: That's're a good man.

Javier: Not good enough to save her.

Clementine: You bought your people time, though. That counts for something.

Javier says nothing.

Javier: Hang on a sec. (takes out tape player) She carried this around for years.

Javier puts the tape player in Mariana's hands.

Javi fills up the grave.

Javier: I'm...I'm sorry I never found you those candy bars. You much more life. You should've been the one burying me...someday. Someday far away.

Javi finishes filling the grave.

Clementine: You did everything you possibly--

A walker growls; they find where it is and Javi shoots it. He looks at the brand on its neck.

Javier: The other guys had this, too.

Clementine: Oh, shit.

Javier: What? What's wrong? Clem?

Clementine: I've run into these guys before.

Javier: Who are they? Please.

Clementine: They call themselves "the New Frontier". They used to be decent people. Now they're...something else. This brand they's like an initiation thing. I was...kind've stuck in their camp for a while. Not by choice. It was bad. I'm lucky to be alive.

Javier: Bad how?

Clementine: I got out. That's...all that matters.

Javier: What'd you do to piss them off? You do kinda have a temper sometimes...

Clementine: I got out. That's...all that matters.

Javier: What do you mean, "stuck"? Were you a prisoner?

Clementine: I got out. That's...all that matters.

Clementine: I don't like to talk about it.

Clementine: They left one of their cars behind. That's something, at least.

Javier: Good. Just like you always wanted.

Clementine: I can take you back to Prescott, make sure your family's okay... But then I'm hitting the road.

Javier: Suit yourself. Good luck out there, Clem.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Thanks, Javi. We should get back to Prescott.

Javier: You should stay with us.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Let's just get back to Prescott.

Javier: You know you won't last long alone. Not forever.

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Let's just get back to Prescott.

Clementine: Let's just get back to Prescott.

They get in the car and drive away.


Javier and Clementine arrive at Prescott.

Tripp: You're back.

Javier: How's Kate? Is she...

Trip: Just came out of surgery--Eleanor's still with her.

Javier: My family--did Eleanor get them here okay?

Tripp: She did. Though "okay" isn't the word I'd used to describe 'em... Eleanor's been doing what she can.

Tripp: You'd best get over to the infirmary.

Javi goes over to Kate at the infirmary.

Eleanor: You made it back.

Javier holds Kate's hand.

Eleanor: She asked for you, you know.

Javier: Please, please, just tell me how she's doing.

Eleanor: Well, she came through the surgery as well as could be expected.

Javier: She looks...terrible. I mean, I know she was shot--I know that's not pretty--but...

Eleanor: Doesn't matter how she looks--she's alive.

Javier: I got here as soon as I could. Those guys didn't go down without a fight--and then--Mariana...

Eleanor: I managed to stabilize her.

Javier says nothing.

Back at Prescott, Gabe, Eleanor, Kate, and Javier are in the infirmary. Kate screams in agony.

Gabe: Help her! You've gotta help her!

Eleanor: Keep pressure on the wound!

Tripp: Can you help her?

Eleanor: What happened?

Tripp: Those fuckers got the drop on us, and--

Eleanor: What happened to her?

Javier: She was shot.

Tripp: They shot that little girl, too. Shot her in cold blood...

Tripp: The fuck is this?!

Eleanor: Gunshot wound, upper abdomen.

Javier: They--they shot her.

Tripp: What the hell happened?!

Eleanor: They came out of nowhere--just started shooting at us! They shot a little girl.

Javi puts pressure on the wound.

Eleanor: Press hard! Like this!

Eleanor puts Javi's hands on the wound.

Gabe: sister...

Tripp: What kind of animal does something like that?

Eleanor: Tripp, I need you to go--now! Please.

Tripp: Jesus fucking Christ.

Tripp: Jesus fucking Christ.

Eleanor: Give us some room, please!

Tripp leaves. Eleanor puts pressure on the wound and Javi moves his blood-soaked hands.

Kate: Fuuuuck!

Gabe: Oh, my god...oh, my god...

Eleanor: No exit wound. Bullet's in there, deep. Gotta get it out to know how bad the damage is.

Gabe: Please, let me do something!

Eleanor: Gabe, I need to concentrate...

Gabe: I know I can help! I can handle this. Just tell me what to do. I'll do it!

Javier: Gabe stays right here. He's an extra set of hands.

Gabe will remember that.

Eleanor: Fine.

Javier: You ready?

Gabe: Yes.

Javier: Good man.

Eleanor: Gabe, I need you to clean the wound, okay?

Gabe: Okay, yeah.

Gabe cleans the wound.

Eleanor: Kate? I'm going to reach in and pull the bullet out. I need you two to keep the wound open as wide as possible. Take a side and pull on it. Hard.

Javier: Go on, Gabe. Wait outside.

Gabe: I'm not going anywhere!

Javier: Hey! This is not a debate!

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe runs off.

Eleanor: I need you to clean the wound.

Javier cleans the wound.

Eleanor: Okay, that's good.

Eleanor: Kate? I'm going to reach in and pull the bullet out. I need you to keep the wound open as wide as possible. Take both sides and pull. Hard.

Gabe: I'm not going anywhere!

Eleanor: Fine. Gabe, I need you to clean the wound, okay?

Gabe: Okay, yeah.

Gabe cleans the wound.

Eleanor: Kate? I'm going to reach in and pull the bullet out. I need you two to keep the wound open as wide as possible. Take a side and pull on it. Hard.

Javier: Okay.

Javier or Javi and Gabe hold the wound open while Eleanor searches for the bullet with pliers.

Eleanor: You're doing great. You're doing great.

Eleanor extracts the bullet.

Kate: Oh, God...oh, God...

Javier: How's it look?

Eleanor: Kate? You're bleeding inside. I have to get in there and stitch you up, okay?

Kate: Okay.

Eleanor: I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to hurt. A lot. Keep it open. No matter what. On three. One...two...three!

Javi or Javi and Gabe hold the wound open while Eleanor stitches up Kate.

Eleanor: We're almost there, we're almost there.

Eleanor: Gabe, grab that water. Need you to clean this up.

Gabe: Uh--okay...

Gabe pours alcohol into Kate's wound.

Eleanor: What the hell?!

Gabe: What'd I do? What'd I do?

Eleanor: Oh, no, that was the alcohol!

Gabe: Oh, God--fuck! I'm sorry!

Gabe runs off.

Javier: Gabe!

Eleanor: It's okay--she just got a shock.

Eleanor: Alright. That's the worst of it. You can let go.

Kate passes out.

Eleanor: I'll finish stitching her up. And then we should talk.

Javier walks away. Some time later, Eleanor approaches him.

Eleanor: I've made her as comfortable as I can. Right now, the smartest thing for her is rest. I know it seemed dicey when she lost consciousness... But her body was trying to protect itself from trauma. Sleep will help her heal.

Javier: Thank you. For saving her life. I don't know what I would've done if she...

Eleanor: I'm just glad I could stabilize her.

Javier: I just wish I could have done more for her.

Eleanor: You did the best thing you could have done--you let me do my job.

Javier: That was...that was terrible.

Eleanor: I'm sorry you had to see someone you love in that kind of pain... But I was glad you were there. You helped me; and you helped her.

Javier says nothing.

Eleanor: Those bastards did her one favor, at least--any lower and that bullet would have torn her stomach lining as well. Your boy Gabe...he seems really fierce.

Eleanor: He wanted to help so badly, he practically forced me to let him stay.

Javier: That's Gabe.

Eleanor: But she was bleeding so much, overwhelmed.

Eleanor: He showed a lot of courage, staying like that.

Javier: Yeah...

Eleanor: You could tell he didn't want to leave her.

Javier: Yeah...

Javier: So when's she gonna be up on her feet again?

Eleanor: She's stable, for now...but she's still bleeding inside. I don't want to lie to you. It's probably just a matter of time. I...I wish I could do more.

Javier: No. I don't accept that. I can't.

Eleanor: I've done everything I can for now.

(The first option is if Javi stayed with Clem, and the second is if he left with his family.)

Javier: Thanks for trying. And for not sugarcoating it.

Eleanor: Wish I had something better to tell you, but...

Javier: So you're just giving up?

Eleanor: Not at all. I'm just saying--there's nothing else I can do right now.

Eleanor: I've done everything I can for now.

Eleanor: I'm sorry, Javi. I'm going to get cleaned up. You may want to find Gabe. He looked pretty upset when he left.

Javier: This isn't going to make him feel any better.

Eleanor: Still.

Javier: I'll track him down.

Javier: I know Tripp drove like hell to get Kate back here...

Javier: Wonder if it would've been faster than the horses.

There are several bottles of water.

Javi takes a bottle of water.

Javier: Flew in a plane just like this to a baseball game in Arkansas once. Lifetime ago...

Javier: Hmm...doesn't look super sturdy.

Talk to Tripp

Tripp: How's she doing?

Javier: Not great. As well as can be expected, considering.

Tripp: You shoulda come back with us. Your family, they needed you.

Javier: Clementine needed my help back there.

Tripp: She can take care of herself. Your family--they were the ones who needed help.

Javier: What you did--I'm grateful.

Tripp: Still think they woulda preferred to have you there instead of me.

Javier: What I do is none of your business.

Tripp: It is when you wanna play shoot-em-up more than you wanna help your kin!

Javier: Hey, they shot my niece!

Tripp: Fuck's sake. I'm sorry. Didn't come out here to yell at you.

Tripp: What's done is done, I guess.

Tripp: I'm glad you came back with us--and I'm sure Kate's glad, too. I just hope Clementine'll be alright. She had fire in her eyes back there. When folks get mad, they get sloppy.

Javier: I had to come back--my family needed me here, in Prescott.

Tripp: You got that right. Besides, with Kate being out of commission, that boy needs you now more than ever.

Javier: I was just thinking the same thing.

Tripp: She and I might have our differences, but that doesn't mean I don't want the best for her.

Javier: She can handle herself.

Tripp: I admit, she is kind of a hardass. She'll probably be alright.

Tripp: I guess worrying isn't gonna help. Besides, with Kate being out of commission, that boy needs you now more than ever.

Tripp: If you'd waited for me instead of sneaking off the way you did, I could've helped. I would have been useful in the fight, at least. Not that you had any way of knowing those assholes were gonna show up.

Javier: I should have told you we were going.

Tripp: Hey, now. Bygones.

Javier: You being there wouldn't have made a difference.

Tripp: Maybe not. Hard to judge, considering I was cooling my heels back here at the time.

Javier: Same thing crossed my mind, believe me, but I couldn't wait to go after my family.

Tripp: Next time--if there is a next time--wait a little longer, okay?

Tripp: Anyway. Next time.

Tripp: It's a hell of a situation. Just know, I'm praying for you. All of you. And whatever all are welcome to stick around in Prescott. If that's what you want. Nobody's gonna force you, but... We'd be glad to have you all here.

Javier: I appreciate the invitation, but as soon as we're able, we're gonna get back on the road again.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: Up to you.

Javier: Not gonna make a decision like that without talking to Kate, so... I'd rather check in with her when she's feeling better, you know?

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: Sure thing. Let the lady weigh in first.

Javier: Sticking around sounds good to me. Thanks for the offer.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: You're very welcome.

Tripp: Don't have to decide now--I know you got a lot on your mind.

Talk to Conrad

Javier: Hey, have you seen a kid come through here?

Conrad: Blood all over his hands? Dark look on his face? Headed off that way, without saying a word. If I were you, I'd give him some space. Just my advice, one parent to another.

Javier: Yeah, well, I don't need your advice.

Conrad: Just trying to help. Honest.

Javier: He's had a really bad day. Can't let him go off by himself--not right now.

Conrad: Sorry to hear that.

Javier: Wish I could, but--I don't think I can.

Conrad: Okay--but he sure didn't seem like he was in the mood to talk.

Conrad: Just meant--kid's obviously got something on his mind.

Conrad: That blood--I take it that wasn't his?

Javier: His stepmom's.

Conrad: You gotta stay strong for her--do whatever it takes. Know if my Francine were in the same situation, I'd fight like hell. Anything we can do to help you out--just let me know.

Javier: I...appreciate that.

Conrad: Your boy stomped off towards the front gate.

Javi exits the front gate. He finds Gabe outside the walls, repeatedly hacking into a walker corpse with an axe.

Javier: Gabe...? Gabe, c'mon. Look at me.

Javi puts his hand on Gabe's shoulder, and he stops attacking the walker.

Javi gives the tape player to Gabe.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: I...I don't deserve to have this. I wanna go back.

Javier: Go back--where?

Gabe: To the junkyard.

Javi puts the tape player away.

Gabe: I wanna go back and bury Mariana.

Javier: We buried her. It was...peaceful.

Gabe: How could it have been peaceful?

Javier: I can't tell you how sorry I am, Gabe. Sorry about what happened to her. Sorry you had to see it.

Gabe: Yeah, well, sorry isn't gonna bring her back.

Javier: I know how much you miss her, Gabe--I miss her, too.

Javier: There wasn't anything you could have done.

Gabe: I couldn't even tell her it was gonna be okay. I couldn't even lie to her.

Gabe: And Kate...she needed me during her surgery, she needed my help!

Gabe: I just ran away, like a stupid little kid!

Javier: You're right--you should have stayed. Kate needed you back there. I needed you back there.

Gabe: I know! I just--I just lost it.

Javier: That's not an excuse. Not anymore.

Javier: You stayed long enough to do some good, and 'cause of that, I'm proud of you. You were there for her. As much as you could be.

Gabe: That doesn't count.

Javier: If I'd been there, I probably would've run, too. Especially after watching what Mariana went through... I don't blame you for not being able to handle it.

Gabe: I shouldn't have run. No matter how hard it was being there.

Gabe: I was useless.

Gabe: But you wouldn't let me! Why do you still treat me like I'm some stupid fucking kid? I could have helped. I don't know why you made me leave.

Javier: I treat you like a kid because you are one. And I'm not gonna apologize for thinking you'd maybe had enough for one day. I know I sure as hell have.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: I could've handled it. I've--seen worse.

Javier: You're right--I should have let you stay. I should have given you a chance to prove yourself.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: Too late now.

Javier: Because you didn't need to see that! Not after what happened to Mariana. No way was I gonna subject you to more of that!

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: Well, you should have! You should have made me stay, made me watch.

Gabe: I could've handled it. I've--seen worse.

Gabe: And I fucked it up! First I hurt her, and then? I just ran away, like a stupid little kid! The way she screamed...

Javier: You're right--you should have stayed. Kate needed you back there. I needed you back there.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: I know! I just--I just lost it.

Javier: That's not an excuse. Not anymore.

Javier: If I'm honest, I kind of wanted to run, too.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: Yeah, but you didn't. I shouldn't have run. No matter how hard it was being there.

Javier: You stayed long enough to do some good, and 'cause of that, I'm proud of you. You were there for her. As much as you could be.

Gabe will remember that.

Gabe: That doesn't count.

Gabe: I was useless.

Gabe: I'm done feeling this way. Feeling...powerless. I can't be some helpless little boy anymore--I need to be a man. Just like my dad was. He knew how men were supposed to act.

Javier: What you said sounds real nice--but easier said than done.

Gabe: I don't care if it's not easy.

Javier: You're already a man, Gabe.

Gabe: I'm not--but at least I know it now.

Javier: Hey--I'm the one who's supposed to take care of you guys.

Gabe: Yeah, and look what a good job you did.

Javier says nothing.

Gabe: Next time, I'm not gonna sit back and watch. I'm gonna do something. I have to.

Javier: Listen, Gabe...

Clementine drives up to them.

Javier: Clem?!

Several vehicles approach Prescott.

Javier: Shit...

Tripp: Get inside! Now!

Gabe and Javier go back inside.

Javier: We might have to leave. Make sure Kate's ready.

Gabe: You can count on me.

Gabe runs off. Javi and Clem join Tripp and Conrad on top of the wall.

Conrad: I thought you kicked her ass out.

Clementine: Hey, I didn't have to come back to warn you guys.

Conrad: Some warning...

The vehicles reach Prescott; the back of the trucks contain walkers.

Badger: Knock, knock! Anyone home?

Tripp: Shit, he was one of the men at the junkyard. These are those freaks that brand themselves.

Tripp: We know them--those're the freaks that brand themselves.

Max: I wish we hadn't had to come all the way out here, but unfortunately...Badger here says you attacked his men. He says you fired on them. Took out a lot of our people.

Javier: Bullshit! If anything, they attacked us!

Badger: Oh, please! We were just defending ourselves!

Javier: You know what you did!

Javier: You expect me to feel bad about fighting back? 'Cause I don't.

Javier: They shot first! they killed my niece! Shot a woman in cold blood!

Javier says nothing.

Badger: How many of my friends died because of you, huh?

Max: Sounds lie a bunch of he-said, she-said shit to me.

Tripp: Well, what the fuck do you want? An apology?

Badger: What I really want is for my dead buddies to be alive again. But I don't think that's too likely, is it?

Max: He needs to come with us. Answer to justice, accept his punishment. Men have gotta have laws--otherwise, we're no better than the animals.

Javier: Go fuck yourselves. You're not getting shit from us.

Badger: That gate ain't bulletproof. Don't make me prove it.

Javier: Let's just talk this through.

Badger: It ain't so simple.

Javier: Or else what? What are you gonna do?

Badger: You know damn well what!

Badger: Don't just fuckin' stand there smirking at me!

Max: Fact of the matter is, you stole from killed some of us. Give it up now, and get down here.

Badger: I think they need a little...incentive.

One of the New Frontier soldiers brings out a tied up Francine.

Conrad: Francine!

Another Frontier soldier holds a pair of shears to one of Francine's fingers.

Conrad: You hurt her, I'll kill you!

Max: didn't tell me you had a hostage.

Conrad: It's gonna be okay, baby! I love you, baby!

Francine: I'm alright, baby! Just--just give them what they want.

Badger: There's no reason this has to get ugly. But we ain't leaving without what we came for...

Javier: She's innocent in this--you don't have to drag her into our fight.

Badger noticed that.

Badger: I don't have to--but I kinda want to.

Javier: Go ahead, do it--she doesn't mean anything to me.

Conrad will remember that.

Conrad: Motherfucker!

Badger: I hear you, loud and clear.

Javier: You hurt her, and I'll hurt you back worse than you could ever imagine.

Badger noticed that.

Badger: Big words. But words are just that.

Badger noticed your silence.

Badger: I hear you, loud and clear.

Francine's finger is cut off.

Conrad: Francine! Oh, my god! Oh, my god, please!

Badger: Now get your ass down here, or I cut off the rest of 'em!

Max: What the hell are you doing?

Conrad: Javi. Please, man. Just go with him. You got to. He'll kill Francine!

Tripp: Nobody's giving in to them!

Clementine: We should start shooting.

Conrad: No fuckin' way! He'll kill Francine!

Tripp: He might kill her anyway, Conrad--we gotta risk it.

Conrad: Nuh-uh, no way--we do not open fire while she's down there!

Badger: Hello?

Javier: It's cool, I'm coming out! I'm all yours!

Conrad: Thank you.

Tripp: I don't know, man.

Javier: Me neither...

Javi walks out to the New Frontier.

Badger: Good man...

A Frontier soldier grabs Javi.

Max: Let's lock him in the truck and get the hell out of here.

Badger: I don't wanna wait that long.

A soldier points her gun at Javi's head.

Max: Jesus Christ...

Badger: Come on! I wanna see him pay for what he did.

Max: We got what we came for, Badger.

Javier: Please! I have a family, they need me--

Badger: We all had families. Until we didn't. They'll do just fine without you.

Javi struggles to escape, but fails.

Javier: I'll fuckin' kill you--I'll kill all of you for what you did!

Badger: Somehow, I don't think that's what's happening.

Javier: We had a deal! You asked for me to come down, and I did!

Badger: Yeah, well, fuck the deal.

Javier says nothing.

The soldier pointing her gun at Javi is shot in the chest by Clementine.

Badger: The fuck?!

Javi picks up the shears and stabs a soldier in the throat. He falls backward onto Max and Badger.

Badger: Shit!

Javier: Francine! Run!

Javier: Look--I'm sure we can work this out without anyone else getting hurt.

Badger: Not interested in you trying to fuckin' stall. I'm gonna count from five. You know what happens at zero. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

(Same as the above tabber.)

(Same as the above tabber.)

Badger: Time's up!

Javi shoots one of the soldiers.

Badger: You know what happens at zero. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

(Same as the above tabber.)

(Same as the above tabber.)

Javier: Look--I'm sure we can work this out without anyone else getting hurt.

Badger: Not interested in you trying to fuckin' stall. Time's up!

Badger: Time's up!

Francine is killed by Badger.

Conrad: Francine!

The groups open fire on each other.

Conrad: Fucking animal.

One of the soldiers opens the gate and prepares a bomb. Javi shoots him, and the bomb goes off.

One of the soldiers opens the gate and prepares a bomb. Javi shoots him, and the bomb goes off.

Max: What the fuck?! We don't have the go-ahead!

Badger: No, fuck you! Fuck the go-ahead! Ram the fucking gate!

Tripp: Jesus Christ!

One of the trucks drives through the gates; it falls on its side, and the walkers inside it escape. The New Frontier throws tear gas bombs into Prescott. A walker attacks Javi, and he kills it.

Tripp: Fuckin' tear gas!

Javier: I have to find Kate and Gabe! Can you help us?!

Tripp: Go, man. I'll hold these assholes off.

Javi wanders through the town. He can kill a walker attacking a Prescott citizen, or let them be devoured. A walker grabs him as he walks by, and he kills it.

Gabe: Javi!

Javier: Gabe!

Javier tackles and kills a walker approaching Gabe, Kate, and Eleanor. He dives out of the way of a car, and shoots the driver when he gets out. Eleanor helps Kate walk over to the car.

Eleanor: Let's just use this. There's enough room for her.

Gabe, Kate, and Eleanor get in the car.

Eleanor: Javi!

A walker approaches him, but is run over by Tripp's van.

Tripp: Head east, we'll catch up!

Javi and his family drive off. Clem, Conrad, and Tripp drive away shortly afterward. Prescott's citizens are massacred by walkers and New Frontier soldiers.


They drive along a road.

Eleanor: Are they following us?

Javier: Just the other car. Looks like we're okay.

Javi and Tripp pull over and everyone but Kate gets out.

Tripp: Eleanor. Thank god.

Eleanor and Tripp hug.

Eleanor: I can't believe it. All of our friends. All those people... Oh, Conrad.

Javier: She deserved better. They all deserved better.

Conrad: You barely knew her. What the hell do you care?

Javier: We'll avenge her. I promise you that.

Conrad: Oh, so it's "we" now?

Javier: I'm sorry, Conrad.

Conrad: You're sorry? You're sorry?!

Conrad: You piece of shit. If it wasn't for you she'd still be here! All you had to do is go down there and finish what you started. And now she's gone.

Conrad: You're the reason they came to Prescott in the first place! She's dead because of you.

Conrad: You're the one who opened fire! She's dead because of you.

Tripp: Conrad--easy, buddy. This wasn't his fault.

Conrad: Bullshit. Francine, Prescott...all because this washed-up cheat walked through our gates. I shoulda known it the second I looked at you. You ain't gonna stand up for nobody but your own.

Javier: Back off.

Conrad: Fuck you.

Tripp: Hey, hey--everybody calm down. Jesus.

Javier: We...we just lost someone too. So...say what you have to say.

Conrad: What, that supposed to make me feel better?

Javier: Hey. That's not fair.

Conrad: I don't care what you or anyone else thinks. I know what happened.

Conrad: Can't even say anything to me? You're a damn coward.

Eleanor: Calm down, Conrad, please.

Conrad: All I know is, if it wasn't for him-- (pokes Javier)

Gabe points a pistol at Conrad.

Gabe: Back the fuck off. Now. Just back away.

Conrad: Take it easy, son.

Javier: Gabe, you know guns are a last resort.

Gabe: What else am I supposed to do? He was threatening you!

Javier: Gabe, no! This isn't necessary.

Gabe: What are you talking about? Yes, it is! I told you.

Javier: I get that you're trying to help, but this isn't how you do it.

Javier: Gabriel! Put it away! Now!

Gabe: He's gonna hurt you. No way.

Tripp: Kid, put down the gun.

Conrad: Just do it already! I don't even care anymore.

Clementine: Just put it down, Gabe.

Tripp: Come on, kid.

Javier: Well? What are you waiting for?

Gabe will remember that.

Javier: You kill an unarmed man, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You hear me?

Gabe will remember that.

(If Javi said to put the gun down.)

Javier: Gabe...don't make me repeat myself.

Gabe will remember that.

(If Javi didn't say to put the gun down.)

Javier: Alright, Gabe, that's enough. You've made your point. Put down the gun.

Eleanor: Gabe, don't--

If Javier doesn't tell Gabe to put the gun down, he fires a warning shot at Conrad's foot.

Gabe: Don't touch my uncle again.

Gabe puts the gun away and runs off.

Tripp: Fuck me.

Javier: Gabe!

Clementine: Let him go. He just needs to cool off.

Conrad sits down against the truck and cries.

Conrad: We have to go back. We have to bury her.

Tripp: I wish we could. But Prescott's overrun. We can't go back.

Eleanor: Well, we're not safe here, either.

Clementine: What about Richmond? I've heard there's a community there. If it's true, they'll have food...walls... Maybe even a hospital.

Conrad: All I want is to find the motherfuckers who did this. They took my home... They took my...goddamn it...

Javier: The one thing we all need is a place to call home. Maybe Richmond can be that place.

Javier: You want revenge? You're gonna need help. Maybe going to Richmond is the way to get it.

Conrad will remember that.

Javier: All I know is Kate's dying. If there's even a chance for her in Richmond, then I need to take it.

Javier says nothing.

Tripp: Richmond, huh?

Eleanor: It's something, at least.

Conrad: Yeah. Fuck it. Let's go.

Tripp: That's the spirit, man.

Tripp helps Conrad up. Clementine goes over to Gabe.

Clementine: Hey, Gabe.

Gabe: Oh. Hey.

Clementine: You okay?

Gabe: Yeah.

Clementine: You know, that was really impressive back there. What you did.

Gabe: You think so?

Clementine: I didn't know anyone could point a gun at someone and still look like a huge dork.

Gabe: (chuckles) Oh, come on.

Clementine: No, it was really scary. I thought you might shoot your own foot off.

Eleanor: Huh. Maybe they'll hit it off.

Javier: Sounds like a recipe for trouble.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: I remember being that age. You need someone else to talk to that understands what you're going through.

Javier: I don't know if it's healthy for Gabe.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: I remember being that age. You need someone else to talk to that understands what you're going through.

Javier: Hope so. Might be good for them both. They need someone their own age they can talk to.

Eleanor will remember that.

Eleanor: I remember being that age. You need someone else to talk to that understands what you're going through.

Javier: Come on, guys. We've got a long drive ahead of us.

Eleanor drives the car. Clem and Gabe are asleep in the backseat. Javi sits next to Kate, who is pale and groans in pain.

Javier: What can I do for you here?

Kate: I just...I feel like I'm burning up. And I'm dying of thirst.

Javi takes out the water bottle.

Javier: Here you go.

Javi gives the water to Kate.

Kate takes the water bottle.

Kate drinks the water.

Javier: Just try to hang in there.

Eleanor: Thirsty isn't good. How's her forehead feel?

Javi: (feels Kate's forehead) Hot.

Eleanor: Fuck, it's probably sepsis. Sooner we get to Richmond, the better.

Kate: Ow--goddamn it. It really hurts...

Javier: I can't lose you. Not now.

Kate: And I don't want to leave you, but...

Javier: Hey, you're going to be fine, Kate.

Kate: I'm just trying to be realistic.

Javier: Yeah, well, I'm trying to be optimistic.

Javier: Wow, I never knew you were the self-pitying type.

Kate: Hey, when you get shot in the spleen, I think they give you a self-pity pass.

Kate: That's when I know how bad it really is. When you don't say a word.

Kate: Javi, we both know what's coming.

Javier: Kate...

Kate: We do. And this is gonna sound fucked up, but... Maybe this is my chance for...Christ, I don't know...a graceful exit? Not many people get those. I'd be one of the lucky ones.

Javier: You don't get to just bow out.

Javier: Kate... C'mon, Gabe might hear you.

Kate: He's gonna have to deal with this sooner or later.

Javier: You can't talk that way.

Kate: Hey, it's my deathbed.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: Just think about all that's happened. Mariana died and I couldn't stop it. And Gabe...I heard what happened when we stopped. Isn't it obvious? Look, he might be turning into David. He might be turning into you. He's not that sweet little boy I first met. But maybe this is better.

Javier: He needs to be tough. Tougher than David ever was. That's how he'll survive. That's what this world demands.

Kate: Maybe I just don't understand this world anymore.

Javier: He just needs guidance, and a lot of it.

Kate: I hope so.

Javier: Gabe is doing just fine, Kate. You know what he told me? That he wants to be a man. Wants to step up. You'll see: he's gonna be stronger than both of us.

Kate: Well, maybe. I don't know.

Javier says nothing.

Kate: All I care about is him becoming who he needs to be. And it's gonna be on you to make sure that happens.

Javier: You know I'll be there for him. For as long as he wants me to be.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: I do know...but it's still nice to hear.

Javier: No. It's on him. He's not gonna take my advice anymore.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: That doesn't mean he doesn't need you.

Javier: No, ma'am. I'm not buying this "I'm dying" shit. It's on both of us.

Kate will remember that.

Kate: You're buying it whether you want to or not.

Kate: Look...even if he pushes you away...that doesn't mean he doesn't need you.

The car goes over a bump in the road and Kate yelps.

Javier: Hey, careful!

Eleanor: Sorry. You should get some rest, Kate. We all should, really.

Kate: With pleasure.

Gabe: Parents just love pretending the rest of us can't hear.

Clementine: I wouldn't know.

Gas Station

They drive through an abandoned gas station, and Tripp steps out in front of the car. Eleanor pulls to a stop.

Eleanor: Great. What now?

Tripp: I've got some bad news.

Javier: Let me guess. We're lost.

Tripp: Not exactly...

Javier: What then?

Javier: We don't have time for more bullshit.

Tripp: Well, the bullshit found us anyway.

Javier: So what's going on?

Javier says nothing.

Gabe, Clem, and Javi get out of the car.

Tripp: Well, we got a bunch of cars clogging the underpass. Too many to drive through. We're gonna need to move some of 'em outta the way.

Gabe: Hey. I'm coming, too.

Eleanor: I'll stay with Kate and keep a lookout.

Javier: Yell at us if anything happens.

Tripp: Awfully convenient the pass is blocked like this.

Conrad: Not convenient at all, if you ask me.

Clementine and Conrad kill some approaching walkers.

Javier: If we move that car right there, we should be good. C'mon, let's get to work and clear it out.

Javier: I shouldn't disturb her, she's resting.

Javier: Jesus, how the hell are we gonna get that out of the way? I don't see any tow trucks.

Javi and Tripp try and fail to push the car, due to the tires being gone.

Javier: Nope.

Javier: Might be worth checking.

Talk to Tripp

Javier: How we doin'?

Tripp: Conrad doesn't look too good over there.

Javier: Tell me about it.

Tripp: He's a good man, Javi. Known him a long time. This is...just a dark day for him.

Javier: Yeah.

Tripp: Keep an eye on him for me, alright?

Talk to Eleanor

Javier: How's Kate doing?

Eleanor: She's holding on. We're almost there.

Javier: Let me know if anything changes.

Eleanor: I will.

Talk to Conrad

Javier: You good?

Conrad: Nah, man. I'm not good.

Javier: I know.

Conrad: Let's just get this shit over with and get to Richmond.

Talk to Gabe

Javier: Saw you and Clementine talking back there.

Gabe: So? We were just talking. She seems pretty cool.

Javier: Uh-huh.

Talk to Clementine

Javier: What's up?

Clementine: It's complicated.

Clementine: Usually, it's just me on my own. Having people is nice, but it always ends up hurting in the end.

Clementine: I had a...a friend. Her name was Jane. Having people is nice, but it always ends up hurting in the end.

Clementine: I had a...a friend. He had a wife...a son...he was really protective. Having people is nice, but it always ends up hurting in the end.

Clementine: I had a...a friend. He had a wife...a son...he was really protective. And after that, there were others. The thing about people is...they always change. Most people only care about themselves.

Clementine: Never think otherwise.

Javi opens the trunk of an abandoned car and takes the jumper cables.

Javier: Those might come in handy.

Javier opens the garage door. A walker attacks him, and he kills it and takes the wrench near its corpse. Javi uses the winch.

Javier: We need to power it somehow.

Javier: There's gotta be a way to power this thing. I'll look around.

Javier: This is the release for the winch spool. Huh, but the lever is broken off.

Javier: Alright. Let's hook this baby up.

Javier decides to connect the jumper cables to the winch motor. He looks at Tripp's van.

Javier: Pop the hood.

Tripp does as he asks.

Tripp: You better not mess up my baby here.

Javi connects the jumper cables to the motor of both vehicles.

Javier: That'll do.

Javi uses the wrench on the winch release.

Javier: Now I can pull out the cable.

Javi connects the winch hook to the wrecked car.

Javier: Hopefully that'll hold. Whew. Here goes nothing.

Javi turns on the winch control and it starts pulling the wrecked car out of the way.

Javier: Hey, there we go. I think we're set.

Eleanor: We good?

Javier: Be ready to move once the wreck is clear, we should be right behind you.

Eleanor: Will do.

Walkers approach them, drawn by the noise of the tireless wheels scraping against the ground.

Tripp: Get the walkers!

Kate: Javi!

Everyone kills the approaching walkers. Javi kills the ones trying to get into the car.

Javier: Eleanor, now! Go, go, go! Just drive! Get her to Richmond! We're right behind you!

Eleanor drives off.

Javier: They're through! Let's go!

Javi tries to fire, but discovers he's out of ammo. He tackles a walker, and Tripp shoots it. Gabe helps him up.

Javier: Thanks. Shit! The van!

The wrecked car is pulled against the van.

Tripp: We got bigger problems here!

Javier: The roof! Go!

Tripp and Clementine climb up the ladder to the roof while Conrad covers them. Javi drags a dumpster to block the path of some walkers, and Gabe helps him.

Javier: Get up there, Gabe! Go!

Conrad and Gabe climb up the ladder while Javi covers them. One of the dumpster walkers behind him grabs him, and he shoots it but is disoriented by the gun firing so close to his ear. Clementine covers him as he climbs on a dumpster.

Conrad: Come on!

Conrad offers his hand and helps Javi climb up to the roof. The herd of walkers has now infested the entire area.

Tripp: Goddamn it. I knew this place didn't feel right.

Conrad: What the hell are we gonna do now?

Clementine: We have to come up with some kind of plan.

Tripp: What a great idea. A plan. Who would have thought of that? We need a plan! That's a great idea!

Clementine: Are you finished?

Javier: We wait it out. Wait 'til these things move on.

Clementine: That could take days. We'll be dead by then.

Javier: We don't have a choice. We've gotta fight our way out.

Conrad: I'm not sure I like our odds.

Javier: Well, seems like we're pretty fucked.

Tripp: No shit, we're fucked! That's all you got to say?

Conrad: Guess we should start prayin'.

Tripp: Great. This is just fuckin' great. What the hell are we gonna do?!

Clementine: Calm down.

Tripp: Calm down? I'm not gonna fuckin' calm down! Eleanor's out there alone right now!

Conrad: We wouldn't even be in this mess if it wasn't for you.

Gabe: That's not true!

Clementine: Fuck you, Conrad.

Javi notices a figure on the opposite rooftop.

Javier: Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop! There's somebody over there!

Conrad: What? Where?

Tripp: Shit! I see him, too!

Javier: Everybody, get down!

Everyone takes cover.

Gabe: Wait...was this all a trap?!

Tripp: Keep your heads down. Guy could have a rifle. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to keep my skull intact.

Javier: Whoever you are, you should know we've got guns and we're prepared to use 'em.

Javier: Show yourself!

Javier: Whoever you are out there, we don't want any trouble, okay?

Conrad: Knees are cramping up...

Javi leaves his hiding spot.

Javier: What the hell? He's gone. Everyone stay here and keep behind cover. I'm gonna see what I can find out.

Clementine: Be careful.

Javier climbs up to a nearby roof. He sees the figure move and hides behind a corner. He comes out of hiding and crosses the makeshift bridge of planks. He sneaks up on the figure, who has his back turned to Javi.

Javi fires at him.

Javier: I'm gonna need you to turn around for me, slowly. Did you hear me?

Javier: Don't make a move! That's right. Now stay where I can see you.

Javi does nothing.

Javier realizes the "person" is a decoy.

Javier: The hell?

Someone points a gun at Javi.

Jesus: I think you killed it. But it'd be a shame if somebody real had to die.

Jesus: That thing's not a toy. Drop it, or you might hurt yourself.

Javi drops his gun and raises his hands.

Jesus: Now, then. I'm not gonna shoot--not unless you make me. I just want to talk. You got me? Just want to have a word.

Javier: Put the gun down.

Jesus: That wouldn't be very smart of me, would it?

Javier: Look, I don't want any trouble here, okay?

Jesus: Just answer my questions and you have my word: you'll be fine.

Javier: So talk.

Jesus: Okay, then.

Jesus: I'm gonna assume that means "okay".

Jesus: You, the two guys there, the kids, the women in the car--I saw you split up. I overheard that little argument just now. Your friends over there aren't gonna shoot me, right? You folks have your shit together? If you're some kind of broken tribe, then let me know now. 'Cause I've had my fill of people that can't agree on anything.

Javier: We sort of just met. Like...yesterday.

Jesus: Yeah? You seem pretty familiar for people who just met.

Javier: It's been a long day.

Javier: You want to know whether they'll shoot you? Keep pointing that gun at me.

Jesus: Couple more questions, then we're done.

Javier: They're good people. They've lost...a lot.

Jesus: Sure. We all have.

Javier: Recently.

Jesus: Ah, fresh wounds. That makes sense.

Jesus: Not the talkative type, huh?

Jesus: You're going to Richmond. That tells me you've got something to do with what's going on down there. Question is, whose side are you on?

Javier: Look, man, I don't know what you're--

Someone whistles, and Jesus looks around for the source of the noise. Javi uses this momentary distraction to try to wrestle the gun from him. Clementine appears behind them and points her gun at Jesus.

Clementine: Don't. Move.

Jesus raises his hands, and Javi takes his gun. Conrad, Tripp, and Gabe also arrive and point their guns at the stranger.

Tripp: Well? Is he one of them?

Jesus: Hey, man, what do you mean by "them"? Who's "them"?

Tripp: You know what I'm talking about. The "New Frontier".

Jesus: What? No, I'm not with those guys. You've got this backwards.

Tripp: Javi, this guy is full of donkey shit.

Jesus: Do you want to let me talk?

Tripp: What's the point? How can we trust anything you say?

Javier: Call it a hunch, but I don't think he's with those guys.

Conrad: Says you. How do we know for sure?

Jesus: It's the truth.

Conrad checks Jesus for the brand.

Conrad: Nothin'.

Javier: He's been watching us. I know that much.

Jesus: It's not like that.

Javier: Then what's it like?

Jesus: I don't approach people I don't already know. I had to be sure you people were level-headed. Clearly, I was wrong.

Conrad checks Jesus for the brand.

Conrad: Nothin'.

Javier checks Jesus for the brand.

Javier: I don't think he's with those guys.

Conrad checks Jesus for the brand.

Conrad: Nothin'.

Jesus: Look, I'm telling you. I'm on my way to Richmond, just like you. I lost touch with some good people there when the New Frontier took over.

Clementine: What did you say?

Jesus: The New Frontier. They took over Richmond. Don't tell me you didn't know that?

Gabe: Fuck...

Tripp: Oh, God. Eleanor and Kate. They're headed right into the middle of those assholes!

Conrad: At least now we got an excuse to go after those motherfuckers.

Gabe: What are we gonna do?!

Javier: You'd better not be lying to us.

Jesus: I'm not. And I can prove it.

Javier: Everyone, just calm down!

Tripp: Calm down? Calm down?! How the hell do you want us to be calm about this? They're gonna fucking kill 'em!

Javier: Not if we get to them first.

Javier: We need to go. Now.

Tripp: No fucking shit, we need to go.

Conrad: You're the one who's been skulking got any ideas?

Tripp: We gotta go after 'em, that's what we gotta fuckin' do!

Conrad: You're the one who's been skulking got any ideas?

Jesus: There's an old train tunnel that runs under the James river. From what I hear, it should be a straight shot into Richmond.

Tripp: A train tunnel?

Jesus: I could lead you guys there...

Jesus: But since Javi here said you're good people and all...maybe you could lower those guns first?

Jesus: And, uh...I know you're all having trust issues today...but maybe you could lower those guns first?

Conrad: Lower them, my ass. We're gonna tie you up and make sure your story checks out.

Jesus: That's really not necessary.

Tripp: I don't know. We just met this guy.

Clementine: We all just met.

Javier: Bind his hands. Better safe than sorry.

He will remember that.

Jesus: Whatever you say.

Tripp ties Jesus up.

Javier: Lower your guns.

Tripp: Javi, man--don't.

Javier: Do you trust me or not?

Everyone lowers their guns.

Jesus will remember that.

Jesus: Thank you.

Tripp: Sorry, fella. Not taking any chances today.

Jesus: Fair enough.

Tripp ties Jesus up.

Jesus: Ready? This way.

Javier: Hey...what do we call you?

Jesus: Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. It's Paul. But my friends call me Jesus.

Jesus walks away.


Clementine runs through the woods with AJ on her back. They are being chased by walkers, and she sees an abandoned bus.

Clementine: We can hide in here. Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.

Clementine kicks the door open and closes it behind her. She sets AJ down and walkers surround the bus.

Clementine: Oh, come on.

Clem barricades the door and AJ whimpers.

Clementine: Shh. AJ, it's alright.

Walkers pound on the bus and AJ cries.

Clementine: I know you're hungry.

Clementine hums to AJ.

Clementine covers AJ's mouth.

Clementine: AJ! Hush! Now!

AJ covers his own mouth.

Clementine picks up AJ.

Clementine: Shhh... That's it...

AJ covers his own mouth.

Clementine: We're gonna wait for them to go and then we're gonna find you some dinner. Hopefully find us some dinner.

Someone tries to open the other door.

Ava: Son of a bitch! Hey! I can hear you in there! Let me in! Please! Oh, god...there's so many... Please don't leave me out here.

Clementine stands in front of AJ.

Clementine goes over to the door.

Clementine tries to block the door.

Clementine does nothing.

Ava bursts inside and holds the door closed. Clem draws her pistol.

Ava: Oh, shit. Hey there.

Clementine: Hello.

Ava: You can keep that thing pointed at me if it makes you feel better... But if you shoot me, you'll have to deal with all of them.

Ava: Pretty big group of 'em out there. But it'll pass...eventually.

Clementine: Stop talking, do what I say, and you might survive this.

Ava: Yes, ma'am.

Clementine: Stay right where you are. Don't move.

Ava: Don't worry, kiddo. I'm not going anywhere.

(If Clem tried to block the door.)

Clementine: Leave. You can't stay here.

Ava: Sorry, kiddo. Think you're stuck with me.

(If Clem didn't try to block the door.)

Clementine: Are you hurt? Any bites?

Ava: No. No bites.

Ava: Alright, don't talk. Just don't shoot either.

Ava struggles to keep the door closed as walkers pound on it.

Ava: Shit...

Clementine runs over and helps her hold the door closed; Ava barricades it with a plank.

Ava: Goddamn it! Well. I'd say we make a pretty good team.

Ava sits down, and Clem sits next to AJ.

Ava: The two of us... The three of us, I mean.

Clementine: Thanks...I guess.

Ava: No problem, kiddo. Anytime you need an oversized doorstop, you know who to call.

Clementine: You and I are not a team. This is my team.

Ava: Pretty small team...

Clementine: We could have survived without you.

Ava: Yeah, well, I couldn't have survived without you... And I'm not too big to admit it.

Clementine: Yeah...seems like we do.

Ava: Seems like it, huh?

Ava: I couldn't have survived without you... And I'm not too big to admit it.

Ava: He's a cute kid. You guys live in here? You seem kinda young to be a mom. What are you? Thirteen? Damn. You're a child yourself.

Ava goes up to Clementine and AJ.

Clementine: It's none of your business. Understand?

Ava: Okay, okay. Relax.

Clementine: I'm old enough to put a bullet in you.

Ava: Whoa, take it easy. I'm not looking to make enemies here.

Clementine: I knew his parents...but they're gone now. I'm all he has.

Ava: Then he's cute and lucky. He has someone looking after him. Not much of that anymore.

Ava: I didn't mean to pry...

Ava: We were out there scouting...nothing out of the ordinary, and then--chaos in--shit. Those bastards are slow, but goddamn it, when there's enough of them... I got separated from the others. God, I hope they all made it. Thought we were ready for anything. But they were all around us before we saw them.

Clementine: What were you scouting for?

Ava: Gas, water...any supplies we could find, really. Sure as hell wasn't worth it.

Clementine: I'll bet they didn't.

Ava: You don't know my friends.

Clementine: I'm sorry...about your friends...

Ava: We've been in hotter spots than this, for sure.

Clementine says nothing.

Ava: My people are probably at the rendezvous by now. What's left of them, at least... By the way, I'm Ava. And my group...we call ourselves the New Frontier.

Ava rolls up her sleeve to reveal a brand on her arm. AJ starts crying again.

Clementine: He's hungry...

Ava: Hey...why don't you come with me, meet my people? We have food...blankets...bottled water... C'mon, dinner's on me. I owe you one.

Clementine: Groups aren't really my thing.

Ava: "No woman is an island..." Have it your way. But you did me a solid here. I won't forget it next time we cross paths.

Clementine: There is no next time.

Ava: We'll see. The world does work in mysterious ways.

Clementine: That sounds good. Sounds great, actually.

Ava: Once the herd is gone, my people will find us.

Ava: Maybe you should ask his opinion. Well, next time, then. If our paths cross, that is. Though I have a hunch they will. The world does work in mysterious ways.


The group walks through the train tunnel.

Jesus: These tunnels were abandoned decades ago. But I've heard you can get's hoping.

Clementine: Javi, I need to talk to you.

Javier: About?

Clementine: Look, I appreciate you keeping quiet about me and the New Frontier. But what I told you's not the whole truth. Look, I wasn't their prisoner. I was...

Clementine: Look, I should have told you this earlier, but there hasn't been a right time. It's about the New Frontier. I've...I've met them before.

Javier: What do you mean, "met them"?

Clementine: I was one of them.

Clementine rolls up her sleeve to reveal the brand on her arm.

Clementine: I should have told you sooner. I...I really should have.

Javier: I can't believe you lied to me. After all we've gone through...

Clementine: I didn't know how to tell you. After what they did to your family...

Javier: You were with those monsters?!

Clementine: They're that.

Javier: Oh, my god! You let them brand you?!

Clementine: Just...listen.

Clementine: I didn't know how to tell you. After what they did to your family...

Clementine: I'm not asking you to forgive me... But you have to understand....I had...nobody.

Clementine: And they had food. Supplies. I was all alone, Javi. You don't know what that's like.

Clementine: I was all alone, and...I thought I didn't need them... But they were very...persuasive.

Clem and Javi stop walking.

Clementine: It was a mistake. And so was not telling you about it.

Javier: Tell me you're not still one of them.

Clementine noticed that.

Clementine: No way. Believe me.

Javier: They murdered Mariana! She was ten years old!

Clementine will remember that.

Clementine: Like I said...I'm not asking for your forgiveness.

Javier: Look...I'm sure you had your reasons.

Clementine noticed that.

Clementine: I did.

Clementine: Like I said...I'm not asking for your forgiveness.

Clementine: I just had to explain, because if they're really in control in Richmond, I can't let them see me. I just...can't. So when we reach the other side of this tunnel, I'm leaving.

Conrad: Y'all planning on joining us?

Tripp: Shh!

Clem and Javi catch up with the rest of the group.

Tripp: You all hear that?

Javier: Coming from over there.

Jesus: Can you see anything?

Javier shines his flashlight on a group of walkers.

Gabe: They're everywhere!

Tripp: Fuck, they are! Keep sharp!

Jesus: Watch out!

A walker appears behind Javi and he kills it with his flashlight.

Gabe: Javi! Help!

Javier kills one of the walkers near Gabe. If Jesus' hands are tied, he breaks free from his bindings. A walker grabs Gabe; Jesus does a wall run and kicks one walker in the head, then throws the other off Gabe and stomps on its chest.

Gabe: Holy shit...

Jesus: Take him out!

Javier stabs the walker.

Javier: Thanks, I--

Conrad shoots at the approaching herd.

Conrad: These fuckers are everywhere!

Tripp: Christ almighty, Conrad, now every walker in the fucking county is gonna be heading this way!

Javier: C'mon, follow me!

Javier and the group run through the tunnel, firing at walkers. They discover that a train is blocking their path.

Tripp: What the fuck?!

Jesus: No one ever mentioned a train in the way...

Conrad: We better find a way around it or we're fucking dinner.

Javier: Maybe we can just go through?

Tripp: Well?! Does it open?

Javier opens the train door.

Javier: I got it! C'mon!

The group follows Javi into the train.

Tripp: Daylight's ahead! Thank fucking god! Let's go.

Clem closes the door.

Clementine: We can't have those walkers following us. Javi and I will block the door, you guys go ahead and make sure it's clear.

Jesus: Make it fast. We'll be right ahead of you.

Jesus, Tripp, and Conrad leave.

Gabe: I'm staying here!

Javier: Hold the door shut until I can find something to barricade it with.

Gabe and Clem hold the door closed.

Clementine: Hurry!

Gabe: Oh, my god, there's so many of them.

Clementine: Hurry, Javi!

Javi tries to pick up a nearby pole.

Javier: Shit! I'm gonna have to break this thing off!

Clementine: Hurry, they're almost here!

Javier breaks off the pole. Walkers try to get inside the train.

Clementine: Javi! I can't--there's too many! Help!

Javi kills one of the walkers through the window.

Clementine: Wedge that through! Now!

Javi sticks the pole through the door handles.

Clementine: Okay, let's go. We gotta--

Conrad stands in front of the exit door and points his pistol at Clementine. She reaches for her own weapon.

Conrad: I wouldn't touch that gun, girl. You either, cowboy.

Javier: What the hell are you doing?

Conrad: I heard you two. You think I'm stupid? Finish your little story. Now.

Clementine: We...we need to keep moving.

Conrad: No, you need to talk.

Javier: Whatever you think you heard, you heard it wrong.

Conrad: Bullshit. Roll up your sleeve.

Javier: Put the gun down, Conrad.

Conrad: Not until she rolls up her sleeve.

Javier: Conrad, this is crazy!

Conrad: What's crazy is you covering for her! Roll up your damn sleeve!

Conrad: Don't feel like saying anything? Fine. Then roll up your damn sleeve.

Conrad grabs Clementine's arm, but she breaks free.

Gabe: What? Why?

Clem rolls up her sleeve to reveal the brand.

Conrad: I fucking knew it.

Gabe: You're one of them?

Conrad: You're goddamn right she is. What other bullshit did you shove down our throats, huh?Un-fucking-believable.

Javier: Jesus, Conrad, lower the fucking gun. This isn't necessary.

Conrad: Lower it? You're missing the bigger picture, son.

Javier: You're right, she was lying. So let's just let her go.

Conrad: No way. She's too valuable.

Javier: She has a right to her secrets like you have a right to yours.

Conrad: Secrets isn't the point. You're missing the bigger picture, son.

Clementine: Just let me go.

Conrad: Let you go? You're too valuable for that.

Conrad: Don't you see? We bring her to Richmond, they'll give us whatever we want. Medical help for Kate. She's our bargaining chip.

Clementine: They won't bargain with you. You don't know them.

Conrad: Won't know until we try.

Gabe: She's not a bargaining chip! She's a friend!

Conrad: Oh, I'm sure after less than a day, you two are just soulmates.

Javier: Not a chance in hell.

Conrad: Seriously?! It's our best option and you know it. Hell, it's our only option!

Clementine: Go to hell, Conrad.

Javier: That could actually work.

Clementine: What?

Gabe: You can't be serious!

Javier: If it saves Kate's life, you bet I'm serious.

Clementine: Screw both of you.

Javier: (draws gun) How's that for an answer?

Clementine: Go to hell, Conrad.

Clementine: Javi? Why aren't you saying no?

Conrad: Because he knows I'm right.

Clementine: Screw both of you.

Clementine: I'm not doing this. If you wanna shoot me, shoot me.

Conrad grabs Gabe and points the gun to his head.

Conrad: How about I shoot your little boyfriend here instead?

If Javi didn't already draw his gun, he does so now.

Javier: What the fuck, Conrad?

Conrad: Then don't let her walk through that door!

Gabe: Javi, this guy's crazy! Shoot him!

Conrad: Nobody has to shoot anybody! Just tell Clem this is how it's gotta be. And then we all step into the sunshine. C'mon, man, be reasonable. This helps both of us.

Clementine: I'm...just gonna go...

Conrad: Don't take another step.

Gabe: Javi, please!

Conrad: You know this will work!

Javier: I'm sorry, Clem.

Clementine will remember that.

Conrad releases Gabe.

Clementine: But you said--

Javier: It's not worth Gabe's life.

Clementine: Fucking traitor.

Javier: My family comes first.

Clem gives her gun to Conrad.

Conrad: C'mon, Clem. Start walking.

Conrad and Clem leave.

Gabe: You're a fucking coward...a fucking coward! Javi, how?! How could you?!

Javier: She lied to us, Gabe! She put herself above all of us!

Gabe: No. I don't believe you.

Javier: I couldn't just kill him, Gabriel! You have to understand that!

Gabe: Oh, I understand it just fine.

Javier: I did this for Kate! For us!

Gabe: But what about Clem?

Javier: What about Clem? She's not family.

Gabe: But what about Clem?

Javier: Think whatever you want. We're going. If you really want Clem to this my way.

Javi shoots Conrad in the head.

Clementine will remember that.

Gabe: Holy shit! Oh, my god...

Clementine: You two should...go.

Javier: What about you?

Clementine: I'll find my own way.

Clementine leaves.

Gabe: He's dead. God... It just happened so fast.

Javier: I had no other choice.

Gabe: I know. It just...feels different.

Javier: We're moving on, Gabriel. Now.

Javier: I'm sorry this had to happen. I really am.

Javier says nothing.

Javier: Let's go.


Javi, Gabe, and determinantly Clem and Conrad climb out of the tunnel and join Tripp and Jesus on the surface.

Tripp: Why the hell has he got a gun on Clementine?

Conrad: You wanna tell him, or should I?

Tripp: Out with it! Why is there a weapon in that girl's back?

Javier: No reason, he's overreacting, is all.

Conrad: Like hell I am.

Javier: If you'd just take a deep breath here--

Javier: So she won't run away.

Jesus: And, why would she try to run?

Conrad: You wanna know why? 'Cause she's one of them, that's why.

Javier: The New Frontier? She was one of them.

Conrad: "Was", my ass! Their brand is on her arm!

Javier says nothing.

Conrad: She's New Frontier. Has been all along. They're gonna be real happy to see her again--I'd put money on it.

Jesus: He's not wrong, this could be useful.

Javier: But right now, we need to find Kate and Eleanor.

Tripp: You're right. Let's move out.

Tripp: Where's Conrad? Did he not make it out?!

Javier: He lost it in the tunnel--attacked us.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: What do you mean?! What happened?!

Javier: He and Clem started arguing, and then--shit just went south. We had to...leave him behind.

Javier: I--I thought he was with you guys.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: Well, he's not.

Javier: I--I mean... We can't go back.

Javier: He's--he's gone. He didn't make it out. I'm sorry.

Tripp will remember that.

Tripp: So that's it? He just...? Oh, man... Conrad...

Tripp: Aw, fuck. Are you serious?

Tripp: Aw, shit! Fuck!

Jesus: Try to stay quiet.

Tripp: Jesus fucking Christ. Damn it, Conrad...

Jesus: And the girl--where is she? Or--should we assume the worst?

Javier: She used to be part of the New Frontier.

Tripp: What?! She was?!

Javier: Said coming to Richmond was too dangerous for her.

Tripp: I just don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

Javier: She's not our problem anymore.

Tripp: She's gone, too?

Javier: She...ran off.

Tripp: I just don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

Gabe: She left. Just--took off.

Tripp: I just don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

Tripp: God! What a shitshow.

Javier: This isn't what any of us wanted. But right now, we need to find Kate and Eleanor.

Tripp: You're right. I just wish...

The group keeps moving.

Jesus: The gates are this way. If your people are here, that's where they would've ended up.

Tripp: Why's it so quiet? Thought there'd be New Frontier marching in the streets and shit. Practicing on walkers, or--whatever the fuck they do.

Javier: Don't get too cocky--they could be watching.

Tripp: Roger that...

Javier: Maybe they're all on their lunch break.

Tripp: I don't like this. I don't like any of it.

Javier: It does seems strangely quiet.

Tripp: Maybe we just got lucky...

Tripp: Maybe we just got lucky...

Clementine: Trust me... They're out there.

As they walk through the city, they see some New Frontier guards and hide behind a truck.

Tripp: Fuck! Did they see us?

Javier: I don't think so.

Javi peeks out from behind the truck.

Tripp: Can you see anything, Javi? What are they doin'?

The guards walk away. The group notices Eleanor's and Kate's car nearby.

Gabe: That's their car!

Javier: Hey, keep it down.

The group carefully approaches the car and finds Kate in the backseat.

Javier: Kate! Kate! Can you hear me? (gets in car) Kate! Talk to me. Say something.

Kate: Javi...

Javier: Yes?

Kate: Could really use something to take the edge off, right about now.

Javier: (chuckles) Very funny.

Kate: I've been saving it for a while.

Javier: Jesus. You scared the hell out of me.

Javier: I think you smoked it all.

Javier says nothing.

Javi hugs Kate.

Gabe: Kate! Are you...are you okay?

Kate: Come here.

Gabe hugs Kate.

Tripp: Where's Eleanor?

Kate: She--she went ahead to get help. She hasn't come back.

Tripp: Damn it--they must've got her!

Javier: Jesus. How far is it to their compound?

Jesus: Not too much farther now--a couple blocks, at most.

Javier: Gabe, help me lift her up.

Javi carries Kate.

Javier: I'm thinking Kate's not gonna make it much longer. So it's time we walk up to their front door and say hello.

Conrad: That mean we're doing this my way?

Javier: It might. But so we're clear--you follow me lead until our people are safe. Understood?

Conrad: Fine.

Tripp: Alright, fine.

Javier: I'm thinking we walk up to their front door and pray for the best.

Conrad: That mean we're doing this my way?

Javier: It might. But so we're clear--you follow me lead until our people are safe. Understood?

Conrad: Fine.

Tripp: Alright, fine.

(If Javi accepted Conrad's deal.)

Javier: I'm thinking it's a good thing we have Clementine. 'Cause it's time we walk up to their front door and say hello.

Conrad: That mean we're doing this my way?

Javier: It might. But so we're clear--you follow me lead until our people are safe. Understood?

Conrad: Fine.

(If Javi shot Conrad.)

Javier: I'm thinking we walk up to their front door and beg if we have to.

Tripp: Alright, fine.

Conrad: I think it's pretty obvious what we gotta do.

Tripp: Alright, fine. But you don't do anything to endanger us or Eleanor. We clear?

Conrad: Fine.

Tripp: What can we do but go up to their gate and talk?

Jesus: Probably true.

Tripp: So that's what we'll do.

Javier: Here we go.


The group sees the gates up ahead.

Jesus: There it is: New Richmond.

Clementine: This is a mistake...

Conrad: Just shut up and keep walking.

Javier: We're here, Kate. I'm gonna get you inside, okay?

Kate: Javi...if they can save about you and me finally take that trip to Norway? The Northern Lights, remember? Sky lit up all green and purple... And white snow, all around us...

Javier: First, we get inside and get you to a doctor, okay?

Javier: What would you say to somewhere warmer? I hear Bora Bora is great this time of year...

Javier: As long as we make some time to hit the slopes, I'm in.

Kate: We just can't wait too long to book our flights...

The group reaches the gates.

Tripp: Jesus, there's a solid possibility this isn't gonna go our way. If you wanna stay behind, I wouldn't blame you.

Jesus: Hey, this is where I was going in the first place.

Javier: Hey!

Max and another soldier appear on top of the wall.

Max: You again? You must have some kind of death wish...

Javier: She needs medical help.

Tripp: And you have one of our people!

Max: Uh-huh... What's your point?

Javier: Sorry about this, Clem...

Conrad shoves Clementine, and she walks out in front of the others.

Max: Clementine! How long's it been?

Clementine: Not long enough.

Clementine gives Max the middle finger.

Max: Cute. She's got you mixed up in all this? Who is she to you? Doesn't look like she's here by choice, force?

Javier: She's just a hostage, nothing more.

Clementine will remember that.

Max: Alright, you have my attention. But I'd be lying if I said I was convinced.

Javier: She's our friend--which means what we're doing right now doesn't sit real well with me. But if we can't get inside those gates, Kate'll die.

Clementine will remember that.

Max: Alright, you have my attention. But I'd be lying if I said I was convinced.

Max: Maybe you don't even know. Or ain't decided yet.

Frontier Soldier: What do you wanna do?

Max: Go get the boss. He's gonna wanna see this.

Max: After what you did to our people...I'm not inclined to help any of you.

Javier: I know we've both got a bone to pick here, but we can hash that out later. She needs to get to the hospital, or she's gonna die.

Max: Then I guess she's gonna die.

Javier: I am begging you--please, help us. If we don't get her to a hospital, she'll die.

Max: Then I guess she's gonna die.

Javier: Just open the gates, damn it! She needs to get to the hospital, or she's gonna die.

Max: Sorry, but these gates are staying closed.

Max: Trying to prey on my sympathy isn't gonna work.

Javier: It was your men that shot her. Your bullets. You owe it to us to help now.

Max: We don't owe you shit. It's got nothing to do with me. Your people, your problem.

Javier: She dies, I'm holding you personally responsible.

Max: Just 'cause you say something doesn't make it so.

Javier: I need her, okay? She means the world to me, and I couldn't take it if I lost her.

Max: Losing people's just a part of life. If you're not used to it by now, I don't know what to tell you.

Javier: That girl your people shot? That was her daughter. And the other one, Gabe--he's right beside me, watching her die. You can stop this, if you want to.

Javier says nothing.

Gabe: Please--Kate's dying. She needs help!

Max: It's not like I don't have a heart, okay? But your people started this whole fucking thing in the first place!

Tripp: Let's not forget what you did at Prescott--what you did to our home!

Max: Prescott, right. That whole situation was a damn mess. It happened. It's over. Nothing I can do about it now.

Javier: Please--I am begging you--just let us in.

Javier: How about I just shoot you? Are you gonna let us in or not?

Javier: My niece is dead. You know you owe us this.

Gabe: Please. Please let us in!

Max: Now all of you--lower your weapons.

Conrad: Not a chance.

Jesus: Might be a good idea to play along here--at least for now...

Max: You put 'em down--I'll see that as an expression of good faith. Nice and easy. Or else this is gonna end bad.

Javier: I don't think so--we lower our weapons, we're dead.

Max: Guess we're doing this the hard way, then...

Javier: Everybody--put 'em down.

Max: Guess you were serious about this, after all.

Javier: Tripp. Please.

Tripp: You're the boss.

Gabe: Yeah. Okay.

Max: Hands behind your heads. All of you!

Tripp: We let 'em do this, it's over! We can't give 'em another inch!

Javier: No.

Max: Guess we're doing this the hard way, then...

Javier sets Kate down.

Javier: For Kate, okay?

The group puts their hands behind their head.

Max: Now. Get on your knees.

Jesus: If he was gonna kill us, I think he'd have done it by now...

Max: Can you hear me?! I said, knees!

Everyone gets down on their knees.

Max: Guess you were serious about this, after all.

Max: Guess we're doing this the hard way, then...

Max: You're giving me hard looks right now? I don't think so... Guess we're doing this the hard way, then...

The gate opens and several New Frontier members walk out.

David: What the hell is going on out here?

Max: They said they weren't here to hurt anybody, so I was trying to see if they--

Max: They wouldn't drop their weapons! I didn't have a choice, or they would've--

David: Oh, my god.

Gabe: Dad...?

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