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Tiga (first name unknown) is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond.


Tiga is shown to be a friendly, companionable, and plucky individual. She along with Webb and Grady are quick to accept Silas into the crew, something he isn't used too since he has been an outcast most of his life. After Tiga and the crew find Silas sneaking out, they abduct him and seemingly are about to punish him. However, they instead take him to the Parade to take out empties with a baseball bat. Tiga and the others admit that they made the Parade so they can also get out of the facility like Silas was trying to, but instead by working their way up into the Civic Republic Military. Tiga and her friends promise to have Silas' back no matter what.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Tiga's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 2


Dennis brings Silas to a culling facility full of charred empties. Dennis gathers his work crew — Webb, Tiga, and Grady — and announces that Silas will be joining them. He gives a sharp tool to Silas and instructs him to kill an empty. Silas rams the tool into an empty's face.

Silas asks Grady what they do at the culling facility. Grady says a few times a week they lure the dead into the yard with lights and music, blow them up, then clean up the bodies and remove them off-site.

Dennis brings Silas to a garage full of RVs, where he will be staying. He explains that their job is to help eliminate empties from the entire state, while other teams keep empties out. He says their ultimate goal is to start all over. He leaves and says he'll be back in the morning. Webb tells Silas that Dennis is delivering an empty to the research facility.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"

Webb, Grady and Tiga catch Silas sneaking out to find his friends. As a punishment, the group abducts him and takes Silas to the Parade where Webb cuts Silas loose, provides him with a baseball bat and orders him to "swing at anything that moves" before locking Silas in.

A few minutes later, the three enter the Parade and are impressed to find out that Silas has taken down nine or ten empties by himself in under two minutes which Tiga states almost broke Webb's record. Webb contests this, stating that he'd gotten "a full baker's dozen" his first time. Webb explains to a confused Silas that the Parade is their training facility where they practice and keep sharp with Grady adding that it's a Dine or Dash where the empties dine or the workers dash, at least theoretically since the empties have no working mouths or teeth. Tiga admits that they made it themselves, but Dennis knows about it. The three explain that they want out of the culling facility in a different way: they put in their time, do well and Dennis tells his superiors and then they might offically get bumped up into CRM training so they made the Parade to help them prepare. Webb admits that they were about to jump in and help before they saw how well Silas did on his own, impressing Webb. Webb promises that if Silas promises to have their backs, they will have his. Silas drops his bat and leaves without another word.


Iris, Elton, and Percy spot Silas with Grady and Tiga in the woods. After Grady and Tiga leave, Iris' group sneaks up and reunites with Silas.

"Returning Point"

Dennis tells Silas that Grady and Tiga know nothing about their rebellion against the CRM. Instead, he has ordered them to stay at the outpost, keep their distance and to keep luring more walkers towards the outpost. Once they're done, they're going to report to Cull Facility 6 in Binghamton. Dennis feels that the less Grady and Tiga know the better as it keeps them safe in case they get caught.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tiga has killed:


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