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Timothy's Group is a group encountered in Alone, Together.


Little is known about the lives of individual members of the group prior to the outbreak. Some of the members of the group, such as engaged couple James and Alicia and the Carson Twins, knew each other before the apocalypse. The group itself, however, wasn't formed until weeks after the initial outbreak.


Almost a month after Diane Stinnot's death, Timothy Stinnot joins this group consisting of David, James, Alicia, and the Carson twins. However, over the next four months, members of the group would die until it was just Timothy and Alicia left.

David was devoured by walkers only ten days after Timothy joined. A little while after, the Carson twins are torn apart after one of them gets their leg mangled and the other makes too much noise mourning. Then one day while searching for medicine for Alicia, Timothy allows James to be devoured after feeling jealous about their relationship, James instantly regrets it but there's no time left to help.

Two months later, Timothy and Alicia form a relationship. Feeling guilty about James and believing she'll learn to forgive him, Timothy tells Alicia the truth about James' death. The next morning Timothy wakes up to find Alicia gone along with all their supplies and weapons.



Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Timothy's group has killed: