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Timothy Stinnot is the protagonist of "Alone, Together".


Location Unknown

He was born on Christmas Day and had a younger brother, Justin Stinnot. His father would often tell him to do what you want to do as soon as possible. At some point, he started dating a woman named Diane, and eventually married her four years prior to the outbreak.


"Alone, Together"

Timothy and his wife survived the initial outbreak by hiding in their house. Two weeks later, Timothy was widowed when his wife was killed by walkers. He eventually joined a group of five other survivors, but they were gradually killed one by one until only he and a woman named Alicia remained. Gradually, Timothy begins to develop feelings towards Alicia and the two eventually start a romance after a close call inside an abandoned grocery store. It isn't long, however, before Timothy starts feeling guilty over lying to Alicia about her fiancé James' death, so he confesses the truth to her that same night; When Alicia became sick, he and James went on a scavenging run to look for medicine. At this time, Timothy felt increasingly resentful of James and Alicia's relationship, as it reminded him of the relationship he lost when his wife died. Thus, Timothy purposefully didn't warn James of the approaching walkers he spotted, and refused to help him once James was attacked. For this, Alicia abandons Timothy the next day, taking all of their supplies with her.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Timothy has killed:


Novel Series


  • Timothy was born on December 25, 1975.