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"We are. This is the other side of it. Snuffing out threats. This is how we make the world safe."
—Toby to Aaron about helping people, shortly after killing Ian.[src]

Toby Carlson is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Commonwealth and served as the tertiary antagonist for the second part of Season 11.


Prior to the mission to Riverbend, Toby appeared to be living peacefully within the Commonwealth as the head recruiter. According to him, he enjoyed meditating and helping people. However, due to being a former CIA agent, he is recruited by Lance Hornsby to go to Riverbend to retrieve some missing weapons. Though he refuses at first, he caves in after Lance threatens to take away his happy life.

On the mission, he initially seems like a friendly individual, if not somewhat eccentric. It appears his plan to recruit the people of Riverbend is unsafe, but it is revealed to be ruse to take out the people from the inside and find the missing weapons. Toby reveals himself to be a brutal, violent, ruthless, and sadistic psychopath. He kills Ian and begins mocking his corpse before violently kicking it. He is shown somewhat lacking self-awareness, calling Ian a "damn animal," right after his unhinged behavior. He proceeds to sadistically push many Riverbend residents off the building and orders anyone who won't talk about the missing weapons to be killed, all while showing no remorse.

After being surrounded by the group, Toby reveals himself to be a coward, pleading for mercy despite preparing to kill Aaron and Gabriel seconds prior. Toby would meet a karmic death, falling off the building which he pushed many Riverbend residents off of and proceed to be devoured by said reanimated residents.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Toby's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he worked for the CIA for an unknown period of time.



At some point during the outbreak, Toby joined the Commonwealth in Ohio and became head recruiter for the community.

Season 11


Toby recruits Aaron and Gabriel to take point on an outreach mission with a community in an apartment complex to offer them membership with the Commonwealth. Toby scopes out the complex through binoculars. Aaron remarks that the building doesn't look as friendly as he'd been told but reassures Gabriel that they'll have Commonwealth troopers with them. Toby informs them that the troopers are hanging back to avoid spooking the settlers. Gabriel and Aaron refuse to go in, but Carlson says it's not up for discussion.

Aaron announces himself at the building entrance and says they have MREs to offer. A woman steps out and collects their weapons before allowing them inside. She directs the group to a room down a dark hallway. Inside the room, the leader, Ian, orders them to sit. Aaron describes the Commonwealth and invites Ian's group to join them. Ian shows them a collection of skulls from raiders who came to kill his group. He shoots his gun and orders them to kneel, worried they've come to eat his people. Aaron and Gabriel insist they aren't cannibals and offers to leave if Ian lets them go. Ian agrees, but Toby grabs his gun and shoots him and guns down his bodyguards. His whole demeanor has changed.

In a flashback to one week ago, Hornsby summons Carlson to his office. Hornsby explains that a convoy full of guns and cargo was on route to the three communities when it was hijacked by a religious group. Hornsby orders Carlson to lead a surgical operation to retrieve the goods. Carlson tells Hornsby that he's no longer an assassin, but Hornsby threatens to upend Carlson's life if he refuses. He suggests Carlson take Gabriel and Aaron.

In the present day, Toby interrogates Ian and demands to know where the guns and cargo are located. Ian says he has no idea what Toby is talking about. Toby beats him up. Gabriel punches Toby, prompting troopers to handcuff him. Toby shoots Ian dead, leading to a shocked Aaron telling him that they were supposed to help people, which Carlson states that they are, by killing the threats and this is how to make the world safe. He then runs outside when he hears Jesse flee on horseback. Toby orders the trooper to kill Jesse, as the trooper shoots Jesse, but Aaron smashes him in the face before he can shoot again. Aaron escapes as more troopers arrive. Back inside, Toby discovers that Gabriel has escaped and his guard is dead.

Toby tells the residents of the complex that they are enemies of the Commonwealth because they stole from his community. Toby interrogates two hostages on the building roof and pushes them off the edge after they insist they know nothing about the stolen goods. One by one, he shoves more hostages off the roof. Toby orders his troopers to kill anyone in the building who won't talk.

"The Rotten Core"

Toby looks at the dead hostages that he pushed off the roof of the apartment complex. The bodies start to reanimate. Toby radios Lance to let him know the location is secure and that they're searching for the hijacked goods. Toby leads a team through the complex, gunning down residents.

Toby leads troopers through the building. He orders his troopers to kill anyone who doesn't talk; if they don't find the guns, they burn Riverbend to the ground. Toby's team storms an apartment and finds nothing. Toby notices shoe prints leading to the secret room. Before he can investigate, he hears gunfire. Toby's team chases Gabriel and Aaron onto the roof and corners them. Elijah sneaks up and kills the troopers with his kamas.

With his troopers dead and surrounded by Aaron's group, Toby attempts to plead for his life, but Aaron shoots Toby, who falls off of the roof and lands near the bodies of the dead hostages. They reanimate and eat Toby alive as Aaron and Gabriel watch. Toby is later put down by Maggie, Lydia and Elijah along with his reanimated victims.


Lance visits Riverbend with Daryl and a detachment of Commonwealth soldiers to investigate the events that had occurred there. Toby's partially devoured corpse, surrounded by the now dead Riverbend residents who had devoured him and his own soldiers, is marked off. Lance expresses doubt about Aaron and Gabriel's version of the events, but Daryl backs his friends up. Lance accuses Aaron and Gabriel of knowing the "crazed, violent strangers" responsible, but Gabriel tells him that Toby had lost control of the situation, they had barely survived and they won't take the fall for this.


Killed By

After having his soldiers killed and a failed attempt at appealing to him, Toby is shot in the chest four times by Aaron and falls off Riverbend's roof. The fall causes him to have his legs and back broken.

  • Himself (Caused)
  • 6 unnamed Riverbend residents (Infected, Alive)

While writhing in pain, the Riverbend residents he had previously thrown off the building wake up after reanimation and devour him.

Either Maggie, Elijah, or Lydia prevented Toby from reanimating while they were dealing with the bodies of the Commonwealth soldiers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Toby has killed:

  • Hart (Caused or Direct)
  • Ian
  • Jesse (Caused)
  • Numerous counts of enemy combatants (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • At least 13 unnamed Riverbend residents (8 Alive, 5 Caused or Direct)
  • 1 unnamed Commonwealth soldier (Before Reanimation)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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