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"Well, if there's one thing I've learned, kiddo, it's that you can't predict the future. I was a man of many vices before all this. Playing chicken with rock-bottom... Didn't even know who Percy was until my sister, his--his mother split from her husband... and the court appointed me as legal guardian. It was like my prayers have been answered. All that free money from the state? I hit pay dirt with that kid! Thing was... he wasn't with me more than a day before I knew I'd give my life for his. Family... It's a thing. Who knew?"
—Tony to Felix about Percy.[src]

Tony Delmado is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the uncle of Percy, working together with his nephew as a traveling performer and scam artist. He was a member of the Endlings.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Tony spent 15 years working as an illusionist at the Pair-a-Dice Lounge in Las Vegas, performing card tricks and other acts of illusion for guests. He also took in and raised his nephew Percy after the latter's mother abandoned him.




Season 1

"Shadow Puppets"

When the Endlings arrive in Andersonville to help Percy recover his truck from two guys named Mike and Tony, Percy and Felix discover Tony lying in the driver's seat, apparently dead with a head wound and blood on the seat around him. Percy and Felix remove Tony's body from the truck, but they discover that a plate has been bolted over the ignition wires and Tony, whom they presume died in an argument with Mike, doesn't have the keys on him.

Later, as the Endlings are distracted by the sound of a gunshot and Silas' back is to him, Tony gets up and steals their bags before driving off in the truck and picking up Percy. As the Endlings get cornered by a herd, Tony suddenly drives back to help them, running over several walkers and ordering them to get in. After the others jump into the back, Tony drives off, running over the head of a fallen walker in the process.

After reaching safety, the Endlings confront Percy and Tony about their con. Percy admits that they did in fact con them, but he states that they came back to help them when they saw the herd coming. Hope argues for just taking the truck and leaving Percy and Tony to the walkers, but Tony angrily reminds them that they had just saved their lives, explaining that when they saw the herd coming, Percy, who is his nephew, had him turn around. Felix asks if they should just be grateful that the two grifters had changed their minds, but Tony states that "out here, that's pretty much as good as it gets."

Later, the Endlings sit around their campfire where Tony displays a magic trick to them, much to the amazement of Elton, Silas and Felix while Iris is despondent over the events. Hope asks if Tony is just a professional scammer and Tony introduces himself in a grandiose fashion as Tony Delmado, the resident illusionist at the Paradise Lounge in Las Vegas for fifteen years. Tony is impressed with Elton's knowledge of magic and tells everyone that he had dabbled in a lot of things including illusions, card tricks and ventriloquism, the latter of which comes in handy with the state of the world as it is. As far as Tony is concerned, he's still in show business: for a small fee at friendly settlements Percy and Tony will perform which is why his makeup job to look dead is flawless. Hope asks if Percy is Tony's protegee and he explains that Tony had raised him after Percy's mom took off. Tony calls Percy a quick study who was grifting kids in the sandbox and Percy tells everyone that it's how they get what they need without hurting anyone. Upset, Iris sarcastically tells them that they deserve medals or something and leaves.

As Tony works on the truck, Felix approaches him, telling Tony that they need to talk. Tony acknowledges that they both want the truck, but only he knows where to get more fuel for it. Felix wonders if Tony is trying to play or threaten him, but Tony tells him that he intends to make good on Percy's promise to give them a ride. Tony asks about the Alliance of the Three logo on Felix's jacket and he tells Tony that it's the emblem of the university where they live. Ordering Felix not to bullshit him, Tony peels back some paper on the passenger's side door of the truck that is covering up the same logo, revealing that it had originally belonged to the CRM. Tony knows that whatever group's behind the logo doesn't mess around and that they're close, having seen their helicopters flying around. Felix asks why he doesn't just leave if it's so dangerous, but Tony tells him that it's a good thing that he searched the driver's pockets when they took the truck as he's found something that points them to a refueling station nearby. Tony has a routine down for how to get what they need and avoid the CRM and when Felix points out that he didn't avoid them, Tony calls them a rag-tag group of kids in leather compared to the heavily armed CRM. After Felix claims that his patch can get them out of a bind if they get into one, Tony tells him that they'll pick up Huck tomorrow and they will ride to wherever the group wants to go.

That night, Iris leans against Hope as Percy and Tony set up a shadow puppet show, but she is still obviously upset when she sees Percy. Watching Percy, Silas comments to Felix that some people make it look easy starting over. Iris admits to Hope that she wishes that she knew which part of Percy is the lie and which is real, but Hope calls Percy the same as them, everyone having parts that they want people to see and other parts that they want to hide, but it's all real. Percy and Tony put on a show depicting the end of the world which the Endlings enjoy, although they grow somewhat more somber and Hope starts silently crying as the story gets sadder and sadder.

"Truth or Dare"

Tony teaches a magic trick to an impressed Elton who calls Tony a wizard and asks him to teach another one. Tony tells Elton to master that trick first and only then will Tony show him more, levitating a matchstick as he says this. "I mean, entertainment like this has just not been available," says an awed Elton as he watches Tony.

That night, Tony dramatically presents a CRM map to the Endlings which has no landmarks designated or points of interest labeled. While the map, to all appearances, looks to be useless, looks can be deceiving. Percy brings his uncle a wooden box with a few plastic squares and Tony holds one up, explaining that when Percy first discovered them in the truck, they had reminded Tony of the colored lenses that he used in his Prism of Light illusion. As a result, Tony has discovered that you set the squares up at proper distances, shine a beam of light through them and symbols appear on the map, in this case, oil drops, which Tony identifies as hidden CRM fuel caches and all of the gas that they need. Percy adds that the ones that he and Tony have hit so far have mostly just been shacks with landing pads and they were all unmanned and unguarded where helicopters touch down, refuel and take off again. Huck is excited, stating that she can't believe it, while Iris becomes intrigued.

Later, the Endlings gather around the table where Iris shows them the CRM map that Kublek had given to her and Hope before they left the Campus Colony. While some of the markings on the decoder overlays didn't form symbols on Tony's map, when she tries them on this map, they do. Iris points to a symbol on the map that Elton recognizes as a DNA strand. Felix realizes that Iris thinks that it's the research facility and she asks him what else it could be. Hope is excited that they now know where to find their father and while Silas smiles at first, he gets upset and jealous when he sees Iris and Percy smiling at each other.

Standing alone with Tony at the table, Felix charts out the location on their regular map of New York and he determines that the research facility is located in Ithaca, New York. Listening to the kids laughing upstairs, Tony remarks that it's nice for Percy to be spending time with kids his own age, but Felix warns Tony that he saw Percy go upstairs with a bottle of his booze. Felix suggests that he could go check on them, but Tony tells him to leave the kids be to be teenagers as they deserve some celebration, as does Felix after his exciting discovery. Walking by, Huck agrees with Tony and tells the two men that she's going on a perimeter check and she will be back. Noticing how downtrodden Huck seems to be, Felix asks if she's alright, but she just claims to be tired. After Felix gives her a look, Huck admits that she took out a walker that morning that was wearing the EGA which has brought back some memories for her that are both good and bad. Felix realizes that he was a Marine, but Huck corrects that the man still is, as is she.

As Huck leaves, Tony dramatically presents a flask to Felix and suggests that they have a drink of their own which Felix accepts. Getting drunk together, Felix fills Tony in on their mission and Tony tells him that Leo and Will sound like good people. Felix states that they are, but he isn't even sure if what the group is doing is going to help them or put them in more danger. However, Tony has learned that you can't predict the future and he was a man of many vices before all of this, playing chicken with rock bottom. Tony didn't even know who Percy was until his sister, who is Percy's mother, split up with her husband and Tony was appointed his nephew's legal guardian by the courts. Tony excitedly tells Felix that it was like his prayers had been answered as, with all of the money that he got from the state for taking care of Percy, it was like he hit paydirt. "Thing was, he wasn't with me more than a day before I knew I'd give my life for his. Family. It's a thing. Who knew?" Listening to the others' laughter, Felix takes another drink and agrees with Tony.

The next day, the Endlings drive to the CRM Fuel Depot where Hope, Iris, Felix, Huck, Percy and Tony stand outside of the entrance while Silas and Elton wait by the truck. Tony tells the others that there is a stash of refined CRM fuel just ripe for the taking somewhere inside and Huck notes that it's a big place, deciding that they will split up, start at the bottom and work their way up. Felix asks if these places are clear of walkers which Percy confirms as far as they can tell since the CRM keeps their things locked up pretty tight. However, this isn't a problem for them as Percy, Tony and Felix are good at lockpicking. Iris tells the others that they should still stay alert nevertheless and they head out with Hope taking a moment to look back at Silas and Elton.

Felix and Tony climb down a ladder and Felix asks Tony what he and Percy will do once they get the group to where they're going. Tony guesses that it will be more of the same: moving, conning and surviving which is what they do. With a laugh, Felix says that he gets that and Tony tells Felix that Percy had to grow up fast out here and that he doesn't know any other way. Felix admits that Percy reminds Felix a lot of himself when he was Percy's age, living on the streets where survival was everything. Then Felix met Leo and he showed Felix that there was more and that he could be more. Tony tells Felix that that was another time and that things are different now. Felix suggests that maybe it doesn't have to be and smells something. Checking out a pipe, Felix notes that the CRM had taken the time to stash this supply good. Felix turns the valve on the pipe and sniffs the gas that comes out of it before the two men notice a cabinet that looks new with Flamable written on it.

After hearing a gunshot, Iris, Felix, Percy and Tony rush in and ask what happened, but Hope simply tells them that Huck saved her. Huck tells the others that Walter had radios and supplies while Felix reveals that they found the fuel. Flipping through some notebooks, Tony states that they found something else too locked in a cabinet. Percy asks what they are and Tony calls them something to potentially work with.

After the Endlings stop at a recreation center for the night, Iris stops Silas in the hallway, telling him that Tony has something that he wants to say to the group. Tony announces that after talking it over with Felix, he and Percy have decided to extend the terms of their agreement with the others. Percy states that instead of just dropping them off, he and Tony want to stick around and do what they can to help them find Leo. Felix orders everyone to get some sleep as they leave first thing in the morning and Tony heads off to charge up the radios and top off the tank while Hope and Iris hold each other's hands for a moment. Percy asks Iris to see her by the truck in an hour, telling her that it's just gonna be him there and that he needs to get his gloves back. Iris tries to give Percy back his gloves immediately, but he claims that his hands aren't cold now but that they will be in about an hour. Iris agrees and she walks off while Silas watches jealously and eyes Percy's liquor.

Awhile later, looking for Percy, Iris finds Tony with his head bashed in in one of the bathrooms. Calling for help, Iris notices Silas' Wrench lying bloody next to Tony's dead body and a trail of blood leading to a broken window that she realizes must've come from Percy. Felix runs in and stares at Tony's body in shock while Hope, Elton and Huck run in and join them. Drawing his gun and having Huck cover him, Felix makes his way to where somebody is visible in a stall. Opening the door, Felix is shocked to find Silas passed out with a bottle of liquor next to him and covered in blood. Silas wakes up and looks silently at Felix.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

Silas is tied up outside of the recreation center as the Endlings discuss his possible role in Tony's murder and Percy's disappearance. Although Silas was found passed out covered in Tony and Percy's blood with his bloody wrench nearby, he insists that he doesn't remember anything and Iris and Elton argue in favor of Silas' innocence. However, Hope, Felix and Huck aren't so sure as Silas has a history of blackout rages and doesn't like Percy, who is still missing, out of jealousy towards Percy and Iris' developing romantic relationship.

Later, Huck digs a grave outside of the rec center for Tony and she is eventually joined by Hope. The two give Tony a proper burial. Hope later tells Iris that she and Huck had buried Tony and left markers for him and Percy.

Silas later tells Iris that he really did kill his father and he claims to have murdered Tony and Percy. As a result, Silas exiles himself from the Endlings in order to protect Iris.

"In This Life"

Percy explains to Silas and Elton that it was Huck who had actually murdered Tony, having shot both of them, although Percy was able to escape with his life. Elton and Silas are relieved that Silas has been exonerated of Tony's murder and that Silas isn't a monster as he had feared. However, Percy doesn't know why Huck had killed Tony and tried to murder him.

After Huck admits the truth about her mission to Hope, Hope realizes that she was responsible for what happened to Tony and Percy. Huck explains that with Tony and Percy's truck and the maps they were two days away from knocking at the CRM's door and "the second their location got compromised, it would've been over for everybody. That's what I had to do to stop that from happening." Huck insists that she had no other choice as it was the only way to save everybody else.


Killed By

Tony was shot by Jennifer. She apparently also bashed his head in to frame Silas for the murder.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tony has killed:

  • 1 unnamed CRM driver (Before Reanimation or Zombified, alongside Percy)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


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