"When credit is due, I do not hesitate to bestow it. I may not be here right now speaking to you over these airwaves were it not for the intervention of the Tourist. Our city's most famous freelancer. Now, I know that many of you have your opinion about the Tourist, as did I. Some consider them an avenging angel, setting this city on a righteous path. Others see them as a demon of doom, slithering from the shadows to claim souls for the dark lord himself. Whatever your thoughts may be, I can assure you that they are most likely exaggerated. The Tourist may be enigmatic, but they are still a human being. Just like the rest of us. But with one glance, I could tell in what matter the Tourist was exceptional: the brutal art of survival. During the lengthy conversation that I had with the Tourist before they alerted me to a host of unforeseen dangers, I was struck by the numerous battle scars on their face. Each one clearly representing a close call. The marks that identify a true warrior. Their hands were powerful and calloused, marred by countless scrapes with the dead. And yet they also seemed nimble enough to strike with precision in an instant. Now, I have a reputation among the fine folks of New Orleans to possess a fair amount of survivalist acumen myself. And in that toolbox, one quality that I pride myself on is my ability to size someone up in the first few seconds that I lay eyes on them. And let me tell you, New Orleans, the Tourist is undoubtedly a formidable force of pure ruthlessness when it comes to the matters of life and death. Not someone to be trifled with."
JB describing the Tourist (Determinant)

The "Tourist" is the protagonist in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. An outsider of New Orleans, he/she is one of the few survivors who initially has no allegiance to the Tower, the Reclaimed, or the Exiles. Through Henri, word quickly spread of their exploits, a person well-known for their craftsmanship, a hardened survivalist with exceptional scavenging skills and almost unrivalled combat prowess. The news quickly overtook JB's broadcasts, the core radio station for most survivors inside New Orleans. This had led to incidents where many would attempt to use the Tourist's skillset to accomplish their own objectives or seek their aid to survive in the apocalypse. A person with unknown objectives and personality, equally empathetic as they are brutally opportunistic, the fate of New Orleans and it's people lies directly on the Tourist's actions.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about the Tourist's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Orleans Parish Bayou

At some point after the outbreak, the Tourist found themselves in the Bayou on the outskirts of New Orleans, where their exploits became somewhat famous. They befriended Henri after saving him from a group of walkers.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the "Tourist" has killed:

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