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This train tunnel is a location seen in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this tunnel before the apocalypse.


Season 4


Glenn's group approaches a long railroad tunnel, and finds another sign written by Maggie. Believing that she went through it, Glenn says that he intends to follow her. Abraham points out the obvious danger, especially when they can hear walkers moving around inside. Concerned that he can't guarantee Eugene's safety in the tunnel, Abraham decides that they should split up. He leaves Glenn and Tara with two cans of food, and a large flashlight. Glenn promises that they will retreat and try to catch up with Abraham's group if they run into trouble. As they enter the tunnel, Glenn and Tara find several walkers trapped in the debris from a roof cave-in.

Glenn and Tara are observing the numerous walkers in the tunnel. They decide to climb over the rubble pile blocking the tunnel. Soon after making their way partially through the tunnel Tara get her foot trapped in some loose rocks with Glenn looking back in horror.  

The new group of Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Bob and Sasha rescues Glenn and Tara a swarm of walkers in the tunnel. Maggie later mentions that she shot up the roof of the tunnel to entrap the walkers so they could make it to the other side. While resting in the tunnel, Eugene manages to convince Abraham to go to Terminus with the others, so they can rest and regroup before continuing on the road to Washington.




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