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This article is about the Train Yard in the Comic Series. You may be looking for the Train Yard in the TV Series.

The Train Yard is a location in The Walking Dead. It is a train yard in Ohio that has been occupied by the Commonwealth.


As its name implies, this location was a train yard.


At some point, this location was occupied by the Commonwealth, though likely not permanently. It was set up as a meeting point for Eugene's group and the Commonwealth.

Lines We Cross

Eugene Porter and his group are held at gunpoint by the Commonwealth Army.

New World Order

Eugene's group is interrogated by Lance Hornsby in a traincar before being escorted towards the Commonwealth.

The Rotten Core

Eugene later returns to the yard with Stephanie to see if they could repair one of the trains. They both work on a locomotive, where they share their first kiss.

Rest In Peace

As Eugene and Stephanie are working on the train, they are informed by the guards that Mercer has been arrested and that the project has been suspended. Eugene doesn't want to stop working, so the guards tell him that they're free to continue, but that they won't be able to stay and guard them. Later, Siddiq, Aaron and Dante redirect a herd towards the train yard, presuming it abandoned. Eugene and Stephanie are still repairing the train as the herd closes in on them. They barricade themselves inside the locomotive, but are able to escape thanks to Eugene's ingenuity.



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Comic Series

Volume 29: Lines We Cross

Volume 30: New World Order

Volume 31: The Rotten Core

Volume 32: Rest In Peace