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Training Camp is the seventeenth main story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Some time after the events of the prior chapter, Abraham's group is getting ready to get back on the road to D.C. The hero player, Garrett, Darius (if alive) and Mirabelle have decided to go with them. Abraham considers bringing others, but wants people who can handle themselves. Rosita comments they need either twenty people who know what they're doing or ten killing machines. Mirabelle, Darius (if alive) and Garrett offer their own opinions, that the survivors coming with them need to be trained so they will be ready for the road. Abraham comments that they are lucky for the large amount of walkers to practice on. The survivors train.

Afterward, the survivors have different opinions on how the community should be run. Abraham notes that everybody who wants to come has trained and they are still short a few. Brock arrives and says he wants to come, as there is nothing left for him in Woodbury. Abraham is suspicious, as Brock did not even train. Garrett tells him to take it easy, as Brock has just lost his child. He asks the hero player whether Brock should be allowed to come.

If the hero player says Brock can come:

If the hero player refuses to allow Brock to come:

Regardless of the choice, Mirabelle will report that walkers have breached the north gate of Woodbury. The group fights them off.

After the walkers are killed, Garrett comments that Brock was impressive during the fight. Abraham agrees, saying he can come. He then counts who is coming. Garrett reports the ones coming are the hero player, Susan, Brock, Benjamin, before being cut off by Abraham yelling that more walkers are coming.

After killing them, Garrett suggests gearing up to leave for Washington. Mirabelle states this will be a problem. Garrett asks why, and Benjamin reports that with the walkers breaching the walls, they will need all the ammo they have. When Garrett asks who he is referring to by "we", Benjamin states Snyder and his group are the ones who need all the ammo. Snyder and his group are not coming, and they intend to keep Woodbury and the weapons. Abraham refuses to tolerate the rebellion, and attempts to find and attack them. He does, and Snyder's group fights back.

Afterward, either Garrett or Darius(if alive) asks Benjamin what the rebellion is about. Benjamin claims Snyder forced him. The one who spoke to him tells him that was Snyder's mistake, and asks Benjamin whose side he is on, because there is no going back. Benjamin swears he is on their side. They fight off more of Snyder's group.

After beating them, Snyder runs out of ammo, and Abraham kills him to send a message to the others who were against the leaving group. Garrett tells him this was cold, but Abraham tells him they are done, and have too many walkers to deal with to worry about rebellion. Garrett asks Benjamin if he is coming. Benjamin confirms he is, and tells Garrett they need him and he does not want to stay at Woodbury. Abraham agrees to let him come, but warns him if he tries anything he will end up like Snyder. He then comments Benjamin may have to prove himself immediately, as more walkers are coming.

After killing them, Abraham tells the group to move out. Mirabelle arrives and says she is coming too. Rosita refuses, saying she needs to stay with the young ones. Mirabelle states the others have that covered, and that she can help them on the trip. Rosita refuses, saying the town needs her, and they have Susan coming on the trip.

Suddenly, a group of looters breach the wall and shoot at anything moving. Abraham asks Garrett for direction, and Garrett tells him to follow while he leads them against the looters.

After killing some of the looters, Abraham states that at the way they are fighting, they will run out of ammo before getting out. Garrett tells him to keep fighting.

After defeating the looters, Garrett tells the group they need to move out to cover ground before dark. He tells Mirabelle she needs to stay. Mirabelle agrees, wishing the group luck. The group heads out toward Washington.


Stage Energy Required Waves Enemies Enemy Type Ally

1 9 6 Walkers Alert Garrett

2 9 6 Walkers Tough Brock

3 9 6 Walkers Alert, Tough Abraham

4 10 6 Enemy Survivors Alert Abraham

5 10 6 Enemy Survivors Tough Benjamin

6 10 6 Walkers Tough, Alert Benjamin

7 10 6 Enemy Survivors Tough, Alert Garrett

8 10 6 Enemy Survivors Tough, Alert Garrett



  • Snyder's Rebellion


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