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The Tran Family Home is a location that appears in Season 1 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.




Season 1

"The Dog"

Nick remembers a shotgun that their neighbors have, and they leave their house to go after it. They go into Patrick and Susan Tran's house, which appears to be vacant. They search the house and find the shotgun and several shotgun shells, which they take. Alicia peers through the curtain and tells Madison that someone has entered the house. Through the window, they watch as the infected Dawson eventually subdues and kills the dog. The three continue to watch as they see a car approach; Madison realizes that it is Travis and the three quickly leave to warn Travis that someone hostile is inside.

Alicia hurries towards her house when she gets lost in the maze-like path between it and the Tran house. She gets grabbed by a zombified Susan, but manages to break free and runs to the fence dividing her house and the Tran residence, only to be grabbed by Susan's zombie as she leaps the fence. Chris attends to her screams for help, and pulls her from the zombie and the two fall back. Alicia gets mad at Chris, as he grabbed her waist while falling and she strikes his nose with her elbow. Travis, Madison, Nick and Alicia all watch the reanimated Susan through the fence. Madison claims that she is sick, and Travis asks if she was bitten. Nick intercedes, stating that she's not sick, but dead. Alicia panics as she realizes that the same thing that happened to Susan happened to Matt.

Before they leave the residence, Madison says she's got one last thing to do. She goes to the fence where Susan is still attempting to get through. She wants to kill her, but Travis tells her that there is a chance she may still have some of her humanity, and that a cure may still be a possibility, and she decides to spare her.

Travis' group prepares to leave the city quickly. He leads the way through the empty streets as Madison drives behind him. She watches as army helicopters fly overhead and sees Patrick, Susan's husband, who has come back from work. As he heads indoors, Madison pulls over in her car and pursues him. Travis notices that Madison is not behind her and follows. Patrick calls for Susan but gets no response; he finds her reanimated body, and is startled by its pale, dirty appearance. Despite this and Madison's warning not to touch her, he attempts to hug her. A bullet hits her in the head just as the rest of Travis and Madison's group and members of the California Army National Guard arrive at the area. The guards escort Madison, Travis and their families away from the scene, while Patrick mourns his wife's death and is quickly taken away.

"Not Fade Away"

Alicia wanders around the Tran house and finds a letter in the bedroom. She reads it and cries.

At the Tran house, Alicia traces Matt's drawing on her arm with a needle to make it a permanent tattoo.


Madison finds Susan Tran's suicide note in Alicia's bedroom and realizes that Alicia has been back to the Tran house. She looks for Alicia there but instead finds Daniel and Ofelia in the basement, where they have bound Adams to a chair. "This is how we bring them home," Daniel tells Madison.

Adams tries to assure Daniel, Madison and Ofelia that Griselda and Nick will return as soon as they've been treated. Ofelia insists that Adams doesn't know where they're being held, but Daniel cuts her off.

Upstairs, Ofelia tells Madison that they can trade Adams for Griselda and Nick. In private, Daniel tells Madison that the trade will never happen and informs her of his plan to torture Adams until he gives up information. Madison voices an objection, but doesn't stop him.

Alone with Adams, Daniel unpacks his razor blades as he describes his past in El Salvador, where, in order to survive, he carried out torture-based interrogations for the military-led government. Adams desperately reveals that Griselda and Nick are at a command center two miles away, but it is not enough to stop him from carrying out the torture.

Daniel wipes blood from his blade after flaying Adams' arm. Adams begs him to stop. Daniel demands to know what "Cobalt" means after hearing the code word on Adams' radio transmissions.

Madison hears Ofelia scream and sprints over to the Tran house. Ofelia flees out the door in tears. Inside, Daniel bemoans that Ofelia may never understand that his treatment of Adams was necessary for survival. "Did he tell us what we need to know?" Madison asks.

In the Trans' basement, Adams tells Daniel that the military locked 2,000 civilians in the local arena after people began turning and trampling each other. Madison arrives with Travis and asks Adams to repeat what he said earlier. Adams tells Travis that "Cobalt" is a command code to initiate military evacuation from the Los Angeles Basin and humanely terminate the surviving civilians. He says that the evacuation will take place at 9 the next morning.





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