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"You didn't know him when he was little... but he had this huge heart, he was such a good boy. When you met him he was already so angry at me, Eliza, we took away his family. He lost his place, he had no place. I loved him. I never stopped. All he saw was my disgust at what he turned into... what I let him become. It's all he'll ever know. We're all living minute by minute, every single one of us, and at the drop of a hat we could all be done and you won't have a chance. I just wish that I told him."
—Travis mourning over his son, Chris.[src]

Travis Manawa, also referred to as Trav, is the former deuteragonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. Before the outbreak, he was an English teacher of Māori descent, who divorced from his wife Elizabeth Ortiz and had to deal with the resentment of his troubled son Chris. Travis later became engaged to guidance counselor Madison Clark and integrated himself into her family including her two children, Nick and Alicia. During the outbreak, Travis tries to help his family find a safe haven, while finding a balance between his pacifistic morals and inner demons.


Travis is a good-natured man and loving father, a protective, pragmatic and resolute individual who holds a firm personal conviction and belief that everything can be fixed, one way or another. He has been described as 'the one character who desperately tries to cling to his humanity, the one person who believes that there is always a way to repair something that is broken and that a corner will always be turned'. He holds a strong belief that civilization will eventually be rebuilt.

Throughout the first season, as the outbreak progresses from internet rumors to apocalyptic proportions, Travis desperately tries to hold onto a semblance of normalcy, and what life was like before. He has a dislike of firearms and initially refuses to put down any of the infected. However, his resolve is tested by circumstances that arise during the military occupation of LA. He welcomes the National Guard's presence in the neighborhood at first, realizing their necessity in this new world, but his attitude begins to change when they abduct Nick. He is appalled to discover Madison's knowledge of Daniel Salazar's torture to extract information from a soldier, Andrew Adams, but when Andrew returns and shoots Daniel's daughter Ofelia Salazar for revenge after Travis allowed him to escape, he flies into a rage and brutally beats the soldier to the brink of death, relenting when Madison intervenes. This incident signals a change in his character, and he later finds the strength to euthanize his infected ex-wife, Elizabeth Ortiz.

At the start of Season 2, Travis is still coming to terms with the death of Liza and is faced with a distant and angry Chris, who blames Travis for Liza's death. Travis soon learns of the true extent of the outbreak from George Geary, who informs him that at least eleven states now have declared emergencies, that the infection is rapidly spreading eastward, and that San Diego, California, the group's planned destination, was destroyed by the military like LA. From here on, the stress of the world begins to weigh heavily on Travis, as shown in his angry reaction to Strand's reluctance to take on refugees, and his discussions with Alex after being captured by pirates. As the days go by, he becomes increasingly worried about Chris, who, although starting to come out of his shell, is behaving rashly. When they arrive in Mexico, Chris begins to display potentially dangerous character traits; he froze instead of helping Madison in a life or death scenario and seemed to threaten Alicia when she confronted him about it later. Travis is deeply worried for his son and insists that he must help him. Faced with an increasingly aggressive and reckless son, he decides to leave the group to be alone with Chris.

Travis and Chris spend days wandering the wilderness and small towns of Baja, where Travis tries to connect with his son and teach him the importance of morality and restraint. His attempts are ruined when they encounter a trio of young U.S. men who take a liking to Chris' violent ways and vice versa. The men, who invite Travis and Chris to join them, display nonchalance about the infection and survival in the new world, as well as basic moral principles. This comes to a head when they arrive on a seemingly abandoned farm and Chris murders the owner when he tried to evict them from his property, then assists his new friends to betray Travis and help murder the third member of their group, James McCallister, who had suffered a leg injury that was slowing them down. Travis is unable to convince Chris to leave with him and is distraught when he learns that his son no longer believes in the concept of good and evil, intending to leave with Brandon and Derek. With little choice, Travis heads towards Tijuana, where he re-connects with Madison. Later, he encounters Brandon and Derek again and learns that they killed Chris on the road after he was injured in a car crash, suffering a leg injury like James did. Travis snaps, relentlessly beating them to death, and inadvertently killing the innocent Oscar as well. After he recovers from the shock, Travis reveals to Madison that he does not regret when he did, indicating a significant shift in character for Travis, who had previously been clinging to pacifist ideals.

At the beginning of Season 3, Travis is captured alongside Madison by an unknown militia. They are taken to a military compound and separated. In a room filled with people of all backgrounds, Travis witnesses their captors mercilessly executing the captives one by one and recording the reanimation process. Upon reuniting with Nick and his new girlfriend Luciana, Travis quickly devises an escape plan with another fellow captive Steven and strikes up a conversation with the militia to distract them, and ultimately lower their guard. They are able to fight their way out, and Travis holds their pursuers off to allow Nick and Luciana to escape, demonstrating his courageousness and willingness to accept violent conduct against other people that pose a threat. The militia throw Travis into a pit filled with over a dozen walkers, and with only his bare hands and crude objects as weapons. He single-handedly kills them all, to the surprise of the onlookers. Later, he re-affirms his promise to Madison to stay with her and protect their family as they prepare to leave for a nearby ranch. It is clear that Travis is still deeply affected by the loss of his son, but is now solely focused on protecting those he loves, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve that end.

When a large horde overruns the facility, Travis selflessly rescues Luciana and carries her to safety in a helicopter alongside Alicia. Overnight, the helicopter is shot at by an unknown adversary, and Travis sustains catastrophic injuries to the stomach and neck. Realizing he will die and put the others at risk, and despite Alicia's initial protests, he opens the door of the helicopter and allows himself to fall to his death. His actions ensured Luciana's survival and his death was the catalyst for Madison's decision to stay at the ranch.


Los Angeles, California

Travis was born in the late 1960's and was of Māori descent, indicating that he originated from New Zealand and his parents later moved to the United States. Travis experienced an average childhood where he grew to become a practical man and a bit of a 'fixer', his father owned a pick-up truck that was later handed down to Travis which he managed to keep working for over thirty years.

As an adult, he met a nurse Elizabeth Ortiz, where the two married and had a son named Chris where the three lived together as a typical family. Over time, however, Travis and Eliza's marriage became strained and after thirteen years, the couple divorced with Eliza retaining custody over Chris, although Travis was still permitted to visit his son on a three-weekly basis per month.

Travis later became an English Literature teacher at Paul R. Williams High School, where he proved talented and passionate in his work. He met a female guidance counselor Madison Clark where the two began dating and the pair became engaged. Travis moved into her house in the El Sereno community of Los Angeles where he soon met her children, Nick and Alicia which proved difficult due to their father's death which occurred six years ago.

Despite his new start, Travis struggled to maintain his blended family lifestyle with his son harboring resentment toward him because of the divorce along with the difficulty of Nick's drug addiction where Travis did his best to support Madison in doing whatever it took to bring him back into rehab.[1]


Season 1


Travis Manawa, husband of Madison, is fixing the pipes. He is clearly frustrated. He manages to fix the leak in the pipes, claiming to have saved them around three hundred dollars, and Madison declares he is "so hot" and they kiss. The phone rings and Travis answers it. Madison, Travis and Alicia arrive at the hospital to see Nick.

The family argue, and Travis asks everyone to take a breath. Travis gets a phone call from Liza when he goes out to answers it, Alicia says to Travis "Glad you moved in?". When he answers the call, Liza asks how Nick is doing. He replies "He'll recover". She then asks him if he's okay to take his son Chris on the weekend, and Chris shouts "I don't wanna go!". Liza insists that he goes, and they argue about the subject. Travis finally demands she hand the phone to Chris. Chris takes the phone and says he doesn't want to come, to which Travis says it's his weekend. Chris challenges Travis to force him to come, Travis asks Chris to come and support Nick. Chris replies "He's not my friend and he's not my brother", and Travis says that Nick would be there for Chris. Chris says "He wouldn't have to be there for me; not like that. No" and he gives the phone back to Liza.

Travis, giving up, says "keep him" and hangs up. Travis goes back inside and meets Madison. She says she has to find a rehabilitation facility where Nick isn't known, and that she has college counseling today. Travis says to leave Nick with him and that Madison should go. Madison says Travis didn't sign up for this, which he puts aside. Madison and Travis hug. At the hospital, Nick awakens from a nightmare. Travis tells him that maybe what he saw at the church was a nightmare or hallucination, to which he says he really wants to write it off like that, but nothing like this has ever happened to him before. Nick muses that maybe he's losing his mind. Nick asks Travis to untie him, but Travis denies his request. Nick asks if Travis thinks he's dangerous, to which Travis replies "Docs are worried". Nick asks if Travis is worried, and Travis replies that Nick was running into traffic. Nick replies he was running from what he saw and tells Travis about what happened at the church, noting that Gloria was eating them. Travis is skeptical, believing that Nick saw what the drugs saw, but Nick is unconvinced. Nick states his view that if it wasn't the drugs, then he is insane. That evening,

Travis goes to the church to investigate Nick's claims. The building seems abandoned, with signs of earlier habitation by drug addicts. While he is investigating a room, a man jumps out at Travis, yelling in fear and begging not to be killed, before running away. Travis shouts out to him and attempts to follow. When he arrives at the main room, he slips and falls to the floor, discovering a pool of blood and bits of flesh. Startled, he immediately leaves the building. The next morning, Travis and Alicia arrive back at the hospital, where Madison spent the night with beside Nick. Travis informs her that school is starting soon, and hands her some fresh clothes. When they leave Travis informs Madison about what he saw at the church the previous night. Madison dismisses his concerns, concluding that it's a drug den and that bad things happen there. Travis declares that he wishes to help Nick. Madison replies he can't use Nick to fix things with Chris. Madison and Alicia get into her car and leave for school. Later on, above a football pitch, Alicia and her boyfriend are cuddling. Alicia tells him that she just needs to "not be here". Her boyfriend asks if it's her brother, to which she nods. They then arrange to meet at the beach later; to watch the sunset and to later come to his place.

In the distance, emergency service sirens can be heard. Later on, Madison and Travis arrive at the hospital and ask the nurse where Nick is. Staff are running around in a hurry, and the telephones are overloaded with calls. The nurse says she doesn't know where Nick is. She says that his roommate coded and there was a second death on the floor. Madison demands that she find Nick, but the nurse insists that they should call the police. Travis then brings Madison to the church where Nick was sleeping. She is in shock and begins to cry. Later on, Madison and Travis visit Nick's friend Calvin. They ask him if he knows where Nick is. He doesn't but offers to make some calls to see if anyone else knows where Nick might be. Madison and Travis get stuck in a traffic jam. They witness helicopters overhead and police vehicles arriving at the scene of what Travis assumes is a high-speed accident. Up ahead, they see smoke billowing from a wrecked car, and an ambulance and several police cars. They hear multiple gunshots, and Travis insists that they leave immediately, and they take another route home. The next day at school, even more students are absent. Art jokes with the police officers nearby that he hopes they got their flu shots. In the staff lounge, staff including Travis and Madison, are crowding around a tablet computer, where leaked footage is being played of the incident on the freeway the previous night.

The footage is from one of the helicopters and shows an apparently deceased man biting an emergency responder tending to him on the gurney. Police batter the man with batons when he fails to stand down, and the staff watching the video speculate on an explanation, with rumors of poison water and viruses. Art notes that the video is what caused even fewer students to arrive at school this morning. In the video, officers proceed to shoot the man multiple times in the chest, and he falls to his knees - only to get back up. Travis and Madison leave the room. Later, Madison and Travis find Nick after he called Travis, In a state of shock, he stutters that he did a bad thing and killed Calvin, but when they go back to the scene, Calvin is gone, with only his gun remaining on the ground. Nick breaks down in his mother's arms, and the three get back in Travis' car to leave. However, as they reverse back out through the tunnel, Travis and Madison see the figure of Calvin behind them, now a walker with his clothes laced with blood from his fatal wound. Travis and Madison exit the car and approach Calvin, concerned for his well being. Madison reaches out to him, and he lurches forward, biting her sleeved arm. She gets away in time and Travis grabs hold of Calvin, confused at his actions.

Calvin relentlessly tries to attack him, and Nick takes control of the car, reversing it back and running over Calvin, To their surprise, Calvin is apparently still alive, and gets to his feet, his face bloodied and bone protruding from his arm. Nick proceeds to hit Calvin again, ramming him into the hood of the car, before slamming on the brakes, sending him flying onto the concrete of the river bottom. Madison, Travis and Nick look on in shock at the sight before them, incredibly, and to their utter astonishment, the mutilated Calvin stirs, turning his head towards them. Shocked, Madison asks, "What the hell is happening?" "I have no idea," replies Travis.

"So Close, Yet So Far"

Fleeing the site of their run-in with Calvin, Travis, Madison and Nick speed home in the truck. They hurriedly decide they should evacuate to the desert. Nick tunes the radio and hears a news report describing "a massive spike in (Police) Officer related shootings in the last 48 hours." He bemoans the apparent lack of attention people are paying to the situation. Travis leaves a voicemail for Chris, telling him there's an emergency and urging him to call back.

At Matt's house, Madison and Travis find Alicia wiping Matt's brow, refusing to leave his side despite the possibility of infection. Travis finds a large bite on Matt's neck, and he speculates with Madison over how the infection spreads. They leave Matt at his house at his request.

Travis, Madison, Nick and Alicia arrive home. Travis gets through to Liza and says that he's coming over despite her hanging up on her. Stuck in traffic, Travis notices a cop loading his trunk with bottled water.

Travis arrives at Liza's house and tells her about the virus, saying it makes people violent. He calls Chris from Liza's phone. Chris answers but quickly hangs up, telling Travis that he's part of a protest. Travis and Liza figure out Chris' location. Travis and Liza find Chris at the increasingly volatile protest as workers in hazmat suits and riot police show up. An infected woman shambles onto the scene and the police open fire, sending the mob into chaos.

Travis, Liza and Chris flee onto a street in the midst of a full-blown riot. They reach a barbershop belonging to Daniel Salazar for shelter. Travis thanks him and his wife. When questioned by Liza as night descends, Travis explains that victims of the virus don’t die. "They come back," he says. Outside, fires ignite amidst the sound of smashing glass, the yelling of the rioters and police sirens.

"The Dog"

Travis is first seen asking Chris what he sees outside of the barber shop window and advises him to move away from it. He later consoles his family as they become restless, waiting for the riot to be controlled. Chris warns them that the wall is getting hot as the shop next door has been destroyed by the rioters and is most likely burning. The group prepare to leave and make a run for the truck. As they make their way through the chaos, Chris witnesses a reanimated police officer busy mauling a riot cop on the ground and Travis pulls him away. While they are running under a scaffolding, firefighters unleash a high-pressure hose on the rioters on the scaffolding, causing it to collapse and pinning Griselda. The five get her out and onto the truck. Travis starts the engine and drives away from the scene.

Travis is driving to a hospital to care for Griselda's injury. The group cruise past the smoking hospital as they see an abandoned ambulance, people running away from the scene and police directing citizens as well as opening fire on reanimated patients coming out of the hospital. Travis yells for the group to "get down" after hearing the gunfire. A patient is seen to be shot multiple times to no effect before collapsing upon being shot in the head. They drive away grimly. Travis asks Liza for plan B and she suggests going to another hospital to which Daniel replies that they will all be like the one they just passed. Travis asks Daniel how he can help and Daniel says that he will come with Travis to his residence, where he will call his cousin to pick his family up and make their "score" even. As they drive to Madison's house, they witness a city-wide power cut, with fires burning amidst the darkened streets.

Travis is next seen entering his dark and seemingly empty house. He calls out for Madison as he walks deeper into the house. He hears a creak and turns to see Liza and Chris coming in despite being told to stay in the car. Chris comments that the house looks empty but Travis says they must still be here since the car is still in the driveway. Travis finds a human figure crouched and emitting disturbing munching noises. He tells Chris and Liza to stay back and approaches the figure with caution. As the lights flick back on, he recognizes the reanimated Peter, feasting on a dead dog. He yells for Liza to get Chris out of here as he approaches Peter and tries to reason with him. However, he is knocked over and Peter attacks him. He manages to push Peter off and slams him against the wall. Madison arrives with a shotgun but Travis tells her to put it down, still trying to get through to Peter. Daniel takes the gun from Madison and tells Travis to move, then shoots Peter in the face. The bullet, however, does not stop Peter as it only destroys his face and the group look on in shock and horror. Daniel aims again and shoots, killing the walker.

Upon hearing Alicia's screams, the group run outside only to see Alicia safe and Chris on the ground holding his nose after being elbowed by Alicia. Travis tells Chris to calm down as he shouts at Alicia. The group look at the reanimated Susan Tran through the fence separating their houses. Nick then says that she is not sick, but dead. Alicia breaks down, realizing that the same happened to Matt and Travis asks Nick why he would say that to which he replies "because it's the truth."

Travis enters the bathroom where Chris is inspecting his nose. Chris is reluctant to let Travis help but after he insists, Chris lets Travis help him wipe the blood off. Travis then checks it and says that it is not broken. Chris asks him what was wrong with Peter and Susan to which Travis replies that people are getting sick. He consoles a worried Chris and says that they will all be alright. They then go to check on the others who are patching up Griselda's injured foot. Madison asks whether they are leaving or not and Travis says they will leave in the morning. Madison objects, saying that the crisis is getting worse, not better. Travis reasons with her and she agrees reluctantly, telling him that if they are staying, then he needs to take care of Peter.

Travis is pulling Peter's wrapped up corpse out of the house when Daniel comes out and suggests getting gas from the car to burn the body so that the sickness will not spread. Travis refuses, saying that no one knows how the sickness spreads. He says that he knew Peter and that he didn't deserve this. After, he is seen having a conversation with Liza about Griselda's injury and how Liza is unable to treat the infection which will eventually lead to organ failure and death. He is then having a conversation with Madison about the happenings of today and Travis comforts Madison, telling her that he won't leave her again.

It is morning and Travis is burying Peter's body. Susan Tran is still trying to get through the fence separating their households and Travis looks at her and says good morning. He then puts out the trash that contains the contents of which were used to wrap Peter's body in. After, he walks in on Daniel teaching Chris how the shotgun works and is greatly displeased, telling Madison "you know how I feel about guns". "The gun doesn't care how you feel about it" retorts Daniel. Before they leave the residence, Madison says she's got one last thing to do. She goes to the fence where Susan is still attempting to get through. She wants to kill her, but Travis tells her that there is a chance she may still have some of her humanity and that a cure may still be a possibility, and she decides to spare her.

Travis yells for Alicia to hurry up as they prepare to leave. Travis drives the truck with Liza and Chris while Madison drives with Alicia and Nick. As they are driving away, he notices that Madison has stopped in her car as she sees Patrick Tran return. She goes to warn him and Travis and the others follow. They witness the National Guard running in and taking Susan's body away.

Shortly after, we see that the National Guard is in the whole neighborhood, and a guard asks Travis and Madison the occupants of Madison's house to which Travis lists all the people currently living in their house including Daniel, Griselda and Ofelia. Travis believes that since the National Guard has arrived, everything will get better.

"Not Fade Away"

By this point, Travis has become an important official for their safe-zone. Travis prepares to attend an announcement from Lieutenant Moyers, the commanding officer of the Safe Zone. Madison fumes at him for playing "man of the people" with the soldiers while she manages the house and kids on her own.

Chris shows Travis his footage of the light and insists someone in the Dead Zone is still alive. Travis dismisses the idea and orders Chris to help Madison around the house.

Officer Moyers flags down Travis and asks him to convince a neighbor, Doug Thompson, to take a mandatory health screening. Mrs. Thomson tells Travis that Doug has been acting strangely since the previous night. Travis speaks with Doug, who is paralyzed with fear over his family's future. Travis urges Doug to take the screening and assure his family that everything is going to be okay — regardless of whether or not he believes it.

Travis and Madison have sex in their car. Sensing that Madison is still angry, Travis faults her for stressing too much over Nick and Alicia's safety. Madison snaps back at him that he should pay attention to Chris, and do something about the light signal that Chris discovered. After Travis sarcastically asks if he should tell Moyers about it and have his soldiers sent to investigate, she shares her doubts about the military, who have not provided them with medicines, information or communications. Maria Thompson arrives with her daughters, panicked and tells Travis that Doug is missing. Travis promises to look for him.

Travis finds Doug’s empty car by the perimeter fence. Officer Moyers tells Travis that Doug was taken into custody after soldiers found him crying in his car. They can't have "head cases" like Doug around camp, Moyers states. Travis mentions the light signals and gives Moyers the location of the house. He shrugs it off, insisting they've already searched that area.

When arriving at the house, Nick and Griselda are taken by the guards and Liza goes with them, Madison confronts him claiming it was Liza's fault. Travis retreats to the roof, distraught. He sees someone signaling from the house in the Dead Zone. A moment later gunfire erupts at the house, followed by darkness.


A distraught Chris asks Travis how they're going to get Liza. Travis reminds Chris that it's Liza's nature to help others, which is why she left with Dr. Exner willingly. Travis then asks him to apologize to Madison, but he refuses and leaves the house.

Travis warns Moyers that others in the community will rise up if Nick, Liza, Griselda, and other neighbors aren't returned soon. Moyers capitulates and orders Castro to prepare his men to take Travis to the command center.

While driving through the Dead Zone, Moyers spots an infected and orders Travis to shoot her. Travis demurs, and Moyers asks if Travis thinks she's still human. "If that's what you think, then we're just a bunch of murderers," he says. Travis takes the gun but is unable to pull the trigger after seeing the Infected's name tag, "Kimberly." Moyers takes over and shoots it in the head. A dazed Travis listens on the vehicle's military radio as soldiers fight the Infected. Castro returns to the vehicle and informs Travis that they're returning him to the safe zone, stating "Moyers isn't coming." When Travis reminds him he was supposed to be taken to the command center, Castro admits he's fleeing to San Diego - to his wife and daughter.

Travis finds Ofelia sitting shell-shocked in the yard. Inside, he asks Madison if she knew about Daniel's plan to torture Adams. "Tell me you didn't know," he says. Madison cannot answer.

In the Trans' basement, Madison arrives with Travis and asks Adams to repeat what he said to Daniel. Adams tells Travis that "Cobalt" is a command code to initiate military evacuation from the Los Angeles basin and humanely terminate the surviving civilians. He says the evacuation will take place at 9 the next morning.

"The Good Man"

The three families prepare to leave their home after hearing of Operation Cobalt from Andrew. Travis argues with Daniel on what to do with Adams. He thinks that without him, they have no way of locating Griselda, Nick and Liza in the command post. Travis persuades Daniel to let him take Andrew with them. At Travis' truck, Andrews begs to be let go as he knows Daniel will kill him eventually, and Travis relents. They head towards one of the checkpoints, and along the way they see a family having a casual night, unaware of the impending situation.

Daniel, Ofelia, Madison, Travis, Alicia and Chris make their way into the compound through another entrance with the distraction the zombies are providing. Alicia and Chris are left behind with the car.

Inside, the four proceed towards the holding cells where they are shocked to find people inside. They ask for Nick and Griselda, and a man asks them if it was a boy with a man in a suit. They realize that they are talking about Nick, so Travis frees everyone by smashing the butt of his rifle on the locks. They find Nick trapped in a hallway with a man named Victor Strand and an approaching group of infected, but the door is locked. However, Liza reunites with the group just in time, barely managing to save them using her security card to override the system and open the door.

Madison and Travis find Chris and Alicia, who tell them soldiers took their SUV while they were gone. Andrew appears and points a gun at Daniel but shoots Ofelia in the arm instead. Enraged, Travis tackles Andrew to the ground and proceeds to brutally beat him until Madison manages to make him stop. He relents and walks away, putting his hands on his truck and shudders, shocked with what he had done.

As they leave the compound, Travis and the group make it to Strand's home where allows to rest and relax until they go on his boat, The Abigail. He notices Madison chases after Liza and follows. Once he catches up to them, he is told Liza was bitten during the rescue and is now infected. He tries to tell Liza that they have medicine, but she explains that the infection cannot be treated. She also informs them that no matter how someone dies, they'll come back and tells Travis not to let that happen to her. She asks him to protect Chris after she's gone and he agrees as they both sob and hold hands. Completely distraught and heartbroken, Travis asks Madison for the gun and shoots Liza. Everyone hears the gunshot. As the others arrive to see what has happened, Travis drops to his knees on the beach and weeps as Madison comforts him and the camera pans out into the ocean.

Season 2


Travis and Madison finish gathering supplies on the beach at Strand's house while bombs drop in the distance and Operation Cobalt begins. As the Zodiac appears on the shore, Travis forces his catatonic son off the beach, carrying his ex-wife's corpse to the boat. They speed off as a hoard of zombies begins to overtake the beach. With everyone on board, the group watches as the raging inferno of Operation Cobalt engulfs the land.

The next day, Travis checks in on Chris in his cabin, but he is still mostly unresponsive. On deck, he and the others spot a small skiff overflowing with passengers. They beg for help, and Madison pleads to rescue the skiff passengers. Travis asks Alicia to scan the radio channels to help figure out a safe destination. Strand tells Travis and Madison that he has set a course for San Diego in the hopes of receiving help from the Navy or border patrol. Madison appeals to Travis to convince Strand to save the skiff, but Travis agrees that they cannot take on additional passengers. A concerned Travis tells Madison that Chris has been sitting next to Liza's body all day. Sensing Madison's anger about the skiff, he maintains that they need to take care of themselves before they help other people.

Travis watches Daniel and Chris talk. When Chris leaves, Travis approaches Daniel to ask him how Chris is doing. "One day Chris will understand what you did for his mother was an act of mercy," Daniel assures Travis.

On deck, the group gathers around Liza's body as Travis delivers a eulogy. Chris suddenly pushes Liza's body into the sea and storms off. Travis follows him below deck, Chris blows up at Travis. "You shot her!", he screams, punching Travis in the face. Travis rejoins the group in the dining room, nursing a bloody lip.

Alicia tells Travis and Madison that a man named Jack needs their help. Strand angrily asks what she revealed to Jack about their situation. She insists that she didn't tell him anything important.

Travis joins the group for dinner and then, afterwards, Chris jumps into the water, sending everyone into a panic, but Chris explains he is just going for a swim. They come across the skiff once more only to find it riddled with bullets while dead bodies and infected float all around. Travis rescues Chris and Nick in the Zodiac.

Travis, Chris, and Nick return to the Abigail. As Strand powers up the boat, Madison who looked at the radar with Strand, tells Travis that whoever shot up the skiff is coming back for them.

"We All Fall Down"

Travis, Madison and Strand go through the skiff's log book that Nick retrieved from the sailboat and says that they have a problem. They deduce that the military has already burned San Diego to the ground. Strand proposes they hide from the fast-approaching ship by retreating to the coastline. Travis suggests Catrina Island, which has a ranger station that may offer supplies and a short-wave radio.

Travis assures Chris that they are going to a safe location. Chris asks how Travis knows it is safe. Travis has no answer.

As the Abigail approaches Catrina Island, Madison sees a light flash inside a house. Madison, Travis, Nick, Alicia, and Chris get off the boat and approach the house that Madison saw from the boat. A young boy — the one from the beach — runs out to greet them. Travis introduces himself to the boy's father, George Geary, and asks permission to dock for the night.

Inside the house, George tells Travis that based on his communication with other ranger stations, he believes the entire country west of the Continental Divide has fallen and the border to Mexico has been completely sealed off. Travis listens to George's plans and beliefs on the apocalypse.

Travis looks for Chris and finds them and tells Chris to return to the boat. He averts his eyes as Chris kills one more infected. After this, he finds George at the house and recalls the days when Chris was mowing lawns and taking out the garbage, rather than killing infected. "This is how we manage now," George says. George enlists Travis' help mending a fence. He tells Travis about a massive herd of infected on a nearby marina and predicts that it is only a matter of time before the herd finds them. Travis asks why George isn't fleeing. "We all die. It's a question of surrender or survival, acceptance or denial," George says.

Madison relays Melissa's request to Travis and insists they rescue Harry and Willa from George's plan to commit suicide or live in constant fear of the world. "You're not taking them, Travis, you're saving them," she says. Travis reluctantly agrees to speak with George. Nick tells the two of the poison he found in George's office and predicts that George is planning on "Jonestown-ing" his family.

Travis, Madison, and Nick return to the Geary house to take Harry and Willa. Melissa is hurriedly explaining some of her children's quirks when George comes in. He angrily demands to know what is happening when the argument is interrupted by Harry. Something is wrong with Willa, he reports. Upstairs, Willa is found dead after ingesting the "power pills" from George's stash. Melissa cradles Willa, who opens her eyes, reanimated, and bites her. George agrees to let Travis take Harry but refuses to join them.

Travis' group sprints to the boat with Harry. Seth chases them down with his rifle and forces them to give Harry back. Melissa, who is now infected, walks toward them on the dock. Seth shoots Melissa while Harry is distracted waving goodbye to Travis and the others.


Madison and Travis start to make love in their stateroom. The boat creaks to a stop. Travis determines that the engine malfunctioned due to a blocked water intake. He says the problem will require him to look under the boat. Madison urges him to wait until sunrise, but Strand and Travis agree that they cannot waste time.

Travis scuba dives into the water and swims to the water intake. He sees an infected Michael flailing beside the hull, his arm stuck in the intake valve. Michael attacks Travis who panics and struggles to escape.

In the engine room, Travis begins removing backed-up sludge from the filtration system and informs Strand that the repairs may take all day. Strand snaps that they cannot wait that long, and to get it done. Travis retorts, offended that he is being treated like "the help" and Strand condescendingly apologises and asks him to "pretty please, fix the goddamn boat." Embarrassed, Travis returns to work.

Travis scuba dives underwater to work on the water intake. Madison hears a noise and sees blood emerge from the spot in the water where Travis was swimming. Michael's body floats to the surface after Travis plunges a knife into his eye socket.

Later, Madison informs Travis of Strand's Baja plans and tells him the house is their best chance at survival. Travis balks at trusting Strand, but Madison argues that they have little choice.

Travis removes the last bit of sludge and a severed hand from the filtration system and fixes the engine. Strand powers the boat up drives it a little closer to shore. When the supply party returns, They have brought Alex and Jake Powell with them. Strand refuses to let the newcomers board the ship. Travis insists that they at least tow Alex's raft to San Diego to give them a chance, but Strand cuts them loose later on.

"Blood in the Streets"

Travis condemns Strand for cutting Alex’s raft loose. However, they are interrupted by a commotion. A group of people board the boat; Read, Vida, and Jack. Travis, Daniel and Madison rush upstairs and interrogate the strangers. Alicia goes upstairs and recognizes one of the men’s voices from the portable radio. “Jack?” she asks. The other man, Reed, punches Travis. Jack and Reed tie everyone up and hold them at gunpoint.

The next day, Reed threatens to shoot Chris if the group doesn’t produce the key to the boat. Travis and Ofelia explain that Strand had the key but Travis offers to start the boat by hotwiring it.

In the wheelhouse, Travis rewires the Abigail. He tells Reed that he must visit the engine room to override the computers. In the engine room, Reed recommends Travis have the boat running by the time Connor arrives, for his own sake. “Prove your value,” he says.

Reed and Travis return from the engine room. Travis hides a crowbar behind a seat cushion before proceeding to the wheelhouse. Travis starts the engine just as Connor arrives. The pirate leader arrives with two other armed pirates and admires the boat. He invites Travis and Alicia to join his community but says he has no need for the others. He grants Alicia’s request to transport her family safely to shore. Alicia and Travis are then hooded and taken away.


Travis wakes up in a cell and tries to pick the lock when a woman approaches. It’s Alex.

Alex tells Travis how Jake and she suffered after Strand cut them loose, that she was forced to throttle Jake on the raft and throw him overboard before he turned because she had nothing to put him down with. She reveals that after Connor saved her, she traded her knowledge of the Abigail for a place among his crew, specifically asking him to capture Travis. Travis tells Alex that he kept her on the raft because he was worried Jake might be infected. “You knew the right thing to do, and you chose the other,” she accuses.

Travis then shares with Alex his burden of trying to set a good example for Chris in the new world, and how he was forced to kill Liza, his son’s mother. “It cost a part of me,” he says, asking Alex how to get it back. "You don't" she flatly replies. Travis apologizes to her and wonders if humanity can be more than what it's become. Alex says sadly that she doesn't know, and leaves. Travis asks what will become of her and she replies that she'll not be used by Connor.

With Jack at her side, Alicia finds Travis and tells him they’re plotting to escape that night. He tells her to go through with the plan without him and take any chance she can to escape.

Later, Jack ties Travis' hands to prepare him for the prisoner exchange. On the pier, Madison hands Reed over to Connor and his men release Travis. Connor removes his brother's hood and is immediately bitten by the undead Reed. Travis and Madison fight off the other two pirates and escape on the Zodiac, picking up Alicia from the water after she jumps in.

"Sicut Cervus"

Travis checks in with Chris on the Abigail. Chris asks why everyone is mad at him. Travis says that, according to Madison, Reed wasn’t infected when Chris shot him. Chris is devastated, thinking Madison is against him but his father assures him that she is still on his side.

From the engine room, Madison's group listens to the conversation between Strand, Luis and two military officers. Gunfire erupts after the officers insist on searching the boat. After the firefight ends, Strand steers the Abigail toward the Mexico coastline.

On land, Strand leads the group into town. Together they fight off a herd of infected parishioners before driving to the Abigail estate and meet Celia Flores, the keeper of the estate.

As the day comes to an end, Madison tells her partner of how his son made a threat to Alicia. Madison confers with Travis about Chris and worries that the boy is sick. Travis defends Chris and angrily wonders why Madison won't offer the same support to Chris that he always gave Nick. Madison decides to sleep in Alicia’s room for protection while Travis sleeps with Chris.

Later, Travis is awakened with everyone else by a gunshot in the night.


While everyone runs toward the estate to where the gunshot was heard, Travis searches for Chris. Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris. She refuses, saying that Chris was holding a knife beside her bed. He continues his search, spots Chris in the vineyard and chases after him in without even stopping to put on shoes.

Travis spends all night searching for Chris in the nearby hills. He finds an infected that Chris stabbed through the head not knowing that Chris is watching him from afar with a newly-acquired pistol. Travis follows a trail of infected bodies left by Chris. He meets a local man inside a shack and explains that he's looking for his son, but the man wants Travis to leave. Travis tries to walk out but collapses, his feet torn and bloody from trekking barefoot all night.

The man in the shack gives him some shoes and tries to shoo him out of the house. He gives the impression that he does not speak English, but Travis spots an English language book. Travis sees movement underneath the bedroom door and demands the truth. The man whispers to Travis that Chris threatened to hurt his son if he didn't make Travis leave. Travis barges into the room and finds Chris holding the man’s son at gunpoint.

Travis knocks the gun out of Chris' hand and tackles him outside. Chris grabs Travis' knife from his belt and slashes at Travis his father wrestles the knife from him. "I'm no good," Chris says as Travis realizes just how damaged his son has become.

Nick, covered in walker gore, arrives and asks Travis to return saying that Madison needs him. Travis says that Chris needs him more and that the boy is not ready to be around people yet. He asks Nick to tell Madison that he couldn't find him. Nick agrees and leaves Travis with a knife for protection.

Travis and Chris wander through the hillside, noticing the fire suddenly consuming the estate.

"Do Not Disturb"

Travis and Chris travel along a dirt road, Travis still limping from his foot injuries. Chris offers his father a candy bar, suggesting that they take a break in the shade but Travis insists they need to find shelter for the night. As he drinks from a water bottle, Travis notices an abandoned car and heads toward it.

As Travis inspects the car, Chris says he wants to check a nearby diner for supplies. Travis wants to teach him how to hotwire a vehicle and says they can explore afterwards but Chris insists, saying he is good at protecting himself. "That's what worries me." Travis replies. Chris promises to return at the first sign of trouble and Travis relents, tossing a crowbar to his son for defense. Travis continues to work on the car as Chris heads off.

Just as Travis starts up the car Chris sprints back, claiming that he found supplies but the infected are coming. He omits to tell Travis about the survivors he stole from, and father and son drive away in their new ride. Chris looks back anxiously as a man exits the diner and watches them leave, but Travis is busy driving and doesn't notice.

Travis and Chris continue to drive as night falls. Travis winces as his injured feet makes driving painful, but he reassures Chris that he is fine. He suggests Chris loot the glove compartment, then pulls over and offers to let Chris drive. With Chris behind the wheel, Travis tends to his injuries. Chris apologizes for causing them, and Travis asks him not to run away again. Chris avoids an infected on the road, and they joke about driving techniques. When Chris mentions there's not much need for learning three-point turns anymore, Travis states his faith that somewhere, the authorities must be rebuilding civilization. "We can get back what we lost," he tells his son and Chris sadly disagrees, clearly thinking about his dead mother Liza. The car begins to run out of fuel.

Chris pulls into a clearing. They set up a campfire and cook the food Chris looted. They reminisce about camping as a family before the apocalypse and discuss Liza. Travis changes the subject to their future plans but Chris seems disappointed by Travis' idea of holing up in the mountains. Suddenly they spot a pickup truck driving towards their camp, so they douse the fire and hide in bushes as three men enter the clearing with flashlights. Chris recognizes them as the survivors he stole from in the diner, but Travis reveals himself anyway after the leader of the group says they have no ill will toward them, inviting the newcomers to join the camp. The man, impressed by Chris' earlier "badassery", politely accepts and introduces himself as Brandon, and his friends Derek and James.

Travis and Brandon discuss their activities after an early-warning trap against infected is set up. The men came to Mexico for camping and partying, but have been trying to get back to San Diego since the infection started. Brandon notices their uneasy looks at the mention of his hometown and asks what they know. Travis replies that both L.A. and San Diego were heavily bombed by the military as part of Operation Cobalt. Travis becomes curt as Brandon dismisses this news and the discussion leads to the subject of killing "the wasted" (as this group calls them) and states he and his son will be leaving in the morning. Brandon asks them to join his group heading back to the U.S. but Travis refuses and requests fuel for their car instead. Brandon says their supply is too low to share but offers a ride to the next town.

In the tent, Travis argues with Chris about their next move. Chris wants to stick with Brandon's group, but Travis does not trust them and is unwilling to fall into their debt. Chris accuses Travis of not wanting to leave the area because he wants to eventually rejoin Madison, and Travis counters by saying he thinks this group is dangerous. When Chris coldly replies that maybe that's what it takes, Travis puts his foot down and refuses to discuss the matter further. Chris stares at him resentfully but eventually lays down to sleep while Travis huddles in the doorway of the tent keeping watch.

The next day, Travis rides in the back of the pickup with Brandon while looking on disapprovingly as his son bonds with Derek and James over their partying stories. Brandon tries to give Travis reasons for why the fall of civilization is "awesome" such as no cops and no bill payments, but Travis stubbornly disagrees. Sitting in the front, Chris notices a farm and they pull in to investigate it.

They find no supplies in the house or trailers. Brandon asks James if he found any marijuana growing in the fields, and James replies that there's a water pump supplied by a well behind the house. Disappointed, the three men decide to check the nearby barn. Travis hangs back and tries to convince Chris that they should stay on this farm once the others leave. Chris disagrees, saying they need to be in a group. Travis says that they had one before, but Chris dismisses his father and joins the others.

As Chris and his new friends chase the chickens they found in the barn, Travis comes across a shovel and three fresh graves under a tree. Travis realizes that the farm is probably not abandoned and he rushes to warn the others. Brandon and the others ignore him, too busy chasing their prizes. Suddenly the homeowner storms into the barn with his shotgun raised. He yells at them in Spanish and aims his gun at Brandon, who points a pistol right back. Travis attempts to communicate with the man and resolve the situation peacefully, telling Brandon to put down his gun. Unfortunately, James escalates the standoff by breaking a chicken's neck. The man shoots James in the thigh, and Travis watches in horror as Chris shoots the man with James' gun, hitting him in the chest. Travis kneels down beside the dying man, then looks back at Chris. Chris offers Travis his hand to get back up but Travis ignores it, looking disgustedly at the dead man on the barn floor.

"Pillar of Salt"

A heavily-bearded Travis appears at the end of the episode. He stands in the hills overlooking the Rosarito Beach Hotel and spots the hotel’s neon sign as it lights up. As the camera pans around, he is revealed to be alone and he begins his journey toward the hotel.

"Date of Death"

As a swarm of refugees gather at the hotel's gates demanding to be let in, Madison notices Travis at the back of the crowd.

The episode flashes back to the aftermath of the standoff in "Do Not Disturb" between Brandon's group and the farmer, with Chris putting down the dead man by shooting him in the head as Travis stares numbly at the corpse while his ears ring from the gunshot.

Travis pulls himself out of his daze as a wounded James cries out in pain. Taking control of the situation, he reveals that his career as a teacher also involved first aid training and limited medical knowledge, so he examines James' gunshot wound. He expresses relief that the bullet went clean through and goes into the farmhouse to find anything to stitch the wound, finding a sewing kit. James screams as Travis closes the entry wound and experiences intense pain when they turn him over to stitch the exit wound. Travis reassures James that when he's finished, they won't move him again. Brandon interjects, demanding to know how long they will have to stay put and Travis replies until James is better. Derek is relieved that James will recover, but Brandon looks unconvinced.

As the sun wanes, a lone Travis buries the farmer alongside his family and constructs a wooden grave marker, commenting that he has no name to mark it with.

That night Travis checks up on James as the others feast on the chickens and drink beer, asking about his pain on a 1-10 scale. James seems to be covering up his true level of pain, looking nervously over to the others, and Travis kneels down and quietly says to tell him if the pain gets worse and to get some rest. When James asks if he wants any chicken Travis declines, stating they should be eating the eggs instead.

He then pulls Chris aside and denounces him for not feeling any remorse for killing the farmer. Chris defends himself by saying he had no choice when the man shot James, leading Travis to call Brandon and his friends savages. Chris retorts by saying the current world they live in is shed of morals or concepts of right and wrong. "It's us or them." He then gives Travis the same advice he once gave Chris regarding school bullies; to play along. He urges his father to be careful how he handles this, saying they still need the others. When Travis objects, Chris replies "I do" and walks away to rejoin his friends.

Back at the hotel, Travis forces his way to the front of the crowd. Alicia and Madison vouch for him as family to the others, and as they open the gate Alicia ask him where Chris is. Travis shakes his head despondently as the Hotel survivors attempt to let Travis through while blocking the rest of the crowd. Successfully letting him through, Madison rushes to hug him and they hold each other closely, walking toward the hotel proper.

Looking over the balcony of Madison's room, Travis turns down food and a shower. He asks about Nick, and Madison replies that he has run off like he always does. She suspects he is somewhere north in Tijuana and asks about Chris. Travis sits sadly on the bed and tells Madison he had no choice. She asks again where Chris is, and another flashback to the farm occurs.

The group continue to stay at the farm for a week while James's leg heals, but want to leave once the chickens are all eaten. Travis repeats that they should have eaten eggs, and Brandon says he's getting tired of Travis' opinions. Travis then expresses concern about James' condition, but a clearly fearful James says he is fine and ready to leave. When he asks where the group is headed, Brandon says they are going back to San Diego and dismisses Travis' report of the city's burning as "bullshit." Chris agrees with Brandon against Travis, saying that although they saw it burn, they never actually landed there. Brandon loses his temper with Travis, saying this is not a debate and if Travis wants to come, he must stop questioning Brandon's leadership.

Before they leave, Travis examines the farmhouse one last time, looking at photos of the family now buried outside. He searches a drawer and finds a driver's license, finally revealing the farmer's name as Elías Suarez. Travis carves Elias' name onto his grave marker but realizes he has forgotten the date. He asks an impatient Chris but his son has lost track as well, failing to see the point.

Travis travels in the back of the truck with James to monitor his progress, where it becomes obvious that James has not yet recovered. He tells Brandon to stop the vehicle, convinced that James will die if they continue on. That night, Travis listens from behind the barn door as Brandon, Derek and Chris discuss dealing with James. He confronts the three of them and tries to convince them to give James the opportunity to heal, saying he just needs time. Brandon is too impatient and refuses to change his mind. Seeing no other option, Travis snatches Chris' gun and threatens them to stay away from James. When Brandon mocks him and says he doesn't have the balls to defend himself, Travis fires a warning shot at Brandon's feet, scaring him. Travis bars the door and stands vigil over James, protecting him from these so-called friends. James wakes and explains to Travis the reasoning behind their decision to kill him, calling himself dead weight and that they want to kill him before he turns. Travis laments that everyone seems to have the same story, referring to an earlier conversation he had with another survivor, Alex.

The following day, Chris enters the barn to talk to his father, saying he realizes that Travis trying to teach him that life matters and no one is disposable. Chris manipulates his father into letting his guard down and as Travis goes to hug him, he subdues Travis and calls to the others. They burst into the barn and Derek helps Chris hold down Travis at gunpoint while Brandon executes James, who is begging for his life. Chris stares coldly at his father while James is killed, then retrieves his gun while Travis is distracted by the sight of James' corpse, having failed to save a second person from these ruthless survivors.

After murdering their friend, Brandon, Derek and Chris decide to leave. The trio abandon Travis due to their conflicting survival methods. Travis begs Chris not to go but Chris claims it is for the best. He says he has adapted, that Travis is holding him back and he cannot make the hard choices that this new world demands.

Travis continues to beg Chris to reconsider as the truck pulls away, finally damning him as it picks up speed and his son leaves to begin a new life with his friends.

Before leaving the farm for good, Travis takes the time to dig one final grave for James. Accepting that he no longer knows the day or month, Travis settles on marking James' date of death with simply the year he died in - 2010.

Finishing the story, Travis then tells Madison how he walked two days looking for the ocean before finally reaching it and seeing the hotel's lit-up sign when Madison activated it. Travis laments how he failed to keep the promise he made to Liza to protect their child while Madison tries to console him. He agonizes over his past decisions, the fact that he forgot to tell Chris he loves him, and that the last thing Chris heard him say was "God damn you." His spiral of self-blame leads Madison to realize she needs to be honest with Alicia about her upbringing and father's death.

That evening Travis finally showers in his hotel room and five survivors approach the hotel gates Brandon and Derek are among them, Chris is not.


Madison watches over Travis as he sleeps on the couch. When he awakens, she continues to console him and promises to continue supporting him. She tells him to come downstairs when he is ready.

Alicia brings Travis a meal and comments on how delicious the food is because it's cooked in lard. She draws the curtains and apologies to Travis for what she said during the last time they were all together. Travis understands and apologizes for not seeing Chris for who he truly was, and for not protecting Alicia better. She tells him that it's okay.

Later, Madison is in the hotel carpark discussing the new survivors to the hotel with Hector and Alicia while two loud U.S. men are making racist, insulting jokes about the other survivors and demanding medical attention. Madison silences and questions them. She learns Brandon's name, that he was hurt in a car accident and that the driver was killed. She quickly realizes they must be the same men who Chris abandoned Travis for and rushes to Victor to explain the situation to him. He says Travis must not find out they are here and asks whether she believes Travis could handle learning of Chris' death. Madison agrees that it would kill him, and tries to get Brandon and Derek out of the compound by tricking them into thinking they are getting medical treatment. Unfortunately, this makes a commotion as other survivors demand medicine too, so Travis spots them from an upstairs window and comes down to confront the pair, demanding to know where Chris is. When Brandon avoids the question, Travis yanks his injured arm painfully until Derek says they'll answer if they are given a car to leave in. Madison instantly agrees to this condition, to the annoyance of Andrés and Oscar.

Brandon and Derek claim that Chris died as a result of a car crash and flew through the windshield of the pickup they were driving, saying he had a broken neck from the impact. Travis is devastated as the scene plays out in his head, but immediately notices irregularities in their story when Derek says they dragged Chris out of the car to bury him despite Brandon's earlier claim that Chris was thrown through the windshield. Travis calmly asks them whether Chris was thrown or dragged. When they stammer for an answer, Travis locks Madison and the others out of the room before angrily beating the two men, commanding they tell him the truth. Madison attempts to calm Travis through the door, but he doesn't stop until a cowering Brandon says what really happened.

Brandon tells him that they murdered Chris after the crash, saying that they had to because his severely broken leg made him a liability. The scene plays out again in Travis' mind, this time showing Brandon mercilessly shooting his son in the head as Chris tries to crawl away. Travis enters a psychotic rage, proceeding to beat Brandon and Derek to death in his wrath, as a piercing mental screech deafens him to Madison's pleading. Oscar uses the hotel keys to open the door and try to interfere, but Travis brutally slams the door on the innocent man's head. He collapses and Travis relocks the door, ignoring Madison. He relents for a moment until Derek attempts to fight back. He kills Derek by throwing him through a glass door and stomps Brandon's head several times. As he once again imagines Chris' body laying on the road Travis quietly sits in a corner, out of breath and dazed.


The episode starts immediately after the events of Wrath, with Travis still sitting dazed in a corner, the bodies of Brandon and Derek bleeding out nearby. Hector smashes a window to get into the locked room, and Travis barely reacts as shards of glass fly past him. Madison tries to talk to him, but Elena arrives. Upon seeing the bloodbath, she orders several other hotel survivors to haul him away for everyone's safety as Oscar is taken for medical attention. Madison tries to explain Travis' actions, but Strand holds her back, telling her they don't care. Taking Alicia's knife, Madison returns inside to put down Derek and stabs a now-reanimated Brandon through the eye.

Victor urges Madison to let Travis go. He reminds her of her own decree: anyone who commits violence against another resident is exiled from the hotel. His argument is strong, so Alicia suggests that they just leave with Travis, as they have obviously lost their place at the hotel. Victor scoffs at this, claiming they can earn it back by not defending him. Madison feels bad for Alicia losing a safe haven, but Alicia does not want to abandon Travis to a lonely death, saying "we can't let that be who we are." Alicia insists they can find another place together, but that they have already lost too many people to simply send Travis to his death. Convinced, Madison invites Victor to come along, but he angrily rebuffs her stating that he's not dying for any of them.

Travis paces in a locked room as Madison negotiates with Elena. She agrees to release Travis into Madison's custody on the condition they all leave at dawn. Hector protests, but Elena says she's tired and that Madison earned this by helping them in the past. Hector concedes but stalks away angrily as Madison goes inside to tell Travis of the agreement. He doesn't want them to leave with him but Madison says the decision has been made. He goes with Madison to their room. Meanwhile, Andrés tells Hector and Alicia that the swelling on Oscar's brain requires surgery. After Hector berates her for Travis' rampage, Andrés tells Alicia to leave before he begins.

That night, Travis confesses to Madison that he has changed, and feels no regret over the deaths of Brandon and Derek. She replies that they deserved their fates. She then reveals that she killed Celia to protect Nick, and hints at a darker past that existed before the apocalypse. Travis looks at her with surprise, then understanding, as she says they will have to kill again, but they will need each other for support in those times. He agrees, and they hug. Downstairs, Oscar succumbs to his head injuries from Travis and the unskilled brain surgery attempted his brother. Andrés stabs him in the brain to prevent reanimation, while Hector glares angrily. Together, Andrés and Hector decide to break Elena's deal with the Manawa/Clarke family and execute Travis for his crimes.

As Alicia and Madison sleep in the bed and Travis lays on the couch, he hears a door slamming and sees Hector, Andrés and several other hotel residents break into the room. Knowing they are there to kill him, he asks to be taken where his family cannot see, but Hector punches him to the ground, waking the Clark women. Both are restrained by one of the hotel survivors as Andrés points a gun at Travis' head, asking why he should get to walk away while Oscar lies dead. Travis agrees that it is unfair and offers his life if it means Alicia and Madison can leave safely. As the Clarks struggle and Andrés prepares to pull the trigger, Alicia suddenly breaks free and stabs him in the heart, killing him instantly. Hector shouts and slams Alicia against the wall but Travis throws him onto the couch and punches him repeatedly, then fights off another hotel survivor. As Hector reaches for Andrés' gun, Victor snatches it away and orders the hotel survivors to get out. Once they are gone, he motions the family to leave. Travis pulls Alicia along; she is still staring, horrified, at her first human kill. Victor escorts the family to an SUV to escape in but decides to stay at the hotel settlement. He hands Madison the gun and watches as Travis rams the vehicle through the hotel security gates, knocking one right off its hinges.

Madison then directs Travis to the abandoned Los Hermanos' base to search for clues as to Nick's whereabouts. He helps Madison loot the pockets of corpses, finding an address to La Colonia as Alicia looks on shocked.

Travis pulls up to the breached Wall of La Colonia and they find bodies inside; infected gunned down by Marco's assault. Sending Alicia back to the car, Travis and Madison carefully work their way through the desolate stronghold, looting weapons and ammunition as they move forward. Rounding a corner, they run into the remaining Wall infected, as well as many reanimated members of the gang including Marco and Antonio. Retreating, they find Alicia has entered La Colonia and is tending to a dying Alejandro she found on the bus. Travis stands guard as Madison asks Alejandro if he knew Nick, and Alejandro points them north, toward the border before finally dying from a bite wound. Madison stabs him to prevent reanimation.

Season 3

"Eye of the Beholder"

Travis is captured and Soldiers bring Travis to a barrack and measure his height and weight. Travis is carted off to a different destination than Madison and Alicia. Travis watches as soldiers shoot a prisoner in a bathroom and write a number on his head. He’s then taken to a holding area full of people placed in a room along with Nick and Luciana. Another captive, Steven, leads a revolt against the Militiamen that captured them, who are revealed to be murdering the captives in order to study the time it takes them to reanimate. In the storage room, Troy Otto questions Travis about his connection to Madison, and his ethnicity. He's impressed by Travis' Maori "warrior" heritage. Travis tells Troy that Luciana is dying and requires immediate medical attention. Troy shrugs and declares that "everyone here dies", and orders Travis to sit.

Steven tells Travis they can escape the depot via sewer tunnels that lead to the border. Travis agrees to help. Nick and Luciana manage to escape while Travis is recaptured and forced to fight in a pit of walkers, managing to kill them all by using the environment at his disposal. As a herd of walkers break out, Travis escapes in the helicopter alongside Jake, Luciana, Alicia and Charlene.

"The New Frontier"

The helicopter receives gunfire from an unknown party as Travis is shot in the stomach and out the neck. Realizing the situation is dire as he will either die from blood loss or due to shock, he opens the helicopter door and falls to his death after reluctance from Alicia.

"Sleigh Ride"

In Madison's dream sequence, Travis is seen mainly through pictures in her house. After Madison is dragged into Jeremiah Otto's grave, Travis appears briefly in an effort to pull her out. However, he fails and she is dragged back under.


Killed By

As the helicopter Travis is in begins taking fire from Lee, one of the bullets pierces through Travis' stomach and comes out of his neck.

  • Himself (Suicide)

A shocked and mortally wounded Travis opens the helicopter door and unbuckles himself from his seat, attempting to throw himself out of the helicopter. Alicia attempts to stop Travis, but freezes upon noticing his stomach wound. Travis then loses consciousness and falls out of the helicopter, plunging to his death. Due to his brain not being destroyed, it is possible that he reanimated.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Travis has killed:


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Madison Clark

Travis met Madison during his time as a teacher and eventually fell in love with her. While their relationship sometimes struggles due to complications within their respective families, such as Travis' strained relationship with Chris and Madison's struggle to keep Nick off drugs, they are shown to deeply care about each other and will do anything to keep each other safe. They defend one another against infected many times and agree to present a united front to the rest of the group, especially their children. Their relationship is further strained as Chris' behavior deteriorates, his lies and actions lead a massive argument between the two parents, and Travis is hurt and betrayed when Madison seems to want the boy gone. Travis rushes after Chris when his son flees the compound, and refuses to come back with Nick when he finds them. Although Nick says that Madison needs Travis, he decides that his son must come first and they set off together. Nick agrees not to tell Madison that he found the two.

When Madison inadvertently alerts Travis to the hotel settlement, they reunite. Despite objections from other survivors, Madison demands he be let in and they embrace each another as they catch up on events. After Travis unleashes his rage on the killers of his son in "Wrath", Madison and Travis discuss their future together. They agree to embrace the apocalypse and that together they can face anything this world throws at them, including killing other survivors.

Chris Manawa

"God damn you, Chris!"
—Travis' last words to Chris[src]

Travis has a very strained relationship with Chris due to the divorce with Liza. Being repeatedly pushed away by his son's hostile attitude towards him in the days leading up to the end of the world, Travis eventually gives up on him and cancels his upcoming weekend with Chris. They reunite during the city riots and Chris begins listening to Travis at the suggestion of her mother, who wouldn't be with him unless the situation was dire. Later, Chris starts to feel comfortable around his father and when Chris was worried about his mother leaving with the military, Travis assures him that she will be fine and that he needs him to be strong, the two then embrace each other.

After a bitten Liza was put down by Travis, his relationship with Travis hits rock bottom. Chris could not understand why Travis would do it, thinking that Liza could have been saved. He punches his father after her funeral and remains distant until they arrive in the Baja property, where things took a turn for the worst. Madison argues with Travis that Chris has become unstable and dangerous, saying he threatened Alicia but Travis refuses to believe this. That night, Travis and his son share a room but a restless Chris goes to see Alicia, who is sleeping with her mother. He then flees from the house after Madison wakes to find him holding the knife on her bedside table and shouts at him to get out.

Travis pursues Chris him into the night, so desperate to find him that he doesn't even stop to put shoes on. He finds Chris the next day and is disturbed when his son takes a young boy hostage, and points a gun at Travis. Travis chases Chris out of the house and disarms him. During the struggle, Chris slashes at his father several times with a knife before Travis manages to gain the upper hand. Travis finally realizes that his son is too broken to be around others and decides to leave Madison and the others to be with Chris.

As Travis and his son roam Mexico together, their relationship shows signs of improvement as Travis begins to act more fatherly toward to Chris. This is shown by their shared enjoyment when Travis allows Chris to drive the car they're travelling in, as Chris never learned before the apocalypse started. They continue to care for each other until they encounter Brandon, James and Derek. Chris takes an immediate liking to the trio but Travis judges them dangerous, which puts yet another rift between the pair and destroys what little progress they were making. Chris continues to be influenced by the three ruthless survivors, eventually siding with them when they kill an innocent survivor and then execute James for becoming injured in the confrontation. This devastates Travis as he begins to see that Chris has changed, but he doesn't stop trying to get through to him.

When the three abandon Travis and drive off, he is heartbroken and angry at his corrupted son. Travis shouts his final words to the boy as they leave: "God damn you, Chris!". He later confesses to Madison that he regrets not telling Chris he loved him.

After learning that Brandon murdered his son when Chris was seriously injured in a car crash, Travis beats Brandon and Derek to death in grief-fueled rage, showing just how much he loved his son.

Liza Ortiz

"And the best thing we ever did together was our son."
—Travis' final words for Liza[src]

Travis was Liza’s ex-husband and the father of her son, Chris. Although divorced by the time Fear The Walking Dead begins they remained on decent terms, organizing weekends for Chris and Travis to spend time together and even discussing Nick's condition. Travis and Liza also attempted to deal with their son's attitude towards Travis, whom Chris partly blamed for the separation. Despite the divorce, they worked together to raise their son as well as they could. When Chris was caught in the middle of a protest, Liza traveled with Travis to locate their son.

Ultimately, Liza and Travis respected one another and shared the same love for their only son, determined to protect him when the apocalypse began. When Liza was bitten, she placed her trust in Travis to put her down before she turned. Although Travis was hesitant to pull the trigger, she convinced him that he would be doing it for their son, then makes Travis promise to take care of Chris. Travis agrees, breaking down in tears after shooting her.

Travis delivers her eulogy aboard the Abigail. He expresses admiration for her kindness, strength and love for their son before Chris abruptly shoves her body overboard, ending the funeral.

After Chris leaves his father and is killed at the hands of other survivors, Travis laments that he failed to keep his promise to Liza.

Nicholas Clark

"Chris can't come back, not now."
—Travis to Nick about leaving[src]

Pre-apocalypse, Travis is shown to care greatly about Nick's well-being, with a history of helping Madison track him down when he disappeared and staying with Nick in the hospital when Madison goes to work. When everyone begins arguing in the hospital room, Travis is the one to calm the situation down. At first Nick seems hostile to Travis' involvement in his life but as time progresses Nick begins to trust Travis, telling him about events at the church and how what he saw is making him fear for his sanity. Nick later calls Travis after Calvin tries to murder him, asking Travis not to bring Madison, but he does anyway. Together, they survive an attack by the reanimated Calvin and look on in horror as the corpse continues to move even after Nick strikes it multiple time with Travis' truck.

Hours after, Travis departs to pick up Liza and Chris and an anxious Clark family awaits his return, Nick expresses doubt to Madison that Travis will return, suggesting that "maybe he went home" implying Travis has abandoned them for his ex-wife and son. However, Travis makes it back and later participates in the rescue of Nick from the command post as the military prepares for Operation Cobalt.

Their relationship continues to improve during the second season, even as Travis and Chris' declines. Nick and Chris are attacked by infected from a bullet-riddled boat and Travis pilots the Zodiak raft toward them; fighting off infected to save Chris then diving into the walker-infested water to pull Nick in. On Catarina Island, Nick offers to help Travis with Chris and he later informs Travis and Madison about the poison pills found in George's office.

When Travis goes after a fleeing Chris in Baja, Nick tracks them overnight to a nearby village. Planning to leave the group himself, Nick asks Travis to stay with Madison and says she needs him, but he respects Travis' decision to leave with Chris and agrees to tell Madison he couldn't find the pair. He offers Travis his own knife for protection and leaves them to their journey.

After finally reuniting with Madison and Alicia, Travis asks where Nick is. He then helps search for clues to Nick's whereabouts at the supermarket and La Colonia.

Alicia Clark

"I'm sorry that I didn't believe you. I'm sorry that I haven't protected you better."
—Travis to Alicia[src]

Like her brother, Alicia is disrespectful toward Travis at first, questioning his involvement in family business and sarcastically asking if he's happy he moved in. She is present to witness Travis beat Andy near to death after Ofelia is shot. The family escapes with Victor Strand as Operation Cobalt is enacted and Los Angeles burns.

The day after their escape to the Abigail Travis, Alicia and Daniel witness an overladen boat with people calling for aid. When Alicia asks if they're going to help the other survivors, Travis distracts her by asking her to use the radio to search for safety. While doing this, Alicia makes contact with Jack and asks Travis if they can find him, angering Victor when he overhears and prompting him to explain three rules of the boat.

When Travis and Alicia are kidnapped by Jack and Connor to serve in Connor's pirate crew, Alicia immediately asks to see Travis but is refused. She convinces Jack to take her to Travis' cell and they talk about escape, with Travis urging Alicia to leave him behind if it makes escape easier. She refuses, blaming herself for drawing Connor's attention via the radio, but Travis tells her that Alex gave their location to the pirates. As Jack pulls Alicia away, Travis reiterates how she needs leave without him if given the chance. They end up escaping together when Madison arrives and tricks Connor into a prisoner swap with his undead brother.

At the Baja house, Travis refuses to believe Alicia's account of his son's actions when Madison tells him. He angrily shouts that Alicia is his daughter as well, and is more upset about Madison giving up on Chris than he is about what Alicia said. Later in the evening Travis asks Alicia to help him search for Chris, but she refuses due to anger and fear of him, having just woken up to him standing over her with a knife. Travis denies that Chris would ever hurt her and leaves alone to look for his son.

Later, after Travis arrives at the hotel settlement, he and Alicia both apologize for events during "Shiva". When he later murders Brandon, Derek and Oscar in a rage over the first twos' involvement in Chris' death, Alicia convinces her mother to stop bargaining for a place at the hotel, and simply leave with Travis instead. She refuses to accept Strands idea to abandon Travis, arguing that they have already lost too many people.

Later that night when Travis is held at gunpoint by Oscar's vengeful brother, Alicia stabs Andrés in the heart, killing her first human survivor to save Travis.

Daniel Salazar

Daniel first refuses to give refuge to the Manawa family in his barbershop, but relents when his wife Griselda tells him to let them in and together they listen as rioters and infected tear the city apart. The two families later flee the chaos together in Travis' truck after Griselda is injured, and Daniel uses a shotgun to save Travis from an infected neighbor upon arriving at the Clark residence. The families decide to hole up for the night, and Daniel advises Travis to burn the infected corpse. Daniel is reluctant to accept further help from Travis and his family, calling it "debt" and wants to leave as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the military arrives and the Salazars are forced to stay in the house. A few weeks later, Travis is furious when he finds out about Daniel's interrogation of Andrew, but anger quickly turns to horror as the tortured soldier tells them of Operation Cobalt; the plan to abandon civilians and conduct "humane termination". Travis and Daniel then argue about whether to execute Andrew, but then decide to bring him along to map out the compound. When Daniel finds out Travis released the soldier, he is disgusted that Travis could allow such a liability.

Aboard the Abigail, Travis sees Daniel talking with Chris, and asks what he said. Daniel attempts to comfort Travis, telling him the boy will understand one day that killing Liza was a mercy. Later he attends Lizas funeral and listens to Travis' speech. That evening, the group starts bonding over meal of fish that Daniel caught. When the boat is later boarded by pirates looking to take over the vessel, Travis buys time for the group by faking mechanical problems in the boat. He also manages to sneak a crowbar to the other captives, which Daniel uses to cut his bonds and later torture Reed with. Together they fight off a horde of undead parishioners, but Travis is too distracted by Chris' actions to notice Daniel's mental decline.

Daniel initially considers Travis a good man, but weak and unsuitable for survival after an argument about guns and witnessing Travis' inability to kill infected. However, after Travis beats Andrew near to death for shooting Daniel's daughter, he seems to have changed his opinion on Travis and respects him as a survivor and father.

Ofelia Salazar

Travis and Ofelia have had very little interaction with each other. However, what little interaction their has been seems to be positive.

Victor Strand

The owner of the boat Travis travels on in Season 2. Travis stands up to Strand but only when he absolutely has to.


"I get that you got issues with protocol, but I can't concern myself with civilian problems"
—Moyers shrugs off Travis' demand to see Nick[src]

Lieutenant Moyers and Travis start off with a relatively positive relationship; Travis respects the lieutenant's authority and Moyers sees Travis as the unofficial leader of the civilians living in the safe-zone, asking him to assist in dealing with others in the zone and even calling him "Mr. Mayor" on several occasions (though often sarcastically). Their relationship becomes much more tense after the Army takes Nick away at gunpoint and Travis begins standing up for his community.

Travis argues with Lieutenant Moyers about the abduction the next day, demanding to visit the command post where Nick, Liza and Griselda were taken. He warns that the civilians will not continue to accept such treatment, which Moyers perceives as a threat. On the way to the compound, Moyers orders their vehicle to stop and tries to force Travis to shoot a roaming infected while accusing him of being a contentious objector who refuses to dirty his hands, shouting down a soldier who offers to take the shot instead. Travis refuses to fire after seeing the infected's nametag through the scope, Moyers then mocks him and puts the walker down with a headshot.

When Moyers is later killed during a skirmish with infected in an overrun building, his fleeing soldiers take Travis back to the safe-zone. Travis ultimately has no emotional reaction to the death of Moyers, simply asking the now-deserting soldiers whether they will still take him to the command post, but is turned down as they leave to find their own loved ones.

Douglas Thompson

"It is going to be okay. That's what you say."
—Travis trying to comfort Douglas[src]

Travis and Douglas have a seemingly cordial relationship, having once drunk beer together while discussing cars. While Travis claims to not really know the man, Doug's wife Maria believes that the man likes Travis a great deal. Travis agrees to talk with him after Doug locks himself in his bedroom and refuses to talk with soldiers conducting medical screening. Travis successfully convinces Douglas leave the room and be checked by the medical personnel, and his talk with Travis seems to help calm his nerves.

Later that night, Maria arrives at the Clark household panicking that Doug has gone missing. Travis heads out to look for him, but finds only Doug's abandoned car by the perimeter fence. The next day, Travis is told by Lieutenant Moyer that the military was ordered to take Doug away, deeming him a liability to the safe-zone when they found him sobbing in his car, suggesting his talk with Travis didn't help Doug in the long-run.

George Geary

Despite knowing each other for just a short time, they develop a quick friendship over beer. George shares Travis' love for books and displays great interest in Travis' Māori heritage. Although they seem to disagree on the philosophy of the outbreak, Travis doesn't argue the point. George also shares information on the condition of the country and lets the group stay in his home for the night, calling them "new friends". Travis is grateful for the generosity, and the next day helps him expand his fence to defend from infected on the island. When his wife Melissa and daughter are killed in an accident later that day, George asks Travis to take his youngest son away on the Abigail but as they prepare to leave, Seth appears and takes Harry back at gunpoint, not realizing his father's change of heart. Travis looks on sadly as the boat departs and Seth is forced to shoot his infected mother.


"What you did to that boy, I did the same to my son's mother. So I know what it costs... it cost a part of me."
—Travis confides his moral struggles to Alex[src]

Travis first meets Alex when she is brought to the Abigail by Daniel and the kids as they return from looting the remains of the plane crash that she and Jake Powell survived. Victor refuses to let them aboard, but Travis convinces him to compromise, allowing them to tow the two survivors to San Diego and offer food, water and supplies. As the conversation progresses, Alex stares at Travis, speechless that there could even be a debate. Although he is not present to witness Victor coldly cutting the raft loose, Alex holds Travis primarily to blame. After being set adrift and captured by the pirate gang, she trades information on the Abigail for a place on their crew, requesting that they specifically bring Travis back to her. Upon finding him imprisoned in the pirate base, she tells the story of how she was forced to put down Jake and the responsibility Travis holds for that murder. Alex and Travis then discuss morality in the apocalypse, and Travis expresses concern for her wellbeing before he eventually escapes the compound.

Brandon Luke




James McCallister


Elena and the Rosarito Beach Hotel survivors

"He killed two people, he hurt one of our own!"
—Elena as she has Travis taken away[src]

Elena and the other hotel survivors hold a very hostile attitude toward Travis, a justified point of view considering he attacked three of their residents without explanation soon after his arrival, beating Brandon and Derek to death and injuring Oscar Diaz so severely that he dies shortly after. Although this was due to the first twos' murder of Chris, Elena does not seem to care.

She absolutely refuses to allow Travis to remain and decides to exile Travis from the settlement. However, upon the death of his brother, a vengeful Andrés Diaz enlists help from Hector and several other occupants to execute Travis for the crime, During the attempt, Andrés is killed by Alicia in her stepfather's defense and the hotel survivors probably blame Travis for this death as well.

Luciana Galvez


Troy Otto


Jake Otto



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  • The casting call for this character used the name Sean Cabrera.
    • Travis was described as "Early 40s. Latino. He is a good man trying to do right by everyone in his life."
  • Travis was the first foreigner to appear in the television continuity, as his biography suggests that he is from New Zealand.
  • Travis is an English baby name meaning ‘crossing’, ‘crossroads’ and ‘toll gate’. His surname Manawa is also a baby name of Māori origin meaning ‘heart’.
  • Travis' official name was revealed in a press release by AMC on May 11, 2015, as Travis Posada, although his surname was later changed to Manawa.[2]
  • Actor Cliff Curtis provided his description of Travis: "He's an idealist coupled with being an optimist. He has this idea of how things should be. He believes in community, structure and things that give him the freedom to live a relatively simple life. It's a strength, but it can also become a weakness. When things start falling apart, all of his ideas are challenged, it's just a matter of how long it will take to realize that all of his ideas can't apply to the situation."
  • Travis possesses many valuable skills to survive the apocalypse, including first-aid, plumbing, and mechanics. He is a skilled-enough mechanic to keep his father's vehicle working for over 30 years. In "Blood in the Streets", he is able to restart Victor Strand's luxury yacht without the key.
  • Travis holds a strong dislike of guns as the infection begins, although he has lost this aversion by the end of Season 1 where he is armed with a shotgun while rescuing Nick and later is able to shoot Liza with a pistol. Until his death in "The New Frontier", he is equipped with a firearm whenever he has access to one.
  • Travis is an avid reader; before the apocalypse, he kept a stack of books by the bed and tried to read a new book every week, but often fell behind. He also requires reading glasses.
  • Travis and his son Chris are the first Māori characters in The Walking Dead Franchise. Travis is portrayed by Māori actor Cliff Curtis, who has played characters of many different ethnic groups throughout his career.
  • Travis Manawa is the first main cast member to kill another survivor, shooting his ex-wife Liza at her request before she dies from a walker bite.
    • Both Travis' first kill and his son's first kill were out of mercy.
  • In 2016, McFarlane Toys released a Travis Manawa figure as part of the "Color Tops" action figure range, making him the first Fear The Walking Dead character to be available in toy form.
  • In a promotional screenshot for "The Unveiling", there was a screenshot of Ofelia using a minigun in the back of a truck. Many viewers interpreted this as the gun that took down Travis and the helicopter. Many people also thought that it was Ofelia that took down the helicopter. In the next episode, "Children of Wrath" it was confirmed that this was the gun that took down the helicopter, however, it was later revealed to be Lee that was operating it.
  • Travis is the last member of his family to be killed off.
    • He is the first main character in the television continuity to die before the opening credits.
  • In the commentary for "Eye of the Beholder", it was stated that originally, Travis wasn't scripted to throw the cement block. In fact, Cliff Curtis threw it without anyone knowing he would.
  • Travis is the first main character to commit suicide, the second being Dakota and the third being John Dorie Sr.

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