A Tritagonist is considered as the third most important character in a story. They usually share a strong bond with the protagonist and the deuteragonist, normally as a family member or a loyal friend.


Comic Series

TV Series

Fear The Walking Dead

Video Game

Dead Reckoning

Survival Instinct

Novel Series

Road to Survival

  • Darius is the tritagonist of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival story mode.
  • Mirabelle becomes the tritagonist of the story mode following Darius' death.
  • Claire is the tritagonist of Margaret's Story.
  • Shane is the tritagonist of Days Gone Bye Act 1.
  • Rick is the tritagonist of Days Gone Bye Act 2.
  • Kenny is the tritagonist of Telltale Act 1, 2 and 3.
  • Sam is the tritagonist of Michonne's Story: Telltale Edition.
  • Abbie is the tritagonist of Dr. Stevens.


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