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"There's no coast in the middle of Georgia. What coast are you talking about?"
—Tyler to Barbara.[src]

Tyler Coogan is a character that first appears in The Walking Dead: Descent. He is described to be a freckled, ruddy-complexioned ten-year-old who has entered the prepubescent sarcasm zone.


Location Unknown

Barely anything is known about Tyler's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except he might have lived in Woodbury. He has a sister named Jenny.



After the Church group blew the gates to Woodbury, and attracted a horde of walkers, Tyler along with his sister Jenny were rescued by the remaining Woodbury survivors.


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"Search and Destroy"

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Lilly Caul

Jenny Coogan


Novel Series


Last Rites


The Behavior of the Sheep
The End of the Whole Mess
The Great Steel Oblivion

Search and Destroy

Perchance To Dream

Return to Woodbury

Welcome to the Terrordome
The Sky Is Bleeding


  • Tyler is one of the few original Woodburians still alive.