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"Resist the Commonwealth! Visibility for workers! Equality for all!"
—Tyler while being apprehended by soldiers.[src]

Tyler Davis is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Commonwealth who served as a soldier for the Commonwealth Army prior to being dishonorably discharged. He served as the primary antagonist of the episode "New Haunts".


Tyler is a rebellious individual who generally seems to have good intentions. He was a soldier for the Commonwealth, however after getting beat up by Juanita he is dishonorably discharged. He reveals that after this he had lost everything and could no longer provide for his family. He tried to contact Pamela but didn't get a response. Later, Tyler is seen trying to talk with Pamela face to face but she ignores him. Tyler becomes angered by the inequality and corruption in the Commonwealth and causes a ruckus at the party. He takes Max hostage and confronts Pamela on who she truly is. Tyler immediately shows remorse and apologizes to Max before fleeing. When Daryl finds him, Tyler almost commits suicide but stops himself at the thought of his family.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Tyler's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than he had a sister who may have had a child or children before the apocalypse.



At some point during the outbreak, Tyler joined a community in Ohio called the Commonwealth, along with his sister and possibly her child or children.

Season 10

"A Certain Doom"

Tyler appears at the Southern Train Yard where Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Juanita are waiting for Stephanie. He and other members of the Commonwealth Army rush in pointing their weapons at them, demanding them to put their hands in the air and drop their weapons.


Tyler and his fellow soldiers proceed to take Eugene's group into custody, splitting them up into train cars. Later that day, Tyler brings lunch to Juanita's train car when he is suddenly ambushed by her. Caught off guard, Tyler is disarmed and handcuffed before being questioned by Juanita. He explains that everything going on is standard procedure and to ensure the members of her group are trustworthy individuals before being brought back to their massive community. After beating Tyler, the hallucinating Juanita snaps out of her episode and apologizes for her actions, explaining that she has been suffering from PTSD, ADHD, and other disorders. He tells her that it doesn't matter anymore and that her group is being rejected, to which she pleads for another chance. Tyler agrees to try and help their case if she answered his boss' questions. After listening to her answers, Tyler tells her that she can see her friends now and opens the train car door, revealing Eugene, Yumiko, and Ezekiel standing outside with black hoods over their heads. Tyler then suddenly puts a hood over Juanita's head and handcuffs her.

Season 11

"New Haunts"

Tyler appears at Pamela Milton's private ball for the upper class of the Commonwealth as a waiter serving food, having been dishonorably discharged from the Commonwealth Army. Juanita immediately recognizes him as the soldier that she had ambushed in the train cars. During Pamela's speech where she states she cares for all the citizens of the Commonwealth, Tyler angrily interrupts her and accuses her of not protecting the lower class. When guards attempt to intervene, he holds Max at knifepoint. Pamela is able to talk him into releasing Max, and he flees the ball.

Daryl Dixon catches up with him in the Halloween maze. Despondent over what happened, Tyler laments that he just wanted to talk to Pamela, but he was ignored for months. He states that him "breaking protocol" and being assaulted by Juanita resulted in him losing both his home as well as his job, leaving him with nothing to help provide his sister or her children with. He attempts to slit his throat with his knife, but Daryl is able to convince him not to do it, stating that his sister and her children are his biological family, something that not many people have anymore, and that he shouldn't abandon them. Tyler relents, and drops the knife. Daryl places him under arrest, and as he is being escorted back to the ball by Sebastian Milton so he can be taken away by the guards, Tyler shouts, "resist the Commonwealth! Visibility for workers, equality for all!", and that there are thousands of resistors just like him in the Commonwealth, prompting Pamela to order a search in the lower class areas of the Commonwealth for potential rebels.

"Rogue Element"

While working for the Commonwealth's newspaper, Connie attempts to run a story about Tyler's actions at the ball. Her boss rejects the idea, and tells Connie to drop it. Later, Connie and Kelly visit the Commonwealth's hospital in an attempt to get an interview with Tyler, who is supposedly being treated for psychological issues, but are kept from entering his room by Commonwealth soldiers. Mercer looks at them through the door before shutting it.

Connie and Kelly are sent out to report on Mercer and his soldiers' efforts to control a nearby herd of walkers. When Mercer finishes clearing the last of them, he walks over to Connie for a brief interview. Connie asks what Tyler has been charged with to warrant him being in the hospital for a month under armed guard. Mercer refuses to answer the question, as it isn't one of the questions "they sent you."

Later that day, when Mercer returns to the hospital, he finds that Tyler is no longer in his room, his bed vacant. When he is informed by the nurse that Tyler was moved to an undisclosed location without his authorization, Mercer angrily punches the wall and leaves.

That night, while in their apartment, Connie and Kelly are slipped a piece of paper under their door with a list of names on it, the last of which is Tyler's.


Connie and Kelly show Eugene and Rosita the list of names that they had received, including Tyler and April Martens whom Rosita and Daryl had met while on Sebastian's heist.

"Acts of God"

Max finds April and Tyler's name on a list marked "Resettlements" that she steals from Pamela Milton's office.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tyler has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


TV Series

Season 10

Season 11


  • Tyler is credited as Trooper in "Splinter".

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