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Tyreese's house is a location seen in the Tyreese Special.


This is the house that Tyreese and Julie lived in. Much to Tyreese's chagrin, Julie's boyfriend Chris moved in here after having had a fight with his parents right before the apocalypse. That being said, Tyreese does still try to protect him on the onset of the apocalypse despite their constant fighting.


Tyreese Special

He runs to a big house and opens the door. As he steps inside, he is almost hit with a fire poker by Chris. Chris apologizes and Tyreese complains that zombies don't know how to use doors. Julie comes out and asks if Tyreese found the gun. He explains it was in his office right where he left it and that he saw the keys for cars for a dealership but before he could open the gates, he was swarmed. Tyreese says there were enough of them for him to learn they don't need guns because he's a terrible shot.

Chris asks for the gun and Tyreese responds by saying he threw it when he ran out of bullets. Chris yells and says he could have helped and Tyreese should stop treating them like kids. He asks what he did get and Tyreese says a hammer that he is about to put through Chris's head. Chris backs down. Julie sighs and apologizes to Tyreese. She admits that she and Chris are scared. Tyreese tells her to not be scared and that he will protect her and never leave her alone with Chris, no matter how much she wants him to. Julie laughs and mentions that they have a hammer at their house already. Tyreese agrees but says that this one is special because it saved his life.