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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his appearance in the Comic Series, or his TV Series, Assault, or Road to Survival counterparts.

"There ain't no weak spots it's a fucking prison, Sherlock!"
—Tyreese to The Governor[src]

Tyreese is a comic-adapted character and an antagonist first encountered in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor.


Location Unknown

For Tyreese's whereabouts prior to or as the outbreak began:

Main Article: Tyreese (Comic Series)


Main Article: Tyreese (Comic Series)

The Fall of the Governor

"Doomsday Clock"

Tyreese and The Governor have a slight interaction, along with Lilly Caul. Tyreese accepts his fate, but still tries to annoy his hijackers; he headbutts The Governor while handcuffed and tells the two a story from the Bible, which causes Lilly to snap and hit Tyreese in the forehead. Gabriel and the soldiers take the captured and wounded Tyreese back to camp and The Governor proceeds to tie him up and places him on a truck.


Killed By

After Rick and the group decide not to give into the Governor's demands, he uses Michonne's katana, and slowly cuts off Tyreese's head until it's fully decapitated.

Michonne puts his reanimated head down by stabbing him in the head with her katana.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tyreese has killed:


Novel Series

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

Doomsday Clock


  • Tyreese is afraid of the dark, suffering from nyctophobia.
  • In The Fall of the Governor, Tyreese is revealed to be somewhat religious.
  • Tyreese is one of the few celebrities encountered in the Comic Series.
  • Tyreese is one of the playable characters in The Walking Dead Board Game.
  • Tyreese is one of the few characters Robert Kirkman misses and regrets killing.
    • Kirkman about Tyreese's death in Letter Hacks:
      "Tyreese has been one of my favorite characters in the book for a long time. I'm just as sorry to see him go as, I'm sure, a lot of you reading this are...While some deaths in this series are very spur of the moment actions that I try not to think through (because it makes things more spontaneous, like real life) Tyreese's death has been planned almost since his introduction. It's always been something I've known about and have been working toward. It will have great impact on the series and well, frankly...nobody lives forever in this book. Nobody. So these things will continue to happen for the duration of the series. Characters have to die...that's just how the book works. So while I will miss Tyreese, I have the luxury of knowing what's ahead for the rest of the crew in this book, and so I know things will be okay. So, uh...don't flip out."