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"In the spirit of reconstruction we, the Gentlemen's Association of Ohio Land Owners, dedicate this building and its use to the betterment of trade and travel for all. It is built on the site of the Glenn's Hill Military Hospital that was razed in battle in 1864. We honor those who gave their lives to preserve our great constitution. We salute those who continue to follow its machinations to create peace and goodwill among all free men. Manifesting the will of our forefathers, we endeavor to join each state and territory with our bless our union and our great work."
—History of Union Station[src]

Union Station is a location in Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Union Station was opened in 1885 by the Gentlemen's Association of Ohio Land Owners. It was built following the American Civil War after the Glenn's Hill Military Hospital, which had previously been in its place, was razed in 1864. With the Union Station being built in its honor, it was intended to serve as a betterment of trade and travel for all and was in active use until the fall of society in 2010.


At some point in the apocalypse, Union Station was inducted into the Commonwealth, presumably serving as a government building and transportation between the civilization's territories, as well as a historic landmark at the heart of the main city.

Season 11

"Out of the Ashes"

Union Station is shown as a bustling train terminal with many Commonwealth residents and visitors coming and going from the station. In addition to rail services, the offices for the city's Communications and Legal offices can be found on the second floor and the city's Security department can be found on the first floor.

"Promises Broken"

Yumiko meets Tomi at the train station and marvels that he chose not to be a doctor. Tomi tells Yumiko he's happy with his life, and makes Yumiko promise to keep his true profession a secret. Yumiko mentions that she has a meeting with Governor Milton. Soldiers come out of nowhere and haul Tomi away.

"New Haunts"

Union Station was used to host the Halloween masquerade ball, where Governor Milton and other high society members of the Commonwealth enjoyed the party until a disgruntled server took Max hostage in an attempt to get a word in with the Governor. Ultimately Max was released and the server was later apprehended by Daryl Dixon and taken into custody by Sebastian Milton.

"Rogue Element"

Eugene stops by Union Station to visit the Communications Department and learns from the radio room monitor that Shira never showed up for work, hence him covering her shift.


The Union Station will appear in this episode.


TV Series

Season 11


  • Union Station in the Commonwealth bears a striking resemblance to the Union Station in Denver, Colorado.