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This article is about the unnamed and unseen characters in the comic series. You may be looking for the named characters.

This page shows characters from Image Comics' The Walking Dead, who have not been named or seen. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.

Grant County

Dr. Stephens (Comic Series)
Gilroy (Comic Series)


Jones Family

Hawthorne Family

Elodie's Son (Comic Series)

Atlanta, Georgia

Unnamed Farm House

Father (Comic Series)
Mother (Comic Series)
Son (Comic Series)

Woodbury, Georgia

Woodbury Survivors

 Resident 1
Woodbury Resident 1 (Comic Series)
 Resident 2
Woodbury Resident 2 (Comic Series)
Woodbury Soldier (Comic Series)
Bart (Novel Series)
Don Horgan (Novel Series)
Eric (Novel Series)

Post-Prison Survivors

Ford Family

Beth Ford (Comic Series)
Ford Son (Comic Series)

Alexandria Safe-Zone

Annie's Father (Comic Series)
Wesley (Alexandria)
Alex Cooper (Comic Series)
Wendy (Comic Series)
David (Alexandria)
Betsy (Comic Series)
Beth (Comic Series)
Carter (Comic Series)
Barnes (Comic Series)

Orson Family

Washington, D.C.

Derek's Group

Hilltop Colony

Hilltop Residents

Mandy (Comic Series)
Nell (Comic Series)
Harlan's Son (Comic Series)
Arnold (Comic Series)
Andy (Hilltop)
David (Hilltop)

The Saviors

Molly (Comic Series)

The Kingdom

Martin (Comic Series)
Donald (Comic Series)

Richmond, Virginia

Magna's Group

Aubrey (Comic Series)
Ted (Comic Series)

The Whisperers

Joshua's Family

Joshua's Mother (Comic Series)

Here's Negan

Nurse (Here's Negan)
Doctor (Here's Negan)
Friend (Here's Negan)
Dewey (Here's Negan)
Sister (Here's Negan)

The Commonwealth

Aditya Kapoor (Comic Series)
Judge (Issue 193)
Lauren (Comic Series)
 Kid 1
Kid 1 (Comic Series)
 Kid 2
Kid 2 (Comic Series)
 Kid 3
Kid 3 (Comic Series)
Judge (Comic Series)
Friend (Comic Series)


Curtis' Family

Curtis' Mother (Comic Series)
Curtis' Sister (Comic Series)

Miscellaneous Survivors

Thief (Comic Series)
Erma (Comic Series)