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This article is about the unnamed and unseen characters in the video game. You may be looking for the named characters.

The following is a list of unseen or unnamed characters in Skydance Interactive's The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.
  • A character with a "Determinant" status only applies in the video game series where player actions determine the final status of the character.

Orleans Parish Bayou

New Orleans

Woman (Saints & Sinners)

LaRouche House

Sarah Bennett (Saints & Sinners)

Brill Family

Susan Brill (Saints & Sinners)
Jane Brill (Saints & Sinners)

Prescott Family

Krista Prescott (Saints & Sinners)
Jack Prescott (Saints & Sinners)

The Tower

Mama (Saints & Sinners)
Cyrus (Saints & Sinners)
Carmen (Saints & Sinners)
Mika (Saints & Sinners)
Todd (Saints & Sinners)
Silva (Saints & Sinners)
Frank Pardo (Saints & Sinners)
Wounded Exile (Saints & Sinners)
Gery Benoit (Saints & Sinners)
Tripp (Saints & Sinners)
Violet Carlisle (Saints & Sinners)

Driscoll Family

Margie Driscoll (Saints & Sinners)
Paul Driscoll (Saints & Sinners)

The Reclaimed

Timber (Saints & Sinners)

Miscellaneous Survivors

Billy (Saints & Sinners)
Tommy (Saints & Sinners)
Timmy (Saints & Sinners)

Lafayette Cemetery

Liam Klaren (Saints & Sinners)
Pavel Phillips (Saints & Sinners)
David Papel (Saints & Sinners)
Brett Domowicz (Saints & Sinners)
Mike Wolmax (Saints & Sinners)
Mike Pirozzi (Saints & Sinners)
Chris Busse (Saints & Sinners)
Jacob Geiger (Saints & Sinners)
Richard Lopez (Saints & Sinners)
Ameorry Luo (Saints & Sinners)
Jason Bare (Saints & Sinners)
Thomas Henderson (Saints & Sinners)
Jamie Granich (Saints & Sinners)
Cathy Trang (Saints & Sinners)
Bryant Koshu (Saints & Sinners)
William Ferrer (Saints & Sinners)
Eric Perez (Saints & Sinners)
Nathan Pippozza (Saints & Sinners)
Mark Edwards (Saints & Sinners)
Eric Domowicz (Saints & Sinners)
Tiffany Sandwick (Saints & Sinners)
Nathan Hue (Saints & Sinners)
Richard Topp (Saints & Sinners)
-- Tomann (Saints & Sinners)
-- Phillips (Saints & Sinners)
Mike Savine (Saints & Sinners)
Juan Perez (Saints & Sinners)
Jason Litz (Saints & Sinners)
Leonard Kiefer (Saints & Sinners)
James -- (Saints & Sinners)
Guy Philipson (Saints & Sinners)