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This article is about the unnamed and unseen characters in the television series. You may be looking for the named characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters who have not been named or seen in AMC's The Walking Dead. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.

King County, Georgia[]

Tom (King County)
Holly (King County)
Sheila (TV Series)
Judith Mueller (TV Series)
Tyrell Debbs (TV Series)
Sarah (TV Series)
Codger (TV Series)
Jean (TV Series)

Sheriff's Department[]

Linda (TV Series)
Diane (TV Series)

Linden County Police Department[]


Drake Family[]

Fred Drake (TV Series)
Cindy Drake (TV Series)

Atlanta, Georgia[]

Atlanta Camp Survivors[]

Atlanta Nursing Home[]

Abuela (TV Series)

Greene Neighbors[]

Lacey (TV Series)
Duncan (Season 2)

Fischer Family[]


Pete (TV Series)
Robbie (TV Series)
Bob Adams (TV Series)

Georgia National Guard[]

Gaines (TV Series)

Mexican Family[]

Mexican Man (TV Series)
Mexican Woman (TV Series)
Mexican Boy (TV Series)
Mexican Baby (TV Series)

Prison Newcomers[]

Achey Woman (TV Series)
Noris' Son (TV Series)

Martinez's Camp[]

Prison Outskirts[]

Christopher's Father (TV Series)
Hermit (TV Series)


Terminus Guard (TV Series)
Chuck (TV Series)
Kaylee (TV Series)

Abraham's Group[]

Dirk (TV Series)
Pam (TV Series)
Roger (TV Series)
Rex (TV Series)
Josiah (TV Series)
Warren (Abraham's Group)

Shirewilt Estates[]

Noah's Family[]

Noah's Mother (TV Series)

Alexandria Safe Zone[]

Bill (TV Series)
Pascal (TV Series)
Ted (TV Series)

Barbara's Family[]

Barbara's Son (TV Series)

Jonah's Family[]

Jonah's Father (TV Series)
Jonah's Mother (TV Series)

Andy's Family[]

Andy (Alexandria)
Donna (Alexandria)

The Wolves[]

 Wolf 6
Wolf 6 (TV Series)
 Wolf 3
Wolf 3 (TV Series)
 Wolf 2
Wolf 2 (TV Series)
 Wolf 5
Wolf 5 (TV Series)
 Wolf 1
Wolf 1 (TV Series)
 Wolf 4
Wolf 4 (TV Series)

Georgia Woods[]

 Man 2
Man 2 (Here's Not Here)
 Man 1
Man 1 (Here's Not Here)

Hilltop Colony[]

Marsha (TV Series)
Tim (Hilltop)
Rory (TV Series)

The Saviors[]

 Wife 1
Negan's Wife 1 (TV Series)
 Wife 2
Negan's Wife 2 (TV Series)
Jeremy (TV Series)
Tommy (Savior)
Gracie's Father (TV Series)
 J. Top
Maria (The Cell)

The Kingdom[]

Alvaro's Father (TV Series)

Joshua's Family[]

Joshua's Mother (TV Series)


Iris (TV Series)
Evelyn (TV Series)

The Whisperers[]

Second Lives[]

Beta's Best Friend (TV Series)
Injured Woman (TV Series)

Bloodsworth Island[]

Bobby (What We Become)

The Wardens[]

Leo (TV Series)
Matty (TV Series)

The Reapers[]

Mays' Family[]

Mays' Niece (TV Series)

The Commonwealth[]

Grant (TV Series)
Edward Widgeuroy (TV Series)
The Warden (TV Series)


Doctor (TV Series)
Janine (TV Series)

Valak's Vipers[]

The Ferals[]

Feral Woman (TV Series)
Feral Man (TV Series)

Miscellaneous Survivors[]

Rachel (Guts)
Jane (TV Series)
Jerry (The Suicide King)
Brian Heriot (TV Series)
Sam (Live Bait)
Terry Ellis (World Beyond)
Lamson's Son (TV Series)
Johnny (TV Series)
Marcus (The Other Side)
Chaser (TV Series)
Evie (TV Series)
Turner (TV Series)
Adam (TV Series)
George (One More)
Dougie (TV Series)
Sammy (TV Series)
Cooper (TV Series)
Jimmy (The World Before)
Katy (Bury Me Here)
Frank (The Same Boat)
Dennis Cloyd (TV Series)
Irma Horvath (TV Series)
Red Poncho Man (TV Series)

Dixon family[]

Will Dixon (Survival Instinct)

Murderer's family[]

Murderer's Wife (TV Series)
Murderer (TV Series)

Enid's Family[]

Enid's Father (TV Series)
Enid's Mother (TV Series)

Mary's Family[]

John (Stalker)
Alice (Stalker)

Franklin Family[]

Tommy Franklin (TV Series)

Young Family[]

Young Father (TV Series)
Boy (TV Series)
Young Mother (TV Series)

Culver Family[]


One-Eyed Dog (TV Series)
Tick (TV Series)
Siggard Family Horse (TV Series)


Rapist (TV Series)
Liar (TV Series)