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This article is about the unnamed and unseen characters in the television series. You may be looking for the named characters.

This page shows characters of AMC's The Walking Dead, who have not been named or seen. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.

King County, Georgia

Ross (TV Series)
Codger (TV Series)
Tom (TV Series)
Holly (King County)
Sheila (TV Series)
Sarah (TV Series)
Judith Mueller (TV Series)
Tyrell Debbs (TV Series)
Mother 1 (TV Series)
Mother 2 (TV Series)
Jean (TV Series)
Riley Shoal (TV Series)
Zack (TV Series)
Eugene (TV Series)
Abbey (TV Series)
Ken (TV Series)
John (Clear)
Neele (TV Series)

Sheriff's Department

Diane (TV Series)
Linda (TV Series)

Linden County Police Department


Drake Family

Fred Drake (TV Series)
Cindy Drake (TV Series)

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Camp Survivors

Atlanta Nursing Home

Abuela (TV Series)

Greene Neighbors

Lacey (TV Series)
Duncan (TV Series)

Fischer Family

The Living

Jane (TV Series)


Woodbury Guard 3 (TV Series)
Woodbury Guard 1 (TV Series)
Pete (TV Series)
Robbie (TV Series)
Woodbury Guard 2 (TV Series)
Bob Adams (TV Series)

Military Personnel

Mexican Family


Rapist (TV Series)
Liar (TV Series)

Murderer's family

Murderer's Wife (TV Series)
Murderer (TV Series)

Prison Newcomers

Martinez's Camp

Martinez's Camp Resident 1 (TV Series)
Martinez's Camp Resident 2 (TV Series)

Prison Outskirts

Sam (After)
Christopher's Father (TV Series)
Hermit (TV Series)


Terminus Guard (TV Series)
Chuck (TV Series)
Kaylee (TV Series)
Scott Johnson (TV Series)
Guenn Johnson (TV Series)
Judy Adams (TV Series)
Amanda Knight (TV Series)
Zane Camden (TV Series)
David Cornett (TV Series)
Jessica Ogden (TV Series)
Sean Cook (TV Series)
Robert Wolford (TV Series)
James Smith (TV Series)
Nick Smith (TV Series)
Brian Case (TV Series)
April Case (TV Series)
James Wellborne (TV Series)
Billye Holfield (TV Series)
Duncan (Terminus)
Ben Ross (TV Series)
Matt Ayers (TV Series)
Jenn Batch (TV Series)
John Campbell (TV Series)
Joy Johnson (TV Series)
Sara Addison (TV Series)
Fred Jimenez (TV Series)
Suzy (TV Series)
Thomas Richards (TV Series)
Eric Baker (TV Series)
Ashley Bennett (TV Series)
David Diamond (TV Series)

Abraham's Group

Dirk (TV Series)
Pam (TV Series)
Roger (TV Series)
Rex (TV Series)
Josiah (TV Series)
Warren (Abraham's Group)

St. Sarah's Church

Shirewilt Estates

Alexandria Safe-Zone

Alexandria Resident 9 (TV Series)
Jonah's Father (TV Series)
Jonah's Mother (TV Series)
Bill (TV Series)
Andy (Alexandria)
Donna (Alexandria)
Alexandria Resident 8 (TV Series)
Alexandria Resident 7 (TV Series)
Alexandria Resident 6 (TV Series)
Alexandria Resident 4 (TV Series)
Barbara's Son (TV Series)
Alexandria Resident 2 (TV Series)
Alexandria Resident 3 (TV Series)
Pascal (TV Series)
Ted (TV Series)
Carter Dilley (TV Series)
Jeremy Freeborn (TV Series)
Alvin Jerry (TV Series)
Brian Struzan (TV Series)
Kim Myso (TV Series)
Lucy Wong (TV Series)

Enid's Family

The Wolves

 Wolf 6
Wolf 6 (TV Series)
 Wolf 1
Wolf 1 (TV Series)
 Wolf 4
Wolf 4 (TV Series)
 Wolf 3
Wolf 3 (TV Series)
 Wolf 7
Wolf 7 (TV Series)
 Wolf 2
Wolf 2 (TV Series)
 Wolf 5
Wolf 5 (TV Series)


Young Man (Here's Not Here)
Young Woman (Here's Not Here)
Tyler Mathis (TV Series)
David Basher (TV Series)
Barry Mardole (TV Series)

Hilltop Colony

Marsha (TV Series)
Tim (Hilltop)
Rory (TV Series)

The Saviors

Savior 31 (TV Series)
Savior 19 (TV Series)
Savior 6 (TV Series)
Jeremy (TV Series)
Savior 30 (TV Series)
Savior 21 (TV Series)
Tommy (Savior)
 J. Top
J. Top (TV Series)
Maria (The Cell)
Savior 20 (TV Series)

The Kingdom


Iris (TV Series)
Evelyn (TV Series)

Civic Republic Military

Helicopter Pilot (TV Series)

The Whisperers

Mary's Family

John (Stalker)
Alice (Stalker)

Bloodsworth Island

Bobby (What We Become)

The Wardens

Kim (TV Series)
Matty (TV Series)

The Reapers

Reaper (TV Series)

Mays Family

The Commonwealth

Valak's Vipers

Miscellaneous Survivors

Janine (TV Series)
Sammy (TV Series)
Dougie (TV Series)
George (One More)
Adam (TV Series)
Turner (TV Series)
Chaser (TV Series)
Marcus (The Other Side)
Johnny (TV Series)
Rachel (Guts)
Brian Heriot (TV Series)
Jerry (The Suicide King)
Sam (Live Bait)
T. Ellis (TV Series)
Evie (TV Series)
Tommy Franklin (TV Series)
Jimmy (The World Before)
Beta's Best Friend (TV Series)
Injured Woman (TV Series)
Dennis Cloyd (TV Series)
Frank (The Same Boat)
Katy (Bury Me Here)
Man 2 (Here's Not Here)
Man 1 (Here's Not Here)
Molly Thore (TV Series)
Chad Krear (TV Series)
Megan Cook (TV Series)
Irma Horvath (TV Series)


One-Eyed Dog (TV Series)
Siggard Family Horse (TV Series)