"OH A ZOMBIE! or is it just my neighbor"
—joshua screaming
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Ms. Nancy Ardila was a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Other stories.

Pre - Apocalipsis        

Nothing is known of the life of Mrs. Nancy, only that she had a husband, a son, another son and other relatives. 

Post - Apocalpsis

The Burrow

Nancy survived the attack in Charallave, and hidden in the Burrow. A place where she was the boss of the place.

Then he noted the residents, and later asisitió to lock the door of the Burrow. Then I witnessed several walkers devour her son and his funeral asisitió.

Macabre precinct

After losing her son, she becomes obsessed with the Perez family because they had a son and she did not after this. The Perez family left the Burrow, and she was very happy.

A deadly walker

After a gas leak, come to his apartment was locked himself along with other residents and refused to leave. Others left the place and hid in an aqueduct to stay off flying when he decided to leave. The gas came to dynamite that blew up the place, causing his death.

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