I'm Angry birds12 but, I prefered to be called AB12, Ab, ab or angry. I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead show, and I hope to get my hands on the comic books.

My Feelings About the Characters

The list is in order. I am not including the baby yet.

Characters I love

These are the characters I care about and hope that they don't die (If they are already dead, then I wish I could bring them back to life)!.

Characters I like

These are characters I would prefer not to die, but would not be too upset over (If they are already dead, I wish they weren't).

Characters I am indifferent about

These are characters that I do not care about, but do not dislike. I would not care if they died (If they have I did not care).

Characters I do not like

These are characters I do not like, but do not hate. I hope they die but would not be too upset if they lived. (If they have then I am happy)

Characters I hate

These are characters I strongly dislike, and hope that they die. (If they have I am very pleased)

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