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Google map

  • Jason McDonald's website:
    • September 3, 2009:Dead Geek: "I'm the creator of the Google map. Sorry that the link doesn't work. The site got zapped but is now back up:" (link broken)[1]
    • Dead Geek postings

floating scroll bar, top

<div style="position: fixed; left:1; right:0; bottom:0; top:1; display:block; "> 
<div style="width: 190px; height: 400px; overflow-y: scroll; scrollbar-arrow-color:blue; scrollbar-face-color: #e7e7e7; scrollbar-3dlight-color: #a0a0a0; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:#888888;background:transparent"> __TOC__ </div> </div> <noinclude> 
Floating table of contents </noinclude></span> 

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