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  • I live in Athens, Greece
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is University Student/Administrator at The Walking Dead Wiki
  • I am Male
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Personal Info

Hello there! I'm an administrator here, on The Walking Dead Wiki! Need help? Just drop a message on my talk page! My name is Anastasios Bilikaidis, but my friends also call me BIGBROBILI or Bili. The Walking Dead has a special place in my heart.

TV Series

  • I started watching the show back in 2014. It was when season 5 was still airing. I hadn't completed a whole tv series until then, so I decided to give The Walking Dead a try, mainly because its good reception. I randomly chose The Walking Dead, because of its popularity at the time and not because I had a close person, who was watching it or something. I never thought that I would love a fiction world full of zombies, as I wasn't very interested in zombie stuff, until I watched the pilot episode... probably one of the best decisions I have made as of now. The story, the characters, the villains, the special effects, the actors, the music... Basically, I loved everything about the show! In a few months I had watched all the first five seasons and managed to catch up just in time to watch the season 5 finale. By the time I’m writing this, I have watched The Walking Dead approximately three times and loved every season of it (well, seasons seven and eight the least, but you know, I still liked them). The tv show is my favourite The Walking Dead media, because I love watching the comics coming to real life and in live action!

Comic Series

  • During the summer break of 2015, I discovered the comics, which I also loved! At first, I used to have the comics more as a guide to the show.

Video Games

  • I haven’t played the video games and to be honest, I’m not interested in doing so.



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