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Personal Info

Hello there! I'm an administrator here, on The Walking Dead Wiki! Need help? Just drop a message on my talk page! My name is Anastasios Bilikaidis, but my friends also call me BIGBROBILI or Bili. The Walking Dead has a special place in my heart.

TV Series

  • I started watching the TV Series in the fall of 2014. It was when the first half of season 5 was airing. I hadn't watched a whole tv show until then, so I decided to give The Walking Dead a try, mainly because its good reception. I randomly chose The Walking Dead, because of its popularity at the time and not because I had a close person, who was watching it. I never thought that I would love a fiction world full of zombies that much, as I wasn't very interested in zombie stuff, until I watched the pilot episode... probably one of the best decisions I have made as of now! The story, the characters, the villains, the special effects, the actors, the music, the world-building... Basically, I loved everything about the show! In a few months I had completed watching all the first five seasons and managed to catch up just in time to watch the season 5 finale. By the time I’m writing this, I have watched the TV Series approximately three times and loved every season of it (well, seasons seven and eight the least, but you know, I still liked them). The TV Series is my favourite The Walking Dead media, because I love watching the Comic Series coming to life! After learning the news that the 11th season of TWD is going to be the last one as well, all I've got to say is that I'm all in for the final ride! Let's do this!

Comic Series

  • In the summer of 2015, I discovered the Comic Series, which I also loved (even though the last 6 volumes were without no doubt the weakest of the series). Nobody writes stories like Robert Kirkman does! At first, I used to have the comics more as a guide to the show. As of July 3rd, 2019, I have completed reading the whole Comic Series. R.I.P Comic Series, you will never be forgotten!!! <3

Main Character Appearances (Only Physical)

  1. Daryl Dixon: 125 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.11
  2. Carol Peletier: 107 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.11
  3. Rick Grimes: 103 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.9
  4. Michonne: 90 ep./Lifespan: S.2-S.10
  5. Maggie Rhee: 84 ep./Lifespan: S.2-S.11
  6. Carl Grimes: 77 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.8
  7. Rosita Espinosa: 75 ep./Lifespan: S.4-S.11
  8. Judith Grimes: 72 ep./Lifespan: S.3-S.11
  9. Eugene Porter: 67 ep./Lifespan: S.4-S.11
  10. Glenn Rhee: 66 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.7
  11. Tara Chambler: 55 ep./Lifespan: S.4-S.9
  12. Gabriel Stokes: 53 ep./Lifespan: S.5-S.11
  13. Aaron: 52 ep./Lifespan: S.5-S.11
  14. Sasha Williams: 44 ep./Lifespan: S.3-S.7
  15. Negan: 43 ep./Lifespan: S.6-S.11
  16. Jerry: 37 ep./Lifespan: S.7-S.11
  17. Beth Greene: 35 ep./Lifespan: S.3-S.5
  18. Morgan Jones: 33 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.8
  19. Enid: 33 ep./Lifespan: S.5-S.9
  20. Ezekiel: 32 ep./Lifespan: S.7-S.11
  21. Andrea: 31 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.3
  22. Hershel Greene: 31 ep./Lifespan: S.2-S.4
  23. Abraham Ford: 29 ep./Lifespan: S.4-S.6
  24. Siddiq: 26 ep./Lifespan: S.8-S.10
  25. Paul Rovia: 24 ep./Lifespan: S.6-S.9
  26. Alden: 23 ep./Lifespan: S.8-S.11
  27. Lori Grimes: 22 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.3
  28. Dwight: 22 ep./Lifespan: S.6-S.8
  29. Tyreese Williams: 21 ep./Lifespan: S.3-S.5
  30. Lydia: 19 ep./Lifespan: S.9-S.11
  31. Magna: 19 ep./Lifespan: S.9-S.11
  32. Yumiko: 19 ep./Lifespan: S.9-S.11
  33. Shane Walsh: 18 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.2
  34. Philip Blake: 17 ep./Lifespan: S.3-S.4
  35. Alpha: 17 ep./Lifespan: S.9-S.10
  36. Dale Horvath: 16 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.2
  37. Connie: 16 ep./Lifespan: S.9-S.11
  38. Gregory: 15 ep./Lifespan: S.6-S.9
  39. Anne: 15 ep./Lifespan: S.7-S.9
  40. Beta: 14 ep./Lifespan: S.9-S.10
  41. Spencer Monroe: 14 ep./Lifespan: S.5-S.7
  42. Merle Dixon: 13 ep./Lifespan: S.1-S.3
  43. Simon: 13 ep./Lifespan: S.6-S.8
  44. Bob Stookey: 13 ep./Lifespan: S.4-S.5
  45. Jessie Anderson: 11 ep./Lifespan: S.5-S.6
  46. Deanna Monroe: 10 ep./Lifespan: S.5-S.6
  47. Gareth: 4 ep./Lifespan: S.4-S.5

The TWD Seasons Ranked from my favorite to my least favorite (so far)

  • Season 9: The season which could have potentially lead to the death of the show after two - not so great - seasons did not only manage to surpass my expactations, but it became my favorite season to date. After the news that Scott Gimple had stepped down as the showrunner and Angela Kang would take over the new one, I'll admit that my first thoughts were that the show was probably doomed (well, not really, but I wouldn't call my first thoughts exactly positive). Kang was famous amongst the fanbase for... let's just say writing some of the weakest episodes of the series (a good example being 4x12, an episode which devided fans) and while Gimple didn't do exactly an excellent job for seasons seven and eight, at least he had written some of the best episodes of the series (some of them being 2x07, 3x12, 3x15, 4x15, 5x01, 6x04 and 7x01) and was in charge of the show when it was at its peak. Oh boy, how wrong I was. Season 9 turned out to be a breathe of fresh air. With a few exceptions here and there, season 9 is the one season of The Walking Dead I would call "almost perfect", having a perfectly balanced (as all things should be) pace, being neither too slow, nor too fast, great character development, giving its protagonist, Rick, a beautiful exit to his story in the show, while opening new doors to further expole his story in the future (The Film Series) and introducing some of the best villains to date, the Whisperers (which by the way was a story arc that was done way better in the tv show, compared to the comics). Basically, season 9 took (almost) every issue with the previous two seasons and fixed it (and I say "almost", because you can't bring Carl back to life... sighs...). However, it wasn't (just) Kang's tramadeous job as a showrunner that made season 9, the masterpiece I consider it to be. Good writing made up for one of the best seasons of The Walking Dead to date, a factor that was missing from the previous two seasons (I know it seems that I am bitching way too much on seasons seven and eight, but you are all going to find out that I surprisingly don't dislike these seasons as much as most of people). Thank you Angela Kang. Thank you.
    1. Showrunner: Angela Kang
    2. Story Arcs: The Bridge, The Whisperers Part 1
    3. Based On: Volumes 22 - Volume 25
    4. Episodes: 16
    5. Major Locations: Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, Oceanside and The Whisperer's Camp
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Lydia, Alpha and Beta
    7. Major Antagonists: The Saviors and The Whisperers
    8. Major Character Deaths: Gregory, Paul, Enid and Tara
    9. Favourite Episode: "The Calm Before"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Scars"
  1. Season 6: There are some things about the TWD fanbase that I will never understand. One of them is why the season 6 is so devided between the fanbase. Is it because the season finale cliffhanger? And if so, then I really don't understand how people judge a whole season just by one episode. Anyway, where I've been? Oh yeah, season 6. Season 6 was for a long time my all-time favorite season (then season 9 came around and became my new favorite. Still season 6 holds a special place in my heart). Season 6 became the first season ever I had to wait to watch, so, you can guess the hype was real at the time, especially after a great fifth season. Season 6 came around and it did not disappoint (well, at least for me). With a good first half and an even better second half, season 6 manages to come second in my TWD season ranking. Honestly, with the exception of a meh/bleh episode (6x05) and three mediocre episodes (6x06-6x08) the sixth season consists of episodes that are either good or great. Specifically; episodes one to three have some of the best zombie action ever done on the show, episode four still remains one of the most well-written episodes of the series (props to Scott Gimple), episodes six to eight are quite entertaining and the second half is great as a whole, consisting of three favorite episodes of mine (6x09, 6x12 and 6x16). Actuall, the second half of the season is one of my all time favorite halves of a season. The build up to Negan's introduction was intense and the Saviors were terrifying. I love this season, because it has so much happening; Morgan returns and becomes an active member of the main group, The No Way Out story arc, the Wolves attacking Alexandria, the introduction of the Hilltop and the Saviors, etc. Overall, I would say this is my second favorite season, losing only to season 9 and my favorite season of the Gimple era.
    1. Showrunner: Scott Gimple
    2. Story Arcs: No Way Out, A New World, The Saviors Part 1
    3. Based On: Volume 14 - Volume 17
    4. Episodes: 16
    5. Major Locations: Alexandria
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Dwight, Paul, Gregory, Simon and Negan
    7. Major Antagonists: The Wolves and The Saviors
    8. Major Character Deaths: Deanna, Jessie and Abraham
    9. Favourite Episode: "Last Day On Earth"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Now"
  2. Season 5: Ah, yes, good ol' season 5. These were the days to be a TWD fan. I started watching the show when season 5 was airing, so season 5 has a special place in my heart as well. What can I say about this season? I love it. Well most of it, anyway. The Terminus story arc, which only lasted three episodes (I'm not talking about the road to Terminus, I'm talking about the actual Terminus stuff) is to this very day one of my favorite mini story arcs of the series. The brutality these three episodes had were something the show had never achieved until then and will probably never acheive again. And there's episode four... bleh. I've come to believe all episodes are precious (if you got the Eastman reference, then give yourself a pat on the back), but damn, this is one of the few episodes I'd rather skip, whenever I feel like rewatching the series, because, you know... coughs, Beth. Anyway, moving forward, episodes five to eight are all pretty solid episodes and it pisses me off, when people consider them part of the infamous "Hospital arc" (I mean, yeah, they focus on Beth as well, but they don't only focus on Beth). The second half of the season is where things are getting really, really good though. I will just say that I love the second half of season 5 as much as I love the second half of season 6. The second half would be the last time we would see our survivors on the road, as it introduced Alexandria, a very prominent community, where (most) of our survivors live to this very day and the most important location in the show (yes, even more important than the prison), as it's lasted seven whole seasons. I remember thinking that it was very refreshing to see a community that stood the test of time. Oh and by the way, episode 10 is an underrated gem. Try to change my mind.
    1. Showrunner: Scott Gimple
    2. Story Arcs: The Group vs The Terminus, The Hospital, Arrival at Alexandria
    3. Based On: Volume 11 - Volume 13
    4. Episodes: 16
    5. Major Locations: Terminus and Grady Memorial Hospital Alexandria
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Gabriel, Aaron, Deanna, Jessie, Spencer and Enid
    7. Major Antagonists: The Termites and The Police Officers
    8. Major Character Deaths: Gareth, Bob, Beth and Tyreese
    9. Favourite Episode: "No Sanctuary"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Slabtown"
  • Season 3: Season 3 is without no doubt the best one out of the first three seasons. After an overall good, but a little slow second season, season 3 is the season that really get things moving. Literally, there are so many things are happening in it. The official introduction of Michonne. We are introduced to the first major location of the show, the prison that will become the home of our survivors for one and a half season. The introduction of the first real big villain of the show, the Governor (no, I'm not counthing Shane, who was more of an anti-hero, honestly). Merle returns, after being absent, since season 1. Morgan makes a brief, but iconic comeback as well, before finally returning for good in season 5 to reunite with the group (until his deparure from the main show and his transition to Fear). What season 3 does so good is that it combines some great action with great character development. Almost every main character gets to shine in that season. Rick steps up and finally becomes the leader the group needed, Daryl also steps up and become Rick's right hand man, after the death of Shane in season 2, Glenn and Maggie's relationship only becomes stronger and stronger, Carl isn't a terrifired boy anymore, Carol becomes the survivor we all know (but not necessarily love) today and Hershel becomes the new moral compass of the group, after Dale's death in season 2. That being said, the real highlight of this season for me is Merle, who at the beginning of the season is The Governor's right hand man and at the end of the season sacrificies his own life to save Rick's group going full circle. I guess you could argue that the season did some controversial things with Andrea, who is nothing like her comic counterpart and dies at the very end of the season. I'll be honest. Unlike most people, I'm fine with her death. In my opinion, it wasn't her death that ruined the character. Personally, I think that Andrea had already been ruined, by the stupid choices she was making. So that's why I didn't have a particular problem with her death.
    1. Showrunner: Glen Mazzara
    2. Story Arcs: The Prison's Introduction, Woodbury's Introduction Woodbury's Introduction, The Prison vs Woodbury
    3. Based On: Volume 3 - Volume 6
    4. Episodes: 16
    5. Major Locations: The Prison and Woodbury
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Michonne, The Governor, Judith, Tyreese and Sasha
    7. Major Antagonists: The Prisoners, Woodbury
    8. Major Character Deaths: Lori, Merle and Andrea
    9. Favourite Episode: "Killer Within"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Welcome To The Tombs"
  • Season 4: TBA
  • Season 10: Season 10 comes right in the middle of my season ranking. It is neither amazing nor bad. In its best it was truly amazing (10x12, 10x19, 10x22). In it worst it was bad (10x13, 10x20, 10x21). While definitely being a step down from season 9, it's far from be considered a bad season. The first half is a little slow paced and there are certain elements that bother me, with some example being; the mental health issues some of the survivors have after the massacre that took place in season 9, while being an interesting idea to explore at first quicly turns tiring. The "Dante being a spy" was also way too predicatble. The mid season finale is also one of the weakest of the series. Things definitely peak up a little with the second half of the season. However, it still is far from being called a perfect half of a season. The second half also features one of my least favourite episodes of the series that being episode 13. Unlike Rick's deparure episode in season 9, which was one of the best episodes of the series and a beautiful deparure to Rick, Michonne's deparure episode is weak, which is a shame, since Michonne is one of my favourite characters in the show. The season finale is also a weak end to an overall pretty good arc. On the other hand, episodes 10 through 12 are all great. Specifically, Alpha's death episode, episode 12 is my second favourite episode of the season. As a comic fan I've been waited for that moment for quite a while and I will say that this episode definitely delivered and lived up to my expactations. Trivia time; season 10 marks the first time a season of the show has been extended and is also the first season that is divided into three parts instead of the usual two. The third half of the season works as a bridge from season 10 to season 11, so it is good for the purpose it is supposed to serve.
    1. Showrunner: Scott Gimple
    2. Story arcs: The Whisperers Part 2
    3. Based On: Volume 25 - Volume 29
    4. Episodes: 22
    5. Major Locations: Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside and The Whisperer's Camp
    6. Major Character(s) Introduced: Princess
    7. Major Antagonists: The Whisperers
    8. Major Character Deaths: Siddiq, Alpha and Beta
    9. Favourite Episode: "Here's Negan"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "What We Become"
  • Season 2: Season 2 is undoubtedly one of the slowest seasons of the show. Does this make it bad? Of course not. Season 2, while being slow features some great character development. The second half of the season is also more far paced. It was also the first season that made us clear that walkers aren't the only threat out there. In fact, people can be a much more dangerous threat, something that Shane represents this season. Speaking of Shane, he, alongside Rick both carry a good amount of the season on their shoulders, at least in my opinion.. I don't think I'd like to say anything else for season 2, just to have my review be as big as the previous ones other than it was a great season for character development.
    1. Showrunner(s): Frank Darabont, Glen Mazzara
    2. Story arc(s): The Farm
    3. Based On: Volume 2
    4. Episodes: 13
    5. Major Location(s): Greene Family Farm
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Maggie, Hershel, Beth, Michonne
    7. Major Antagonists: -
    8. Major Character Deaths: Dale, Shane
    9. Favourite Episode: "Pretty Much Dead Already"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Secrets"
  • Season 1: Not much to say about this season, other than it was the season that introduced us in the world of TWD. Short and to the point. The pilot episode is what made me a fan of this franchise, so as you can probably guess it has a special place in my heart. So, you might wonder, why is season 1 so low in my list, if I love it so much? Well, the anwer is simple. Just like I said, I love season 1, but I just love other seasons more and given that this was the first season of the show I think my choice to place it, where I placed it is pretty good.
    1. Showrunner: Frank Darabont
    2. Story Arc(s): Introduction to the zombie apocalypse.
    3. Based On: Volume 1
    4. Episodes: 6
    5. Major Location(s): Atlanta Survivor Camp
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Rick, Lori, Carl, Shane, Morgan, Dale, Glenn, Andrea, Merle, Daryl and Carol
    7. Major Antagonists:
    8. Major Character Deaths: -
    9. Favourite Episode: "Days Gone Bye"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Wildfire"
  • Season 7: Although slightly better than season 8, season 7 still has problems. The first half of the season I actually like (except "Swear"). It was interesting to see the group so broken for the first real time. However, admeditly a lot of these episodes could have been combined into one bigger episode. It's the second half of the season that I mostly have a problem with. I understand that going to war takes time, but I really didn't need to watch an episode focused on the Scavengers, another one focused on Eugene and his desire for pickles and finally an episode focused on Rick and Michonne's relationship. First of all, it is the slowest paced season, by far. Like, it's really, really slow. Of course, a slow paced season isn't always a bad thing, at least not necessarily (take as an example season 2). If this was the only problem of the season, I could give it a pass. However, we're not quite done with the problems of this seasons, at least not yet. The season also introduces way too many communities. Now, you may ask what's the problem with that and why do I consider it to be a bad thing? Well, the comics, at that point of the story only introduced us to the Kingdom. So we only had to see what was going on with the four main communities; Alexandria, Hilltop, the Saviors and The Kingdom. On the other hand, the show adds not one, but two additional communities, with the one being Oceanside, a community that exists in the comics, but doesn't get introduced until much later in the story and the Scavengers, a group that was created specifically for the show. As a result, there are moments in this season that the story feels all over the place. In my opinion, Oceanside could have easily been saved for season 9 or even 10, as it does little to nothing to progress the story forward and the Scavengers shouldn't even a be thing at a first place, as it is the worst story arc of the show. Oh and of course let's not forget that CGI deer. Like, wtf? They can CGI a freaking tiger, but not a deer? And that green screen in episode 10 (most of you probably know what I'm talking about). Seriously, what was going on with the CGI that season? And why does Rosita appear in more episodes than Rick does?? That being said, there are things in this season that I do genuinely enjoy. Negan absolutely owned this season. Casting JDM as Negan was one of the best choices the show has ever done. Also, the premiere episode is my all time favourite episode. It's funny to think that my favourite episode of the series is a part of my second least favourite season of the series.
    1. Showrunner: Scott Gimple
    2. Story Arc: The Saviors Part 2
    3. Based On: Volume 17 - Volume 20
    4. Episodes: 16
    5. Major Locations: Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary, Oceanside
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Ezekiel, Jerry and Jadis
    7. Major Antagonists: The Saviors, The Scavengers
    8. Major Character Deaths: Abraham, Glenn, Spencer and Sasha
    9. Favourite Episode: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "Swear:
  • Season 8: Season 8 is the perfect example that action doesn't necessarily makes a good season. Fun fact; unlike season 7, I unironically enjoyed season 8 at my first watch. It was only when season 9 came around that I realized how many problems season 8 had. I don't want to go into details on why season 8 isn't really the best season, but if I had to sum up the problems of the season, these would probably be the problems that first come into my mind; the action is lame, a lot of great characters are unlikeable this season, there are way too many inspirational speeches (something that becomes quite annoying in the course of time) and of course, Carl's death the biggest mistake not only of the season but of the show as a whole. If I'm being honest, I didn't even mind Carl dying at the time, as I was never a big fan of his character and it was an interesting change from the sourse material that I was intrested in seeing where it would lead. However, with time passing it was made clear how much the specific death hurt the show. A lot of this season's episodes are in my top 10 least favourite episodes of the show, as well. It's a shame that season 8 turned out to be what it is thinking that the "All Out War" storyline was my favourite arc from the comics. I guess some comic book storylines just don't translate well in tv format. That being said, I still like this season (as I've previously said there's no season I hate or even dislike) and it definitely has its moments. Rick, Negan, Dwight, Simon, Ezekiel and Gabriel are all great characters this season.
    1. Showrunner: Scott Gimple
    2. Story Arc: The Saviors Part 3
    3. Based On: Volume 20 - Volume 21
    4. Episodes: 16
    5. Major Locations: Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary and Oceanside
    6. Major Characters Introduced: Siddiq and Alden
    7. Major Antagonists: The Saviors
    8. Major Character Deaths: Carl and Simon
    9. Favourite Episode: "The Key"
    10. Least Favourite Episode: "The King, The Window and Rick"

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