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Well it was fun being apart of this wikia but for a while i haven't watched the Walking since 2017 and haven't edited properly here in a very long time so i think it's time for me to officially sign off i've made many memories here with alot of users who are still active here but most from my hay day have sadly left but i will never forget any of you but i give a big shout out too "MisterTrouble" you where an amazing friend too me when i first started exploring and helping out with extras etcc and also to "CamTheWoot" we never really interacted much but i always valued your effort in keeping the wikia clean and more less drama free. Thank you all

Wikia Goals:

  • Locate all Prison extras. Unsuccessful.
  • Complete 2,000 edits. Completed. 
  • Update season 3 uncredited section. Completed.
  • Complete 1 year on the wiki. Completed. 
  • Complete 2,500 edits. Completed. 
  • Locate Alexandria extras. On hold till Season 6.
  • Complete 2 years on the wiki. Completed. 
  • Complete 3,000 edits. Completed. 

Shout outs to the oldies still around:

Memorial to those that left from my day:

Favourite & Worst Episodes TV. 

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Favourite Tv Shows

  • Game of Thrones.
  • Gotham.
  • Prison Break.
  • Resurrection.
  • Criminal Minds.
  • Supernatural.
  • Dexter.
  • Stalker.
  • The Fall.
  • Lost.

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