Season three travis manawa This user is a fan of Travis Manawa.
"In the end nature always wins."
2Maggie134 This user is a fan of Maggie Greene.
"You like working so hard to give Negan and his people half? I know you don't!"
TWD 801 GP 0501 0128-RT This user is a fan of Father Gabriel.
"God will save us. Because God has given us the courage to defend ourselves."
201 Strand Vigilant This user is a fan of Victor Strand.
"The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness."
115 Negan 3 This user is a fan of Negan.
Long live the big swinging dick and his vampire bat, Lucille!
TVComicAndrea This user is a fan of Comic Andrea, but hates TV Andrea.
Long live badass sharpshooter, long hate the Governor's brainwashed bitch.


Magna This user is a fan of Magna.
Long live the new mysterious badass!
TWD Volume 20 logo "The zombie movie that never ends."
This user is a fan of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.
TV Series Logo "The most-watched drama series in basic cable."
This user is a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead.
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Long Live Dante!

Aaron113b This user is a fan of Aaron.
Long live Aaron!
Rick 141 (10) This user is a fan of Rick Grimes.
RecentEug This user is a fan of Eugene Porter.
"I believe your beliefs are absurd."
TaintedMeat This user is a fan of Dale.
"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Tainted meat!!"
Siddiq This user is a fan of Siddiq.
"Rosita left on herd duty and took half our men. It's not my fault my best people are also the best riders."


This user is a fan of Dwight.

Long live the crossbow wielding bad-ass!

AMC 615 Dwight Aiming

This user is a fan of Dwight.

Long live the crossbow burnt face bad-ass!

Daniel season 2 poster two This user is a fan of Daniel Salazar.
"I knew you would drink it all... I told you, I'd be your guardian angel..."

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Spike victim's prediction


Rosita S8E8
Season eight scott
Season nine kelly


Season nine rodney
Season eight oscar
Season nine tammy rose


Season nine nabila (2)


Season seven amber
Season nine dj (2)

Highway Men

Ozzy Staffel 9
  • Added March 11.
  • So far I got 1 out of 12 wrong.

Top 10 Favorite Characters

Comic Series

155DwightCloseUp edited-1
Andrea 158
Aaron 173
Dante 174

TV Series

Season eight negan
Season eight dwight
Season eight carol peletier
Season eight morgan jones
Season eight rick grimes
Season eight jerry

Video Game

NTL Lee Shed Box
TTW Kenny Glad
STC Violet 3
FTG Jesus Smile
AHD Pete Truck


Season four victor strand
Season three daniel salazar
Season two travis manawa (2)
Fear-The-Walking-Dead-S02E15-4-Alicia - Cópia

Top 5 Least Favorite Characters

TTB Javier
NGB Luke Firepit
Jane Season 3
NGB Arvo Pissed

My Walking Dead Game

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St. John's Dairy Farm AndrewDannyTerryBrenda
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