Season four jeanette This user is a fan of Jeanette.
Long live Jeanette!
ATRT Omid Wide This user is a fan of Omid.

"You ruined that dude's face."

AmTR Rebecca Revolver This user is a fan of Rebecca.
"Gimme the fuckin' pills!"
NGB Get Out Of The Way This user is a fan of Kenny.


AHD Sarita Winchester This user is a fan of Sarita.
Long live Kenny's new love!
ATR Michelle Glock This user hates Michelle.
You couldn't let Omid last more than 10 minutes?
AHD Nick Winchester This user is a fan of Nick.

"Say that again! Mister, I ain't a boy!"

AmTR Sarah Beholden This user is a fan of Sarah.
"I don't know why people have to be so mean. Like, even when I'm really mad I still don't want to hurt anyone..."
AmTR Clem Skeptical This user is a fan of Clementine.
When everything started, I met my friend Lee. He tried to help me find my parents. He protected me more than anyone else in my whole life. He died to keep me safe. I was so scared.... Because he taught me to be strong. Even when I'm scared. Because he wanted me to live. And you dad protected you because he wanted you to live. He would still want that.
ATR Christa Winchester This user hates the restroom door.
You killed Omid, you fucking door!
TWD Season 2 black logo "Winner of over 90 'Game of the Year' awards."
This user is a fan of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead.
Choco This user is a fan of Chocolate Milk.
Got Chocolate Milk?
TWD Volume 20 logo "The zombie movie that never ends."
This user is a fan of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.


This user misses Christa
"I have to find my friend, Christa"

Favourite Video Game Characters (In Order)

Characters Status are based on my playthrough

NGB Lee Dream
NGB Kenny Wellington Arrival
LRA Omid Box
IHW Nick Night
AHD Pete Truck

Honorable Mentions

NGB Luke Firepit
LRA Carley Box
AmTR Sarita Dying
NGB Jane Snow
Lilly Escape Box

Favourite TV Characters (In Order)

Season four carol peletier (2)
Season two dale horvath

Most Hated Game Characters (In Order)

Dishonorable Mentions

Profile Pictures

My Choies(Season 1)

Episode 1

Honest To Hershel

This user was honest with Hershel.
"...I got a ride and then I was in a wreck. I walked until your boy found me."

Saved Duck

This player chose to save Duck.
Kids first.

AND Wanna Get Violent

This user sided with Kenny during the argument in the drugstore.
"You wanna get violent, you old fuck?! Well, COME ON! You better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME before anyone else in here!"

Irene Suicide Voluntary

This user gave Irene the gun.
"Give it to her."


This user let Doug get yanked out of the window.
"You let a boy get yanked out a window and into the night so you could protect a pretty girl with a gun!"

Episode 2

Skærmbillede 2012-09-14 kl. 12.57.20

This user left David to die.
"We left one dead back there."


This user didn't shoot Jolene.
Danny shot her.

SFH For The Best

This user helped Kenny killed Larry.
"You're right, Kenny. Let's get this over with."

SFH Danny Death

This user killed Danny St. John.
"You're already tainted!"

WDG Andy Electrocuted

This user killed Andrew St. John.
"They were bad people."

Clem episode 2

This user took the supplies from the station wagon.
"We need it for survival, Clementine."

Episode 3

Beatrice Shoulder Bite

This user let Beatrice get devoured.
At least she bought us some time.

Lilly Tied Up

This user kept Lilly around after her actions on the road.
"Just get in."

LRA Nonviolent

This user calmly convinced Kenny to stop the train.
"I just wanna talk."


This user put Duck out of his misery.
"I'll do it, Kenny."

LRA Saving Bromid

This user helped Omid first.

Episode 4

WDG Fivel & Lee

This user killed the zombified Fivel.
"I'm sorry."

AEC Taking The Gun

This user reasoned with Vernon when the two first met.
"It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you."

WalkingDead101 2012-11-16 04-23-15-69

This user brought Clementine to Crawford.
"Okay, you can come. But you have to promise to stay quiet."


This user pulled Ben up in Crawford.
No, Ben, NO!

AEC My Blood

This user revealed Lee's bite to the group.
"No way... No. No fucking way!"

Episode 5

WalkingDead101 2012-11-22 06-57-50-45

This user cut Lee's arm off
It's worth a shot.

You Ruined That Dude's Face

This user calmly argued with Kenny in the attic.
"I'm sorry."

Stranger Shh

This user had Lee keep his weapon.
Lee is going to need some sharp thingies to kill the bastard that took Clem.

NTL Stranger Choked

This user killed the Stranger.

NTL Lee Just Before Death

This user killed Lee out of mercy.
"You have to shoot me, honey."

400 Days


This user chose to shoot Justin.
Vince and Danny made it out alive.

WS Wyatt Left Behind

This user got out of the car.
I can't believe Eddie left me!


This user stayed with Nate.
"Alright, look at all this shit!"


This user told Leland the truth regarding what happened to Dee.
"She's gone. we have to get out of here!"


This user chose to leave Roman's camp.
"I don't want this to be who we are."

Who joined Tavia and who rejected?

Epilogue Vince Box

In this user's gameplay, Vince did not go with Tavia.
"We have to take care of ourselves."

IHW Wyatt Dooood

In this user's gameplay, Wyatt went with Tavia.
"Wait, you find survivors? Do you find a lot? Well we gotta go, Eddie might be there."

IHW Russell Guard

In this user's gameplay, Russell went with Tavia.
"If you try anything, you're gonna regret it."

IHW Shel Explaining

In this user's gameplay, Shel made the decision for her and her sister to leave with Tavia.
"What else is there?"

Season 2

Episode 1


This user tried to save Christa when she was attacked by the scavengers.

ATR Sam Stabbed

This user killed Sam out of mercy.
"I'm sorry, Sam."

ATR Nick's Story

This user accepted Nick's apology.
"I understand. You were just trying to protect your friends."

ATR No Water For You

This user refused to give the water to the dying man.
You attacked us! You son of a bitch.

ATR Nick Firing

This user chose to run to Nick when they were attacked by walkers at the fish traps.
"You could've saved him! How could you just leave him!?"

Episode 2

AHD Nicest Man I Know

This user took the blame for taking the pictures for Sarah.
"I took the picture!"

AHD Kenny Sarita Dinner

This user sat with Kenny.
I haven't seen him in a long time; we should catch up.

AHD Take a Puff

This user told Walter the truth about Matthew.
"It was us, it was our fault. Nick shot him."

AHD Nick Appreciative

In this user's gameplay, Nick lives.
Walter saved the guy.

AHD Commando Clem

This user sought Luke and Kenny's help after Carver captured the rest of the group.
"I'll go find Luke and Kenny."

Episode 3

IHW Howe's 12

This user helped Sarah do her chores in the greenhouse.
"Here, watch me."

IHW Anxious

This user did not tell Bonnie about Luke.
No offense Bonnie, but I still don't trust you after what you did.

IHW Kenny Covering

This user tried to come clean to Carver about the walkie talkie.
"I've got it--"

IHW Leave You To It

This user chose not to watch Kenny kill Carver.
"Oh, come on Clementine, don't be like that! Don't run away... You know you want to see the show."

Sarita scared with her bite

This user did not chop Sarita's arm off after she got bit.
With what happened to Lee? Nuh-uh.

Episode 4

AmTR Sarah Slapped

This user saved Sarah by slapping her.

AmTR We Need This Medicine

This user chose to rob Arvo.
"You will wish you hadn't done this."

AmTR Bonnie Convo

This user told Bonnie to reach into the ticket booth.
"Sorry you got banged up."

AmTR Mommy Clementine

This user held Rebecca's baby.
"Look at ya, like a big sister."

AmTR Clem Shooting Rebecca

This user shot Rebecca.
She was gonna eat the baby!

Episode 5

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