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Hello, name's Conesses133. I love zombie-related movies, shows and comics, and I like post-apocalyptic movies and shows aswell. I might use harsh language while I'm commenting, which makes me truly a TWD comic fan, huh? 

What new did I do for the Wiki?


  • "Killed Victims"
  • "Deaths"
  • Practically "Credits", no-one was really using it until now...
  • Moved alive people to the front, then unknown, dead, and undead, so it would be easier to navigate (Character Portal)


  • "Unnamed and Unseen Characters" for comics
  • Numerous character pages (Such as Jesus, Gregory, Negan, Jared, Jeff...)
  • Numerous Themes (Such as Regret, Pride, Distrust...)

Summary of Alive People (Comic)


Rick Grimes (Comic Series)
Carl Grimes (Comic Series)
Sophia (Comic Series)

Rick, Carl, Sophia; 15 dead of 18 survivors

Rural Georgia

Maggie Greene (Comic Series)
Dr. Eugene Porter

Maggie, Michonne, Eugene; 14 dead of 17 survivors

Alexandria Safe-Zone

Aaron (Comic Series)
Anna (Alexandria)
Carlos (Comic Series)
David (Alexandria)
Wesley (Alexandria)
Wendy (Comic Series)
Alex Cooper

Aaron, Heath, Mikey, David, Barbara, Annie, Siddiq, Delbert, Wesley, Wendy, Anna, Carlos, Vincent, Julia, Alex; Over 30 dead of 48 survivors (or so)

Hilltop Colony

Paul Monroe
Dr. Harlan Carson
Earl Sutton
Samuel (Comic Series)
Alex (Comic Series)
Brian (Hilltop)
Larry (Comic Series)
Wes (Comic Series)
Julia (Comic Series)

Jesus, Eduardo, Harlan, Brianna, Earl, Wesley, Samuel, Alex, Marco, Hershel, Rolland, Brian, Dante, Larry, Mandy, Nell, Wes; At least 16 dead of 200 survivors (or so)

The Saviors

Carson (Comic Series)
Mark (Savior)
John (Comic Series)
Tara (Comic Series)
Laura (Comic Series)
Molly (Savior)

Negan, Dwight, Tara, John, Seth, Mark, Laura, Molly; at least 62 dead of over 100 survivors (or so)

The Kingdom Survivors

Gus (Comic Series)

Benjamin, Gus; Unknown amount of dead of over 100 of survivors

Richmond Survivors

Kelly (Comic Series)

Magna, Yumiko, Kelly, Connie; 5 dead of 9 survivors

The Whisperers

Lydia (Comic Series)

Lydia; At least 10 dead of thousands of survivors

Oceanside Survivors

[[Image:|117x153px|Pete (Comic Series)|link=Pete (Comic Series)]]
Pete; Unknown amount of dead of unknown amount of survivors==Favorite Characters (Comics)==

Favorite Episodes (NOT IN ORDER!)

Fav TV-Series Characters

Merle Dixon (TV Series)
Axel (TV Series)
Morgan Jones (TV Series)
  • Axel is after Merle because he didn't get his developement. :(


Fav Events in TWD (Game)

  • The Group diminishes to 5 ("Long Road Ahead"|Deaths of Carley/Doug, Kat and Duck|Lilly gets lost)
  • The Group start to search for gas and battery after finding a boat ("Around Every Corner")
  • Ben stands up to Kenny ("No Time Left")
  • Lee's amputation and escape from fallout shelter ("No Time Left")
  • The Group escapes to basement, and start their journey to find Clem ("No Time Left"|Group: Lee, Kenny, Omid, Christa, Ben (Determinant))

Favorite Episodes (TT's Game)

Fav Video-Game Characters

Ben Paul
Kenny (Video Game)
Mark (Video Game)
Mike (Video Game)
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