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"You stick it out as long as you can. You do whatever you have to. I could've done more. I could've been a better husband... a better father.... I could've been a better friend. So let's figure a way outta here, get that little girl."
"When everything started, I met my friend Lee. He tried to help me find my parents. He protected me more than anyone else in my whole life. He died to keep me safe. I was so scared."
"But you're still here..."
"Because he taught me to be strong, even when I'm scared. Because he wanted me to live. And your dad protected you because he wanted you to live. He would still want that.
—Clementine and Sarah.
"How'd it all work, anyways?"
"It was like a... a pyramid scheme."
"Aren't those kinda shit?"
It was a really good pyramid scheme."
"Good shit is still shit."
"This was some pretty elegant shit."
"Yeah, well enjoy your elegant cell.
Danny and Justin.
"Hey... you saved me. I'm sorry you had to, but I'm happy you could."
Lee to Clementine.
"You wanna hear something funny? I've been thinking, and I don't want to die. I never thought I'd be the kinda idiot to say somethin' like that. But, there it is. I'm scared, Clementine. Jesus, I'm scared."
Pete to Clementine.
"She'll die a little girl if you treat her like one. You gotta consider her a living person. That's it. You're either living or you're not. You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong or smart. You're alive."
"You don't owe them anything. They'll make you feel like you do. Like it's all one happy family. But when push comes to shove..."
"I owe these people everything. They've kept me safe, looked out for me. I wouldn't be here without them."
"Well, they can't keep you safe forever."
"No one is safe forever.
Jane and Clementine.
"Look at you... you fucking ingrates. You don't even know how good you got it. That's alright. You'll learn. Lambs to the slaughter. No shepherd to guide you. Clementine knows exactly what I'm talking about. (...) Yeah, go on. Let the sheep out of the pen. We'll see how long that lasts."
"That light is blinking."
"Push it!"
"Push it?"
"Why not?"
"Are you fucking serious?
—Lee and Ben.
"What!? No, that's not an option. We can't-"
"Lady, I've known you for all of 12 hours - you don't get to say "we" unless you mean just you and him."
"You know, since all this started, I've seen the best come out of a lot of people, and the worst come out of a lot of others. I guess we know what side you came down on."
"There you go again, "we". There is no "we". There's "us", and there's you and your boyfriend slowing "us" down.
—Kenny and Christa.
"Just take the kids! Please, just take the kids! It's too dangerous out here for them. It's just a little girl and a baby boy. You can make room for that. You can take back the supplies you gave us if that helps. Please! Just... I need them to be safe. And it's safe in there, I know that! Just... Ask someone... Please? They won't make it out here! Please!"
—Kenny begging with Edith.

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"Stick it out, and help the folks you care about."
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"I'm makin' time."

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"You'll be okay."

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"You ruined that dude's face."

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"You should probably think about being nicer to me."

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"I'm not making it out of this. You're gonna have to make a break for it. I'll buy you some time."

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"You wanna run off with this dogshit group of crippled fucks, then fine! Be my guest."

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"There's nothing to fear if you remain calm. I'll keep you safe."

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"Luke, he's becoming a danger to the group!"

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"Things are going to be a-okay..."
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"You steal his dog man?"
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"You take care of my girls. I get the feeling it's gonna be a girl... Just a hunch."
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"I've got your back if anything goes down."
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You couldn't let Omid last more than 10 minutes?
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"Jesus, are you fucking kidding me?!"
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Because why not?
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Kenny is love. Kenny is life.


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